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Maryland Map

I go there everyday. I enjoy a few tokes under the sun!!

The Blue Trail was an enjoyable but challenging walk in the woods. I found myself going up and down a lot. The trail markings were a bit confusing at first and it can be pretty easy to go off the trail if you're not careful. It wasn't too hot considering it was mid July when I did this. I had fun spotting all the different granite intrusions in the rocks. The summit at White Rocks was breathtaking.

21 hours ago

Nice after work hike. Nice views of the river. Saw a snake.

Fairly easy hike. There is a section early on that most of the elevation gain occurs, but it is easy elevation. The view is amazing! Will definitely do this again.

This was a really great hike. It wasn't very challenging but if you aren't paying really good attention than you may have a problem as you go on three different trails. We did the longest part of the trail through the uphills first and then went to the swimming hole to relax, have lunch, and cool down in the water before finishing the trail; which was a nice easy flat trail all the way back to the parking lot. I would say get here early as there seemed to be a lot of people coming in as we were leaving around 1:30. Up until then though the trail was really quiet and beautiful.

1 day ago

Not that bad of a Bike ride for this Old Senior. I was riding a single speed freewheel mountain bike I recently built. Its was a little bit of work on the uphills but I am a hiker too so I had no problem getting off the seat and walking the bike. This was the first time I looped the entire trail but I think I tracked it the hard way. I went thru the farm area last and most of that section is uphill. Most of the uphill section are short so the ride was fine. I converted my 20 year old 15 speed huffy to a road crusier. Today, I geared it at 44/20 (52.71). That helped on the uphills. The hills were the only time I had to do a bit of leg work.
Most all of the ride is in the Sun so be sure to carry plenty of water. My local hiking trails were muddy from two days of rainstorms so I came here. I rode 10.6 miles but forgot I paused the recorder at the Skypark. I think I will never use the pause feature anymore. It shorted my total miles.

1 day ago

Took the family on this hike and we enjoyed it. We never saw the cover photo, however, we were able to cross a nice stream a few times. Some of the trail were a bit overgrown and not well marked. After the field we followed the well worn footpath back to our starting point. We crossed a few hikers on there way out towards the field who said their path overgrown as well. All in all a good 3 mile hike.

This was our 1st hike in Patapsco Valley State Park and we loved it. The path from Landing road was easy to find. The waterfall was cool and offered a nice resting & refuel waypoint. After we crossed the waterfall we completed the loop which offered a few nice elevation changes. We had to follow the GPS to complete the loop, we had to back track twice to stay on the correct trail.

Well marked trail with rewarding rock outcrops . Great 1/2 day hike. We like to do this in early spring and late fall.

Great walking through the creek

Great ride, yet very hot!!!!!!

3 days ago

Easy trails but lots of horse feces. Not very scenic

3 days ago

Easy and short trail but there are 1-2 steep areas where heavier set individuals may have trouble with footing.

3 days ago

One of my favorites for a run. Also great for walking dogs. Lots of deer at dusk

on White Trail

3 days ago

Beautiful and scenic.
One of my favorites hikes!

on Sweet Air Loop

trail running
3 days ago

Great location for trail running.
Many trails, they can get confusing.
Park is very well maintained. Always clean and freshly mowed. The trails do have some erosion and exposed roots. Run carefully. Lots of hills of varying elevations and some nice flat stretches.
All in all a great place for hiking, biking, running, and horseback riding.

on Forest Hill Trail

3 days ago

Nice paved trail.
Safe and fun for the whole family.

Amazing hike

This is a wonderful neighborhood trail. We walk our dogs on it several times a week. It’s accessible for all levels, and you’ll often spot a deer or two.

3 days ago

Lovely trail. Took the extended loop all the way around; just over 2hrs with a couple stops for the dog to wade in the water. Lots of horse manure, but easy to just walk around it. The river was a very nice aspect to the trail, which was all very rustic and lightly travelled. Not obvious at first where to enter the trail, but thankfully some nice people helped us get on our way.

I was disappointed in this trail. In the summer the trees prevent you from seeing the water, even at the waters edge the view is obstructed. Trail is an old fire road that is cut in below the forest floor and is overgrown with grass is some spots. Very smooth trail. Moderate rating is a stretch.

3 days ago

This trail had awesome scenery and even though very muddy at times an over all great trip. I wouldn’t suggest hiking this trail after a very heavy rain bc you are hiking though old creek beds at times and here are certain areas where the runoff from the hills/mountain above run right across the trail. We would most certainly recommend it!

Great hike with the kids! Tons of stop off points. Front end is more entertaining than the back end. Though the back end is definitely less trafficked.

trail running
4 days ago

Ran a segment of the Avalon Loop Trail. Great trail for running, but watch out for bikers!

This segment is one of my go-to courses for training and mile repeats. 4 miles total.

Completed: 07/15/2018

I posted this loop under Ridge Trail too, mainly because it Features the (NEW) Ridge Extension trail that connects you near the Rockburn loop and the Main Ridge Trail. The NEW trail starts across the road at the middle of the Playground parking lot. The trail was just completed. The old way up was the Ridge (Waterbars) trail that is washed out, rocky and tons of roots. I don't mine coming down that old trail but it gets muddy. The loop I hiked today could be shorten if you don't hike Morning Choice or cut out the Rockburn Loop. Nice breezy day so I did a bit extra. The Park continues to get crowded early.

Today, I did some trail riding on the bike I recently rebuilt. I converted my 25 year old Huffy 15 speed BMX / Mountain bike to a single speed road cruiser. The bike preformed quite well on paved roads and also riding on the earthen trails through the woods. I geared the bike at 44/18 but still thinking of changing to 44/20 for up/hills. Even though I sprayed for ticks the flies were very bad along the marsh trail section. Lots of people in the park. Many fishing, swimming or just having a picnic. The Beach was crowded when I passed through. The only few people I saw on the trails were walking their dogs. Please stop walking your dogs when it's feels like one hundred degrees out.

4 days ago

Beautiful, didn’t see a single other person on the trail.

fun trail, easy enough for kids too.

The fire road is not all that interesting but the side trails lead down to nice spots on the reservoir.

Great spots along the river and good bouldering cliffs. Very overgrown at beginning of trailhead (poison ivy)

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