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Absolutely breathtaking! A short scramble, but worth it!

Best hike I’ve done so far this summer! Definitely worth the hard rating. There were lots of rocks to scramble over and many views along the way. I had so much fun doing this trail. The first 3/4 of a mile is relatively flat and then it turns into a rock climb. It levels out after a bit with gorgeous views of the peak. After that the trail goes straight up again. Close to the top you reach a spot that looks like you have to climb sheer rock face but there is a crevice to scramble through with iron rungs inside. Difficult for a shorter person like me to maneuver but doable! We hiked up to the west peak first (much less busy) and then went to the lower of the two. The views at the top are unreal and not too far from the lower peak the pond is great to cool down in (albeit a little crowded). The one con for me was the road - beware if you have two wheel drive - the road is dirt approaching the trailhead and very steep in some spots. If it had been wet at all, my car wouldn’t have made it. If you plan to come down the Brook Trail (which I'd suggest), I’d recommend parking by the Brook Trail and walking the 1.5 miles to the Loop trailhead first. I'll be back for sure! 10/10

Many areas of this trail are on the hard side of moderate. A great trail with the most amazing views at the top. Some of the elevations over rocks are hard for short folks.

This was an amazing hike. The trail between Little Jackson and Tumbledown (the unofficial part) was totally unmarked and difficult to follow when you were in tree line. The area had heavy rains two days before we arrived and some of the washouts looks like trails... We used the app to get back onto the correct track - life saver!

I would have to agree with others about the dogs. I have two Siberian huskies and while they enjoyed most of the hike, the scrambles up ledges were eventually a bit much for them. Morgan Road to Little Jackson was fine for them and the Parker Ridge Trail return was pretty good. That segment would have been better for them had they not been as tired as they were. I rarely tire them out on hikes!

After spending so many summers here growing up, and my kids being fifth generation to love Weld, I finally joined them for the second year in a row on this amazing climb. Take the Loop up and the Brook Trail down. Yes, it’s hard. But yes, it’s rewarding beyond belief. Don’t let your age or fitness level discourage you. Do it. Push yourself. The timing is never right, you make it right. Know you can do it. Once at the top, savor it. Listen, feel the air and smell the freshest air ever. Pick sweet blueberries all the way down to Crater Lake and feel how cold the water is! The fish are mesmerizing. You’ll be sore, your knees will ache on the way down, you may strain an ankle, but do it. Then you’re hooked.

rock climbing
16 days ago

Have gone at two different times, warm summer and spring melt off. you have to scramble a small bit through the rivers so prepared to get wet at some point. The first time was epic. The spring melt off made it impossible to reach falls safely. Little bit of rock scrambling at some points. Dog had no problem first time but she is large and is able to manuver very well on many surfaces. Small dogs may have trouble. Slick rocks from moisture, just letting ya know. Definately worth the trip just don't go right after heavy rains/early spring.... my 2 cents.

18 days ago

Wonderful, Actually did the Brook Trail instead of the loop. Still very peaceful first thing in the morning. It got busy in the afternoon.

Great hike! Feels a bit longer on the loop trail on the way up. Brought my parents and my dog—not sure it was suitable for either of them. Went down brook trail. May try another way up next time, my dog still isn’t looking me in the eyes after I had to pick her up by her backpack...awesome hike, awesome views. Saw a frog, toad, snake and fish. Not many people which I like!

Awesome hike. The top of the loop trail is pretty intense but so worth it.
Views are spectacular from the top.

This was a stunning hike heading up the mountain trail and down Brook. We nearly lost our way at the chimney because the blue markers become difficult to find. Just keep heading up and you’ll find your way.
Difficult is an accurate description; you’ll find yourself huffing and puffing as you climb up all of the rocks to make it to the summit. But boy was it worth it!
Brook had far too many people on it, and was overcrowded for my taste. But the pond you walk by is quite lovely!

Tricky and rocky hike for sure! Wouldn't recommend going during/right after rain storms, or bringing small kids. The views are breathtaking and the pond at the top is incredible. 10/10 will do again.

Went up Brook trail and down Loop trail. Perfect weather on a mild July day. We were originally planning on doing an out and back on the Brook trail but after reaching the pond a group with small kids said we should check out the Loop trail. Boy were they right! Very cool experience climbing through the chimney using the iron rungs. Many near vertical sections at the top end of the trail. Channel your inner mountain goat! Not for the faint of heart. Beautiful views on the way down. The descent took quite awhile. Most folks come up Loop and descend Brook. However, no matter which direction you travel Loop trail is a challenge. Not sure I would attempt this climb if it were raining. If the weather is warm make sure you bring your bathing suit and take a dip in the pond at the top!

1 month ago

Perfect weather for our first attempt of this trail, 76 degrees and no humidity! The bottom part of the trail showcased typical Maine woodlands. Squirrels and chipmunks could be seen scurrying about. As the trail continued the ascent began. Gentle at first, hardly noticeable even. The last 1 or 2 tenths of a mile the incline became decidedly...aggressive. However, once over the hump you are greeted by a beautiful mountain pond straight out of a postcard! Unfortunately on this day once you crested the trail the wind become quite prominent which dulled our desire to take a dip (that and we didn't have a bathing suits or towels). Great hike. Will definitely repeat when we camp at Mount Blue State Park again. For the way down we chose the Loop trail.

Took about 1.5 hr up and had the pond mostly to ourselves until around noon. Went for a swim and dried up on land before a quick decent. Great hike on a nice warm day.

At age 66 and a novice this was a challenge. Took the Brook trail in and out. The views on the way up were great but to icing on the cake was the pond, was larger than I expected and beautiful as were the views of the surrounding landscape. Well worth the effort.

incredible hike. very challenging. did the whole loop barefoot and the views on a clear day are amazing

Great hike. Very steep and rocky with some rock climbing. Great views from top. Very nice pond to swim at top of brook trail.

Loop trail is hard, lots of rock climbing, and if you go when it's raining as I did, it's slippery. I wouldn't bring children along on the loop. Rock chimney was fun, trail blazes are few and far between at the top, not that there's many options to choose from. View were incredible! The brook trail down was mostly rocks until turned to a tote road.

A difficult hike if you take the Loop Trail up, but was a lot of fun. If you like climbing rocks, this is for you. The views were incredible, and there is a pond near the summit people swim and camp by. I would not recommend bringing children or dogs on this hike. It took about 4.5 hours round trip.

2 months ago

If you're looking for a challenging hike, this is the trail for you. it's well kept and very rugged. There are lots of tall stones and some climbing involved. I started on the loop trail to reach the summit and spent the night at the pond in a tent. The "chimney" is kind of like a tight, small cave you have to climb up 3 staples in large stones to get through. It's impossible to climb through with your backpack on your back so I'd advise to hike with a friend and have them reach over to pull the backpacks up and then climb up yourself. We parked and started at the loop trail and came back out through the Brook trail.

2 months ago

Must love boulders!

We parked at the Brook Trail trailhead parking lot and walked along the road and took the Loop Trail to summit. It’s pretty steep right from the start so you get a good cardio workout in. You quickly start bouldering, which in our opinion is super fun. I’ve seen people take their kids up but I’d encourage you to re-consider if your child is not an experienced hiker. Fat Man’s Misery is certainly a challenge. I’m personally very short and find it difficult to get my leg up to the first big step so I can hoist myself up to reach the iron rungs. There is a perfect little pocket to reach your left hand up towards but you can’t see it at first. I just kind of reached around and when I noticed it, it made things much easier for me. Also, if you have poles attached to your pack be careful not to get stuck once you’re going through. My husbands have gotten him pretty badly wedged up in there and was difficult to figure that out as they were on his back. We have never gone down the Loop and probably never will. It’s do-able for sure but will be a challenge and make for a very slow descent. We really enjoy following the brook down the Brook Trail. The pond at the summit is super pretty and the views are amazing. Happy trails!

Great hike... challenging but rewarding... fat man's misery gave us a run for our money(we had 2 kids with us) but we made it and I'm so glad we did this hike!

Just completed this hike today! Great rewarding views from the top. We had planned on doing an out and back up the Brook Trail but followed some fellow hikers from the parking lot down the road and ended up at the trail head for the Loop Trail instead. Whoops. We decided to go for it anyways.

It’s a steep climb but full of really neat features. We did have our 70 lb. dog with us and when we reached Fat Mans Misery, were in a bit of a pickle. Some very kind hikers helped us get the dog through the chimney and after that it was a pretty easy stretch to the top. We hiked down to the pond and descended Brook Trail to the parking lot. Very glad we did the loop this direction as the rocks were slick on both trails and coming down Loop would have been hard and slow. I definitely wouldn’t recommend Loop Trail if you’re bringing Fido with you, as it was a nerve wracking experience for us. Everyone survived though and all in all it was a rewarding experience!

I would not recommend dogs on the harder route. Sustained scrambling not for paws.

awesome!! Def would not recommend for dogs.

on Tumbledown Mountain Trail

2 months ago

My husband and I went up on the Brook Trail, then on the Pond Link Trail and finally down the Loop Trail. The Brook Trail was very nice going up, not too hard at the beginning and the last 15min ask for more strength but like everybody said, it is more than worth it! Going down though the Loop trail was challenging, yet nice too. I agree that it might be difficult for short people, especially through the rocks with the metal ladder. By doing that loop we needed to walk back to the parking spot and that took us about 25min.

My favorite hike! My husband proposed to me here and it was my first ever hike! Plan on packing a lunch and bathing suit to go swimming at the top and enjoy the afternoon at the summit. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Tumble down pond is a wonder on its own! Makes you appreciate what mother nature is capable of. I did the loop which the rangers consider a very difficult hike and I would have to agree with them, the elevation gain on the hard trail up is no joke. But at least you can go for a swim when you get to the pond! Water is super clean and beautiful and hopefully we can keep it that way! Let me add there is an easier way to reach the pond, basically your decent trail on the loop, so with this easy way up it gets pretty crowded, especially with children, so if possible go off season. Camping is allowed by the pond but if my memory serves me right camp fires are not allowed.

Broke trail after 4-5 inches of fresh powder. Beautiful day with everything coated in white. Trekked up the brook trail and brewed some coffee at the pond using mountain snow as the water. Pressed on to the peak to face 30-40mph gusts. Amazing. Tried to come down the loop trail but the chimney was frozen in so we backtracked and came down the brook trail. A+ day with good people.

I consider this to be one of the 10 best hikes in all of New England. I don't think there's another mountain in this part of the world that offers such amazing views of itself as Tumbledown. It is true that part of this trail is not well marked. The section that runs from the summit of Little Jackson down to the north peak of Tumbledown is not markes because it is not official and is not maintained. It is much more than a bushwack, but can be follow once you've found it.

There a review here that says not to bring a dog. This is not accurate. The "Loop Trail" is not dog friendly (although it is not actually a loop, while this trail is a loop, which is likely the source of confusion.) I had my dog with me and had a blast.

This is a difficult trail due to its length, verticle gains and losses, and navigation. I cannot recommend it to someone who is not a comfortable hike AND familiar with the mountain already.

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