Photos of Sullivan Bird Watching Trails

3 days ago

Great trail! This is one of my favorite hikes so far. There were so many beautiful scenes. Did the Hidden Ponds Loop trail before continuing up the summit. There were several spots to stop and gaze at the changing trees. What a great time of year to visit! No bugs and aside from some slippery rocks, it was great walking. Well marked on the first half. We decided to brave the back half of the trail to finish the loop. It was definitely harder walking due to limited use and old blazes, but we made it. I would NOT attempt without having this app recording. Even with it, we got off trail a few times and significantly towards the end. It was an adventure! Many downed trees. Again, do not attempt without this app or a similar map. We would probably do it as an out and back trail next time instead of the loop. Not as many views on the way down. Still, we had a great time and luckily the clouds cleared at noon for some unbeatable summit views. 6 miles total.

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