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One of my favorite hikes ever.

We really enjoyed this hike. The effort to climb makes it seem much longer than 3.7 miles. We did the loop by climbed up using White Cairn and down Stone House Trail. I am glad we went went this route as there are some steep parts of White Cairn Trail and going down may be a challenge. I would not recommend White Cairn for small children or dogs. Stopping at Rattlesnake pool (cold water) and the gorge was a treat.

Easy trail, great spot to hike with kids. Very beautiful during autumn. Pretty waterfalls and streams in the spring and after heavy rains.

great hike! we did the eyebrow up and the at down. challenging enough without being a killer. views were ebautiful in several spots, and the view was incredible from the fire tower.

Love it; hubby and I have gone repeatedly. Unless your dog is VERY nimble and sure on their feet, you may want to keep them home; lots of holes and places they could hurt themselves.

Great scenery. Fun to hike, crossing many times the Brooks. Trail marks could be restored.

great place to explore. easy trail.

An enjoyable trail! light to moderate in terms of intensity, is extremely private, and it winds through a relatively untouched forest. Some attractive ponds, a small waterfall, and several small streams to rock-hop across. NOTE: The actual route differs from what is shown on the All trails map (the actual marked route strays from what is shown in the app), and it is 5.2 miles, not 4.3.

Great early am workout, peaceful.

First thing I have to say is “my Fitbit tracker” clocked this trail from gate, up white cairn, down to stone house trail to the pool and back to the gate at +or- 8 miles. That is a big jump from 3.7 that it says here.
However I loved the work out I got today and it was so much fun. I only had a hard time at the top of white cairn with climbing all the rocks. But I totally did it and would do it again.

Absolutely breathtaking! A short scramble, but worth it!

5 days ago

1st significant hiking trip, previous trips had been much less elevation. Nice hike.

great trail and a good swim opportunity on the fjord side, no beach but a boulder entry.

Had a blast on the hunt trail. waterfall was awesome. Getting through the boulders was a blast. Tough trail and it's pretty relentless after the first couple miles. I thought the hellbrook on mt Mansfield was tougher but it was shorter. This reminded me of Franconia a bit with the peaks. Hung out in the stream for awhile on the way back down. All in took 9 hours with about an hour of hanging out at the top and awhile in the stream.

Buggy way to buddy

I only plan to do the Hunt trails to ascend and then do knife edge trail and return.

Did it on a foggy, drizzly morning, so no views, but still a nice hike. Started on the St. S. Mt. Trail and went as far as Valley Peak before turning up the Valley Trail and heading towards Acadia Mt., which added about another .7 miles. Glad I did not start out climbing Acadia Mt., as descending the wet rock on the steep side would not have been a good time.

I went up Mt. Acadia. I did this the opposite direction of the one most people recommend - first up to Acadia Mountain and then down the boulders and through the fire path back to the parking lot- this rewards with breathtaking views of the sound while hiking down from the peak, which you can't see very well while climbing up the boulders from the other side! It took me about 1:45 on a very hot day but might be around 1:30 on cooler days. My favorite hike in Acadia so far

Good trail beautiful views. I love the fairy house!!

This is a nice trail right on the Maine/New Hampshire border, it gains a fair amount of elevation over a short distance, so it is a decent workout. The view from the tower is great, and there are several spots along the way up with very nice views. I enjoyed being able to see the White Mountains at the same time as Maine's western peaks.

Great view, fresh mountain water to dip in. It has several natural holes to sit in .I could get a book and just sit there for hours. It’s a short hike to the top. I would love to come here in fall. .

12 days ago

This is a nice trail that winds up a gorge to Cadillac Mountain peak. The trail is very straight forward and easy to follow but be warned, the trail up is a long set of stairs. it's about a mile and a half of the most beautifully created steps that are easy to climb and are not to awkward to navigate. The views at the top are breathtaking. It's about a 2-3 hour hike up and down. While the app shows it from the summit down then up I would suggest starting from the bottom trail head so you climb fresh and then the trek down is not so bad when your a little tired. Your knees will thank you. Saw some deer, a snake (nothing dangerous), and a few chipmunks. It's a good climb if you're in fairly good shape but anyone can make it with a little patience. Wear trail walking shoes as apposed to hiking boots, the slight weight reduction will make for a more pleasurable hike.

Great hike. It was definitely tricky in spots, but well worth it when you get to the top. Fantastic views of the Sound. We went at about 4:30 and only encountered 3 other people on the trail, and we had the top to ourselves for quite awhile. My 14 yo and 10 yo handled it well. Definitely sneakers or hiking boots, and I wouldn’t bring a dog.


12 days ago

Summitted Katahdin via the Hunt Trail which was challenging but very manageable. We decided to descend via the Abol Trail for some variety. This Trail is very steep through the boulder slide area so be cautious. We encountered a light rain part way down which made everything slick. I took one fall....it happens...so, don’t lose your focus. Lots of twists and turns for the feet and legs. My knees were really tired and sore and I needed two doses of aspirins to manage the pain.

Really nice trail that has a couple of easy inclines here and there! Couple of places where I’m sure you could manage to take a dip on a super hot day or just stare at the tiny fishes in the water! Beautiful trail!

Great hike through a scenic gorge alongside and across a mountain stream. The steps are so well laid it looks almost natural. The steps are also the key to this very steep trail that requires attention and fitness, but not great skills, to enjoy.

15 days ago

Fantastic! Easy to find with plenty of parking. All of the trails are clearly marked and even though it’s “1.6” miles you can easily make it longer adding more trails. We did 2.6 with the kids. Very kid friendly

Beautiful views of the stream.

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