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We took the White Cairn trail up and Blueberry Mountain trail down. For us new to hiking and in our fifties and with two not in great shape young adults, it was a challenging hike up but with beautiful views and tons of sweet wild blueberries at the top. It’s a little confusing at the top finding the Blueberry Mountain trail down (we had to assist some hikers at the top finding the trail, thanks to this app!). The payoff is a swim in the beautiful clear rattlesnake pool which on the way down is just off to the left, just before the small wooden bridge. We saw no one on our hike up White Cairn and many people and campers on our hike down Blueberry. You won’t be alone at Rattlesnake pool but it wasn’t overly crowded. It took us 3 hours with a 15 min stop at the summit and a 20 minute stop at the pool. Whole family enjoyed it.