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Maine Map

Our group of 4 hiked this on June 12, 2018.
We did just the hike to East Baldpate and came back and took Table Rock down, for about 7.4-8 miles.
This is a strenuous hike, but it was fabulous! Be ready for rough trails, stairs, boulders, roots, etc. it is the Maine AT, after all! We needed more water, so I was glad o had my Sawyer filter to use.
Take your time and you’ll do well on this challenging hike. The view up at the top of East Baldpate is amazing! One of the best I’ve seen. We ate our lunch at the lean-to/shelter. There’s a privy there, too.
Enjoy this hike - not easy, but great!

20 hours ago

Absolutely amazing views! Make sure to bring lots of water and try to start on the earlier side. It's really sunny and hot during the summer time. Wouldn't suggest bringing kids on this trail.

the stunning views from this climb are hands down far beyond anything else New England has to offer. Not even a close second and I've been hiking New England for many years and have seen lots.

Really fun trail. To be quite honest, there were a few parts that made me a little uneasy so if you’re truly afraid of heights or a newbie, I’d shy away from this one. The view is breathtaking though.

A wonderful hike which rewards you with excellent views at the top! Much of the trail is rock and slab... bring proper footwear. It’s a lot of gain over a short distance, but still, a moderate classification is appropriate I think. Also, there’s many flat spots on the way up to stop and rest, which also have amazing views. Biggest downfall is that once you get to the summit it is beyond crowded with people who drive up. Maybe it’s just me but it looses some of the majesty being surrounded by people who burned gas, not energy haha. There’s a spot about .1 miles before the summit that feels like it might be the top... perfect spot to grab some photos and enjoy your accomplishment away from touristy eyes.

A solid hike

Well maintained. Well marked.

Good short hike. Not great for trail running.

trail running
1 day ago

Well marked.

A nice hike with some steeps, but not too much. The view from the bench at the top is beautiful.

This peak is more like something you’d expect to find in the rock mountains than in Maine. If you’ve visited Katahdin and Hamlin Peak, you need no explanation of how amazing this place is. If not, let the pictures do the talking. I have hiked many places in my life, from Grand Teton National Park to the Andes Mountains. But Katahdin is still my favorite, truly beautiful terrain and absolutely worth the effort. We took Hamlin Ridge up, which was a much more fun option than Saddle since it stays above treeline longer.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Easy trail for the beginner mountain biker . Pretty waterfall

nature trips
1 day ago

Great place to go for a swim and enjoy unique scenery. The walk to the falls is very short and has some information signs on the geology of the area. A short down climb will bring you down into the gorge, where there is a shallow pool below the falls to play in. You can then follow the gorge, which resembles something you’d find in Canyonlands National Park. Definitely a wonderful place to stop after climbing Baltpate or Old Speck, or if you’re just passing through.

Ascent starts right away

Don’t forget to enjoy the wild blueberries at the top !

1 day ago

Views of the cove and ocean are amazing! The walk itself is nothing remarkable.

Nice easy walk through the bog

awesome trail. a little tougher than I had expected...was surprised to see some little children on it...

Outstanding trail. Excellent use of technical skills. Our favorite trail in the park. Definitely a must hike if you plan to visit the park.

Beautiful views. Just the right amount of challenges for a family hike. I agree with the moderate rating. Great hike if you like to take pictures!

Beautiful views but VERY crowded during daylight hours (and sunrise/sunset)

This trail was fairly easy but has a beautiful view! You can take a nice refreshing dip in the bowl if you’re up to it, or relax and enjoy the view for a bit before continuing with your hike.

I enjoyed this trail. I would personally rate it moderate or moderate-hard, although the distance is fairly long which can be tiresome for some hikers. The views throughout were breathtaking and definitely worth the consistent uphill ascent! Cadillac can get pretty crowded near the parking lot area once you reach the top, so it’s nice to stay towards the less populated areas for a more serene atmosphere.

Beautiful views throughout the trail, but like others have mentioned, it is much longer than expected. The trail itself os fairly simple, easy, and flat, but it can take a little long depending on how many times you stop to take in the view or the pace you are walking at.

I absolutely loved this trail- going back for a second time shortly after because it was a lot of fun. Definitely need to watch your footing when climbing, with some parts being more difficult than others, but it’s worth it for the adrenaline rush and amazing views. The way up is pretty short in distance, and I chose to go down through the bowl trail rather than back down the beehive trail.

love this trail! I missed out on it the 1st time i was in Acadia since my wife does not do well with heights. This time with a little research i got her to do the bowl trail and head up the back of the beehive. I took beehive and we met 30 yrds from peak. she loved getting the views at the summit without having to do the heights. She loved her hike filled with mild scambling (with our 11 month old on her back) and I absolutely loved the beehive. i've done angels landing in zion and this is a short fun version on that. Will do multiple times everytime i return. Must do early, i only saw 8 people and we finished parking lot to parking lot in 1 hour.

1 day ago

love this little jaunt....great views...can see a huge mansion on the cliffs and can go down as far as you want for tidal pools amd rock scrambling.

1 day ago

Love this trail! Did it both times i was in acadia. I prefer going up steep rocks so I prefer to go counter clockwise. you choose when you cross sand beach, go up steps and come to giant circle stone. Go right for counter clock trail. Also my favorite part is scrambling down to the farthest out rocks at the ocean and seeing tide pools at the point. Great views looking back at sand beach and beehive if you do scramble down and look back.

A fun difficult trail. Found blueberries along the way, lots of steps, mpther in law jpke giving birth was easier...lol. It was part of a 3 peaker day....exhausting but awesome. combined this trail with going down into gorge and up to cadallac followed by west face cadallac and up and down pemedic before enjoying some popovers at jordan pond.

very extravagant hike and unlike other ones. lots of rock climbing w amazing views.

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