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on Tumbledown Mountain Trail

5 hours ago

My husband and I went up on the Brook Trail, then on the Pond Link Trail and finally down the Loop Trail. The Brook Trail was very nice going up, not too hard at the beginning and the last 15min ask for more strength but like everybody said, it is more than worth it! Going down though the Loop trail was challenging, yet nice too. I agree that it might be difficult for short people, especially through the rocks with the metal ladder. By doing that loop we needed to walk back to the parking spot and that took us about 25min.

My favorite hike! My husband proposed to me here and it was my first ever hike! Plan on packing a lunch and bathing suit to go swimming at the top and enjoy the afternoon at the summit. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Tumble down pond is a wonder on its own! Makes you appreciate what mother nature is capable of. I did the loop which the rangers consider a very difficult hike and I would have to agree with them, the elevation gain on the hard trail up is no joke. But at least you can go for a swim when you get to the pond! Water is super clean and beautiful and hopefully we can keep it that way! Let me add there is an easier way to reach the pond, basically your decent trail on the loop, so with this easy way up it gets pretty crowded, especially with children, so if possible go off season. Camping is allowed by the pond but if my memory serves me right camp fires are not allowed.

Broke trail after 4-5 inches of fresh powder. Beautiful day with everything coated in white. Trekked up the brook trail and brewed some coffee at the pond using mountain snow as the water. Pressed on to the peak to face 30-40mph gusts. Amazing. Tried to come down the loop trail but the chimney was frozen in so we backtracked and came down the brook trail. A+ day with good people.

I consider this to be one of the 10 best hikes in all of New England. I don't think there's another mountain in this part of the world that offers such amazing views of itself as Tumbledown. It is true that part of this trail is not well marked. The section that runs from the summit of Little Jackson down to the north peak of Tumbledown is not markes because it is not official and is not maintained. It is much more than a bushwack, but can be follow once you've found it.

There a review here that says not to bring a dog. This is not accurate. The "Loop Trail" is not dog friendly (although it is not actually a loop, while this trail is a loop, which is likely the source of confusion.) I had my dog with me and had a blast.

This is a difficult trail due to its length, verticle gains and losses, and navigation. I cannot recommend it to someone who is not a comfortable hike AND familiar with the mountain already.

4 months ago

I completed this hike in October. I’ve never seen such a beautiful colors...or stunning views of New England fall foliage before this. The loop is challenging, but rewarding. Do this as an in and out if you want to avoid very steep climbs and a chimney climb. Not for the faint of heart.

My favorite hike in Maine! Good mix of terrain and amazing views!

Very well marked. Great hike. Lots of rock /boulder climbing. The pup enjoyed it. Had to lift her up at only one spot (French bulldog). Was icy and slippery with the dusting of snow on it.

Such a great hike, the Loop trail is not for those who don't like vertical climbs up rock faces and through chimneys, but I loved it for being fairly new to this kind of hike. It also doesn't seem to be dog friendly-- I'd take the Brook trail if there are children or dogs. I took the Loop trail to the pond, and descended via the Brook trail.

a note on the chimney: packs don't easily fit so it's best to haul that out first.
Also I would rate the loop trail as a moderate hike.

Also the Loop trail isn't well marked, so pay attention for the trail markers, especially near the top.

The Brook trail is much more accessible.

I did this hike in late September. It was beautiful!

still great views at end of leaf season!

Went up the brook trail and it was challenging but such a fun experience. Beautiful at the top so worth it and has a cool little pond up top. Only bad thing was trying to find the parking area/where to begin wasn't very many signs.

Love it! One of my favorite hikes!

7 months ago

Went in the late summer, so the water level was fairly low. It was still beautiful and a super fast hike for me and two young boys. The rocks can be challenging when wet.

We parked at end of Morgan road. The trails are well marked and challenging. The pond is a sweet spot to rest and enjoy lunch before taking the brook trail to Byron road. From there we took the connector trail back to where we started.

we went up loop trail do not recommend taking a dog lots of very steep rocks and the chimney is impossible with out some helping dog friendly people. otherwise great not an easy hike.

loop trail not good for dogs unless you can fit them in your pocketbook, we had my 85 lb pup without some help of 3 young guys we would have had to turn around, we all made it awesome day!

8 months ago

Ascending the loop trail is hard work, but I was expecting it to be longer and harder and was a bit disappointed with the hike part. It took me 20 minutes to walk up the gravel road, 1.5 hours to ascend the Loop Trail, and an easy hour to come down the Brook Trail. The pond is absolutely beautiful and I had a refreshing, long, indulgent swim. Would love to come back for the mountaintop pond! There are maps on either trail head if you need one. The Brook Trail is a steady incline, much more accessible for families. If I were to bring my 12 year old, I'd do the Loop Trail again, but with my 7 year old or my dog, I'd go up the Brook Trail.

to pond at top.. rocky, well marked worth the effort

Hard! Several places to use upper and lower body strength- rocky steep and through a Little Rock cavern with a sort of ladder .. worth it at the top! Feel very accomplished and there pond is amazing as are the views.
Not for dogs! Not for kids! Not for the outta shapers ... sorry.

this is a hike I've done many times, even spent a few nights at the pond. this is a great place. Is difficult in areas. be prepared and watch your step.

Really well sign posted (maybe they got the memo from previous posters) and was a fun scramble towards the end. Took us about 2hrs 20min r/t with a bit of a stop on top for photos and whatnot! It's windy up there so wear layers!

8 months ago

Awesome trail! Starts out easy and gradually builds on rocky surfaces as you progress. Beautiful waterfalls and what awaits at the end is just unbelievable. First time on this mountain. ♥️

8 months ago

Loved this hike! It was extremely challenging for me, but I'm also a beginner. Lots of scrambling, so be prepared for that! The pond is beautiful, and the summit is gorgeous. Use caution coming down in between the pond and the summit - the blue blazes can be hard to follow. I went off trail a couple of times. Otherwise, great hike!

This is the first time my two kids and my dog hiked this trail. This was my favorite hike so far! The trail was moderate level. Started with dirt and loose rocks and at the top it was more rocks and bigger boulders. My dog enjoyed playing fetch in the lake at the top. Tumbledown has beautiful views,lake at top ,wide spans of rock so you can picnic. Amazing!

Towards the top there is a "chimney" with ladder rings and nearly impossible for pups unless they are small and you can carry them or you have a couple people to help. I have a 70 lb German Shepard and unfortunately didn't do enough research about the trail itself, so we had to turn around. Next time I'll go up the Brook trail but really enjoyed the hike up to that point!

just plain awesome!

We loved it, particularly our 14-month puppy Luna loved the pond on the top of the mountain the most. We were not brave enough to try to swim after we touched the water and it was quite cold. The view is definitely breathtaking! We were lucky to meet a lovely family at the entrance who kindly offered bug spray because we did not know the bug season is still on in late August.

Great ! A little challenging for ages 6-7 towards the top but we all completed it !

9 months ago

Awesome! This was very difficult for me, but I am just starting out on my hiking journey. There was a lot of scrambling. Like other reviews, I will say that the pond is *gorgeous* and the view if you continue on to the summit is breathtaking.

We parked at Brook Trail parking lot, then walked up the road to the Loop Trail to start the hike. The Loop trail up was hard, but efficient. There is a narrow "chimney" near the top which was a bit tight with a backpack. The rocks were a bit slippery throughout even though it hadn't rained in a few days. There were wild blueberries at the top (in August) and the lake was chilly, but not ridiculous. Glad we went down Brook Trail as it was much less slippery/steep.

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