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10 hours ago

Super unique and fun hike! I would not plan this as an "out and back" route though. A lot of the sections are narrow and steep. Coming down while others are coming up would not work in a lot of areas. Plan for a loop following the Champlain North Ridge Trail and Orange and Black Path (there's a separate hike listing that follows this route). We took the Orange and Black down to Ocean Drive and walked along the road. Going down that route is way easier. Also, we started the hike later in the afternoon to make sunset at the summit. The views of the bay and sunset were awesome from the top. The path was not crowded at this time, but it was nearly dark by the time we got back to the Precipice trailhead parking lot. Bring flashlights if you're getting a late start.

Nice stop to stretch the legs at sunset on the way to Acadia. Not worth going out of your way for, but nice if you’re passing through and need some exercise.

So fun. A lot of traversing over granite rocks and spectacular views!

One of my top 3 favorite hikes. Knifes edge was awesome. Spent the night before in Millinocket, had a blast. Probably drank too much yet I still completed the hike. Will do again for sure

Love the trail. A lot of good mushroom pictures. Wish there was not high winds the day I was there was not able to go to the peak. Definitely worth the hike

This is a lovely granite trail, with a few great little climbs. I loved the trail just didn’t love that others could drive to the top. It’s a very touristy peak but lovely little jaunt with my family.

rock climbing
20 hours ago

Well the app deleted my path but just to let you all know. This is a nontechnical climbing trail not hiking so for your safety please be prepared. I loved it. I took the path that made up 4.2 miles instead of just the basic trail. Precipice-lake Champlain- orange and black trail. It was amazing.

We went on a seemingly nice day but about a mile and a half up (which felt like so much longer due to the steep trail up) it started thundering, lightening and raining so we felt best to turn around and try again another day. From what I experienced, it was a great hike but pretty challenging with the incline. Can't wait to try it again soon!! P.s. If you find yourself having to turn around make sure you have good shoes to grip the rocks, it is very steep and slippery when wet!

Nice climb. Cadillac is the highest point in Acadia and has some great views, but like any viewpoint that has road access it’s a little cluttered during the day. The south assent is pretty steady with one of the most challenging verticals toward the end of the loop. Easy to tack on a side trip up and down Donn which round me out at about 11 miles.

Plenty of challenge for us 60-something’s. Phenomenal views from the ledges to Moose & Woods Ponds. Trail is well marked, well-maintained, & rates a solid “Moderate.”

Moderate- Hard trail, we did the trail counter clockwise as recommended. I would rather climb up the tough spots then go down, which works out going counter clockwise.
Great views on the way up and at the top.
Dog friendly, you may have to lend a boost here and there.
Plan on 2.5 hours.

Nice fairly easy trail, good for all ages. Check the tide schedule as the trail goes right by Thunderhole.
Very dog friendly trail.
Great views!

This is not an easy walk down a boardwalk or bog bridges. Most the trail has tree roots and rocks. The views of the falls are accessible and worth the trip.

Awesome trail, love the steel ladders, amazing views!

Loved this hike! Wasn’t sure I could “face my fear” on the 3 ladders, but it wasn’t bad. Great workout on the steep stone steps. Amazing views!

Not easy, but very interesting and rewarding. Stone steps up and down.

Did this with my daughter and her little friend, both are 8. It is a pretty steady ascent, but not to the point where it is super challenging at any point. A couple of very little scrambles here and there but not at all difficult. Great views, and a good workout, without feeling like you overdid it. Will come back with my wife and do it again.

1 day ago

Enjoyed this hike.

This was a really nice little walk. This is a very claiming walk.

I loved that this was not so steep going up. Just challenging enough for a great workout. Up this trail down Bald Peak trail. The view was so pretty. Really windy at the top. Will be back.

We added a little extra distance and a little more craggy climbing by starting on the Alder Trail and picking up the Anvil off the service road. Seeing the USGS mapmaking medallion from 1860 at Schoodic Head was cool. So was sunning ourselves on the rocks at the shore when we finished.

Take it clockwise and you get the challenging stretch out of the way early. Views from the top are close to 360 degrees. Spectacular by any definition.

Did Beehive after completing Precipice. It's different than precipice - iron rungs not present when needed and you need to use rocks to pull yourself in a couple of places.

2 days ago

This happened to be my first hike in Acadia. Was fun and also the fact that there is no going back helps - you just climb and finish it! :)

Did the loop clockwise and ended up checking Bubble Divide (tough climb) - but ended up seeing Bubble rock and an awesome view of Jordan pond from up top.

Climb is a bit tough - coming down tougher - Started raining - so skipped St Sauveur and came back via Man O War Truck road)

"Endless" set of stairs - but was fun. Came back via Dorr South Ridge instead of Schiff path.

Great trail... lots of variety and wonderful views! Challenging but not too hard. Only crowded at the top. Do it!!!

Definitely a fun trail, not very difficult. Much more subdued version of Precipice Trail but still fun. It’s also very short.

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