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Cool view. With all of the electrical towers on top can be dangerous. Exposed wires. Lots of radiation. Had a major headache and stomach ache from being at the top too long. Would not recommend taking likes or dogs up there.

Loved it!

5 days ago

I did this trail with the whole family. It is on the easy spectrum, but has a sheer drop on one side of the trail that made me nervous with my young kids. Views are nice but the trail specific to this summit is not much to look at. Not much shade once you get close to the top and it’s a very dusty trek. It’s good enough to put on your list to see, but not nice enough to go back for more. Mt. Muscoco is much more worth while.

Very steep!!!! You’re basically scouring the cliff by using thin metal bars to help you up. If you’re bad with heights this is not the trail for you

A beautiful must see during the summer months. I go every year.

Is the road to the trail always closed??

12 days ago

A beautiful little trail that overlooks the craggy seawall. It’s pretty much the definition of Maine’s coastline.

My pal and I woke up at 4AM and watched the sunrise over the sea. However, in the summer months, be sure to prepare for mosquitoes as they love to hang around the seaweed.

Seeing a 7.5 mike trail and thinking “how could this be hard?” Is a mistake. The slopes and grades on the mountainside are unlike any hikes I’ve ever completed. You’re doing almost a vertical climb at some parts.

However, hard work pays off. You get some of the most beautiful scenes of the Coast and Bar Harbor to the North. Plus, you get an extreme workout that makes you feel like you completed something insane!

13 days ago

Love it!

Fun little hike! Really cool cliff/boulder area at the top. Good views out toward NH as well.

A very simple straightforward trail. However, there’s a ton of ice on this route. Even with microspikes, snow was building up beneath my boots and causing me to slip. Anticipate an extra hour or two in the winter due to icy conditions. I also saw a snowy owl at the top of Cadillac.

Hiked this trail down from Cadillac after ascending via the South Ridge. A challenging trail that I took by mistake. It was very vertical and technical, and at several points I thought I'd fall and injure myself. Likely would not hike this again, especially with my dog in tow, but it was quite the rush!

Hiked down North Ridge after coming up Beachcroft. Not too difficult, but required caution as it had recently rained and there were icy sections. View of Jackson Lab for much of the way down.

16 days ago

Last week my dog and I hiked this trail up to Champlain and came down North Ridge trail, making a loop. One of our favorite hikes to date - awesome views on the way up! Even though it rained in the morning, the trail wasn't too bad - just use caution! I used microspikes for the icy sections.

17 days ago

We included this summit on a hike which included a couple other nearby peaks. Beautiful views and some really interesting rock formations and trails as you head down from the summit toward the road/ocean.

Really great views from the top. Although I agree this deserves a "hard" designation due to the steapness and iron rungs, it is quite a short loop. It took us under 20 minutes to reach the summit from the parking lot so we had to add a couple other peaks to our route to fill our time. A fun short hike.

Trails are super confusing and not marked

The beginning of this trail is terrifying for someone afraid of heights! I froze on a ledge at one point, which was such a strange thing to happen to me. I wouldn’t do the hike again, but give it 5 stars for the challenge and the amazing view.

Beautiful views and great trail. We were lucky and had excellent weather on 12/31/18. If not so lucky, this hike could be dangerous for inexperienced hikers (like us). There was a good amount of ice on our hike up the South Ridge Trail, and we saw someone who had traction cleats and we wished we had thought of that. On the descent from Cadillac Mountain towards Murray Young Path, it was too steep/icy for our dog (and probably for us!), so we turned back after a quarter of a mile. I would highly recommend this any time of year, if conditions permit!

We made the mistake of doing this trail in July.... It was obscenely crowded. It really took away from the nice views.

18 days ago

For a city trail. It is ok. Lots of mud on this trail. Very busy walk, with people, dogs and bikes.

A great way to spend a few hours. Super-easy walk. Gorgeous views of the water.

This is a great loop but it is VERY icy right now. If you’re doing the full loop, I’d recommend taking the right side first. I think it would be easier going up rather than down (which is what we did). Also you’ll need crampons. I wouldn’t attempt it without them. It’s much less icy if you go up the left side first. Would make a good in and out hike if you’re worried about the ice. Parking lot is rough but manageable.

I brought 2- 8 year old boys on this hike on the 1st day of summer vacation. It was a lot of work for them but well worth it. What a great day!!

We've done this a few times and love it each visit.

19 days ago

I hiked this trail with my wife and pup at the end of December. The pine trees make the area beautiful even over winter, but I would love to see it in the summer. There were only 3 other hikers on the trail, probably in part because it was 15 degrees outside. It was very manageable for a dog. We only had a few patches of ice, but if there is recent snowfall or freezing rain it could be treacherous.

Completed this hike on a warm day in late December. There are two options in winter, the trail and the road.

I attempted the trail however the ice made it impossible without crampons. Taking the road is a very nice route although it adds some milage. 5 miles one way and 10 miles round trip taking the road.

Pack an extra layer for the top. Prepare for some wind and exposure. All in all its a very nice and beautiful hike.

Did the trail today after some snow had fallen yesterday. Definitely seems like the trail is not hiked in the winter as the parking lot was not plowed whatsoever. Had a lot of fun having the trail to ourselves. Would definitely recommend bringing someone with you when hiking it in the winter as it was very slippery and not marked the best. Snowshoes and/or crampons would have made the hiking much easier, we just underestimated the amount of snow that was going to be on the trail. Overall there were some great views and we really enjoyed the serenity of the trail not being highly trafficked.

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