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Did White Cairn up, Stonehouse down. Stopped at Rattlesnake pool for a quick dip even though it was a 65 degree day. The clear water was too enticing so we had to jump in! Bring a bathing suit and when you’re working your butt off up the steep parts of White Cairn, just know Stonehouse will be a nice easy trail going down and will lead you to the AMAZING pool

Rattlesnake pool is stunning!!! Loved the hike!

Awesome. It was so pretty

I went up white cairn. It's steep, a true climb but 2 reasons why best way around, rather climb then descend, easier on the knees, putting weight going down could be dangerous and also the reward at the end of the hike is an icy cold waterfall in a deep clear turquoise swimming hole. what a gem.

a great hike, but not easy to find. There is no cell phone reception at all around this area, so do not rely on this app, or your phone. From Route 113, you want to turn onto Stone House Road, which is right across from a white farmhouse. proceed over the small bridge and bear to the RIGHT. then follow the road another mile or more and you'll find the small parking area. proceed past the gate and walk down the road for 1/4 mile until you hit the White Cairn Trailhead. This trail is about 1.5 miles (from this point) to the summit. The White Cairn trail is quite steep at the top, but it's worth doing this way, so you can loop around and descend on the Stone House Trail. The reason to hike the loop this way is to catch the Rattlesnake Pool on the way down. there is a small sign that says "Pool" with a trail running off, about 3/4 of the way down from the summit on the Stone House Trail. This pool is incredible. Well worth the trip from.....wherever you started from! When you finish the Stone House Trail, it brings you back to road you started on, just follow it back to the parking area. Not well marked, but all you need is a general sense of direction. We had no map, and no cell service, so we relied on the help from strangers. I’d say 3.5 miles total round trip.

Really enjoyable. Good idea to take Cairn Trail up since it is pretty steep. Recommend taking Stone House trail down.

We really enjoyed this hike. The effort to climb makes it seem much longer than 3.7 miles. We did the loop by climbed up using White Cairn and down Stone House Trail. I am glad we went went this route as there are some steep parts of White Cairn Trail and going down may be a challenge. I would not recommend White Cairn for small children or dogs. Stopping at Rattlesnake pool (cold water) and the gorge was a treat.

First thing I have to say is “my Fitbit tracker” clocked this trail from gate, up white cairn, down to stone house trail to the pool and back to the gate at +or- 8 miles. That is a big jump from 3.7 that it says here.
However I loved the work out I got today and it was so much fun. I only had a hard time at the top of white cairn with climbing all the rocks. But I totally did it and would do it again.

I love this trail. It’s called Blueberry for good reason - plentiful blueberries here. Definitely gives you a good workout but moderate is a good rating. The trail gets difficult to follow in some places so pay attention! Beautiful views at the top. The freezing cold natural pool at the bottom is always a great way to refresh afterwards too.

We took the White Cairn trail up and Blueberry Mountain trail down. For us new to hiking and in our fifties and with two not in great shape young adults, it was a challenging hike up but with beautiful views and tons of sweet wild blueberries at the top. It’s a little confusing at the top finding the Blueberry Mountain trail down (we had to assist some hikers at the top finding the trail, thanks to this app!). The payoff is a swim in the beautiful clear rattlesnake pool which on the way down is just off to the left, just before the small wooden bridge. We saw no one on our hike up White Cairn and many people and campers on our hike down Blueberry. You won’t be alone at Rattlesnake pool but it wasn’t overly crowded. It took us 3 hours with a 15 min stop at the summit and a 20 minute stop at the pool. Whole family enjoyed it.

VERY difficult to follow. Once we FINALLY found where the trail head was, we went clockwise as some suggested. we weren't even sure we were on the right track. the trail is called the Shell Pond Loop. No mention/signs of Blueberry Mt or Rattlesnake Pool. thankfully we ran into a couple who tried to give us directions. once we made it up Blueberry Mt, (it was steep near the top but my 60 # dog did just fine) we kept going over the top and ran into a Summit Overlook loop. Then started down, much easier trail on that side! Passed Rattlesnake Pool...No sign at all, just a trail leading left of the main trail. At the bottom of the trail there was a sign, so we turned around and went back up to the trail and went to the pool. Very beautiful and Cold! Took a quick stop at the bottom to view the gorge. once off the mountain, you come to a house on the left. to continue the loop, you must take the "two track runway"to the left. We lost 30 minutes going back and forth trying to find the trail. Take the runway, through a meadow and orchard. Hopefully it's mowed! Eventually you end up back in the woods on the trail. If it were not for this app and the people we saw on the trail, we would probably still be out there! Very, very buggy. Beautiful views and really liked the pool, but I won't be doing this one again.

Our loop didn’t include the pond. We went from the gravel road turned left at the trail sign and back down around rattlesnake pond to the road again. Stop for a swim it’s great.

moderate hike, steady incline after rattlesnake pool but not difficult. took two dogs, off leash whole time & they didn't have an issue. great views, large summit...plenty of room to enjoy lunch without seeing anyone.

FANTASTIC hike!!! moderate but totally doable for even a beginner. it does get steep towards the top, just take your time. we went up stone house trail. the rattlesnake pool and gorge are worth a stop - so majestic and beautiful! the view from the top is one of the best. warning: the trails are NOT well marked. if it wasn’t for this app and a hiker we passed, we would have been plenty lost. the lookout at the top was almost impossible to find. thinking it may be easier to navigate when all the snow melts. the trails were very slippery - lots of wet leaves - just be careful. our pup loved this hike! happy trails!

I would 100% do this hike again- we took a left turn when we got to shell pond and the trail was very easy to follow via this route. I don't recommend bringing a dog on this hike- once you near the top you are basically climbing up rocks. Spectacular view. The only downfall I have about this hike is it was very challenging to figure out how to get back to where we started from heading down the mountain the other side where the loop took us- there are absolutely no markings if it wasn't for this app we would have been completely lost.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

had a hard time finding the path to rattlesnake pool(not many signs for blueberry mnt either) went to the right of shell pond. next time ill go left. nice scenery and water views

My husband, 9 year old daughter and I did this hike this past Sunday. Beautiful day, great trails! The Emerald pool is a sight to see. Very cold, but perfect way to cool off after a long trek.

Great short hike with beautiful views. The swimming hole felt delightfully freezing after the sweaty excursion. The bugs are out in force!!

not a very strenuous hike. suggest going up the white carin trail. be prepared for picking blueberries during the late summer! beautiful views of bald face circle trail with plenty of overlooks and picnic spots. A must is a stop at the rattlesnake pool. the water is COLD but worth the dip! dog and kid friendly hike.

Trails were not marked very well but well worth the hike. Beautiful views, challenging and the gorgeous rattlesnake pond to enjoy after.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Labor Day weekend 2009. Had an encounter with an unknown animal. Upon reaching the "summit" from the white cabin trail we had lunch. About five minutes into the sandwich we noticed a very pungent odor, it made us stop eating. We packed up our lunch and kept going around. We couldn't see anything upwind of us, and didn't hear anything moving around. Visibility was decent, spotty scrub pine and low bushes. We went further down the trail about 20 minutes to another small clearing to continue our lunch. Almost as my first bite hit my lips did I smell the same pungent odor as before. We both instantly packed up our lunch and hurried down the trail toward the flume. I kept looking back and couldn't see anything following us. I should mention, I am an avid hunter and hiker, and have never experienced anything like this before. I have hiked portions of the Appalachian trail and New England, and the Canadian Rockies. Not sure we'd go back.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Access to this trail is via Chatham, New Hampshire on Shell Pond Road off Route 113, Evans Notch. I have submitted a correction. A bit challenging but well worth the hike for great views from open ledges. Best done as a clock wise loop.

Beautiful well maintained trail with great views and a wonderful reward at the end with Rattlesnake Flume and Pool!

Followed the driving driving on the GPS it provided and lead me to a family farm. This trail is near NH and not in Edmunds, ME like it says.

This was such a beautiful hike! Definitely best to start on White Cairn, take Blueberry Ridge, then head down Stone House trail and stop at Rattlesnake Pool.The view at the top of White Cairn was amazing. Will definitely be going again!

We did the loop and it was a bit steep going up. Once you got to the top it was Beautiful!! Going down wasn't bad at all. Stopped by Rattlesnake pool and it was a hidden gem!!!

Even with the rain the day before it was not slippery. I did a loop up bicknell brook trail, summitted Speckled mountain, then descended by the blueberry ridge trail. Very fun!

This was a tough one! Really steep towards the top, but amazing expansive views once you reach the vista. If you're a little out of shape like me, it's good to have a motivator to help you up! Very busy on the weekends.

A nice even grade to the summit of Speckled Mtn. Make sure to take the side loop and check out the Bickford slides waterfalls. The trail is fairly wide and easy to follow. Part of the trail goes thru the Caribou- Speckled Mtn Preserve so some special regulations apply.

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