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This was my first time up & as a fairly out of shape new hiker, it was a great workout. I took the star/yellow trail up and the orange/red trail down. The star/yellow trail is not as well maintained as the orange/red, but well worth the bushwhacking for the scenic overlooks along the way. Didn’t see anyone else at all, but did see cars at the trailhead. The views were incredible & the summit is big and open allowing lots of exploration up top. I will definitely be coming back for a fall hike :)

My dad, who is an active retiree but not a hiker, and I did this hike on a partly sunny day. I was glad we did the AT from RT 4 to get to Saddleback instead of the ski trail because I love all the trail features on the AT. I felt it was more interesting even if it was longer. We didn't make it to the horn because of time. Since my dad is not a hiker, it took us nearly 8 hours (not including time at the top to have lunch) to go the total 10.5 miles. I highly recommend this hike. The views were great!

Not a bad hike, has some good views. Only problem I had with it is all the black flies and I had 11 ticks on me, so bring bug repellent.

I was in Rangeley for a week, and this hike was my first priority. I was on my own schedule all week, so I purposefully chose the best forecasted weather day and went for it. It would be my first two 4,000 ft peaks, and it surely did not disappoint! 72 degrees at the base lodge of the ski area, 60 degrees at the summit and clear skies the entire day...in Northern Maine...in May. Couldn't have gotten luckier.
The trek up is steep. Very steep. Double black diamond ski trails most of the way up, which as a non-skier, I can't imagine going down with glides attached to my feet. Take the time to stop and look back at the views as you climb...just keeps getting better. There was still some significant snow patches in shady spots throughout. The scenery doesn't end with the summit of Saddleback. There are amazing vistas and outlooks across the entire ridge from Saddleback to the Horn, and back. Atop the Horn, hurricane force winds nearly blew me over a couple times as I was paying too much attention to my camera and not at keeping my balance...it came out of nowhere and was persistent my entire time on the mountain top. I planned to have lunch and a beer, but the wind was too much, so I came back down the ridge before being able to dig in and not have anything blow away. I went by myself, saw a women trail running with her dog about 15 minutes into my climb, then didn't see another human until a man walking his dog on the bunny-hills 10 minutes before I got back to my car. There were moments I definitely feel I was the only person in a 2 mile radius. I started at 10:49am, finished at 5:23pm...LOTS of pausing for pictures, a full sit-down lunch, and plenty of stops at crystal clear ponds and running snowmelt to wet my bandana. I will absolutely be back again to conquer these beasts! Maybe my favorite hike I have ever taken.

Awesome! The view is spectacular and the hike is pretty easy going. I would recommend bringing a long sleeve shirt or a sweatshirt for when you get to the top, as it was quite windy and chilly. We brought our Cavalier King Charles spaniel who is 4, and he had a blast.

I can't wait to go back with the family when the snow melts. Nice, well marked trail. Mid April is not the time to hike this trail as the main trail is the snow run off route. Many times the trail was under 6"+ of water.

Super pretty summit! Amazing views all around. There was still lots of snow on the ground (early April). The orange trail was pretty packed down- we didn't need micro-spikes or snowshoes. There were a couple of steep spots and mini stream crossings. The trail was easy to find and follow.

LOVE this moderate hike, have done it many times with my kids as they grew. Endless granite ledges at the top carpeted with blueberry bushes. The locals come up here with blueberry rakes in mid-August. Views are staggering. I have seldom found so great a payoff and never with such an easy climb. My all-time favorite hike.

7 months ago

This was a fun hike overlooking the forest; a canopy of colorful leaves could be seen in all directions. If you look very closely with binoculars then downtown Portland and a small glimpse of the ocean is possible.

great hike. love the different array of peaks you can see when out at the horn.

The trailhead is located on East Andover Street. There is a sand pit/clearing on the right side of the road about .2 miles from the East Andover Street intersection. Just before that clearing, about a hundred yards, is a trailhead marked by several boulders (this is the trail to take up next time). We arrived at about 8:00 a.m. and by the time we got our equipment ready, it was 8:15 a.m. or so before we began the hike. We took the trail up from within the sand pit/clearing. We lost the trail and ended up following a snowmobile trail. There was some apparent foot traffic going off to the right at about 1300 feet which we should have taken, but we did not. We ended up having to bushwhack through the woods by going off the snowmobile trail and eventually connected with the foot trail we passed earlier. We had our snowshoes but did not need them, despite the volume of snow. There are two “peaks,” and we came up the smaller one first, only to see that the taller one was off in the distance. By the time we reached the true “top” where the U.S.G.S. pin was, it was about 10:00 a.m. The skiable slopes were the SE, NE, and SW facing side of the mountain. The snow on the SE slope softens up quickly and was too soft by about 11:00 a.m. The other two slopes were good for the rest of the time we were up there. Probably good to let the NE slope soften while skiing the SE slope. The SE side is the steeper of the slopes, and is the shorter, as well; it is a blue or
borderline black slope; we skied this slope twice. The NE side is a green/blue, but is long and is fun because it requires some navigation through the trees, which hide more open and skiable slopes beyond them; we skied this slope once. The SW side is the side we hiked up to the top; it is a blue with a lot of trees, dips, and streams to navigate, but not steep at all. We were able to ski the entire footpath down to the roadway, because we followed the trail marked by the boulders; we might have been able to ski the trial we took up. We arrived at the boulders about a hundred yards from the car and had to turn right to get to the car. We were down the mountain and at the car by about 1:00 p.m.

8 months ago

It was the perfect fall day hike! An easy incline up with a terrain mix of gravel, leaves, stone stairs, and cairns. As everyone said, the 360 views at the top were amazing! So colorful and close to the wind turbines. No bathroom at the trailhead so plan accordingly in town.

Pro tip: “Take the yellow blazed trail up and the orange blazed trail down. Great mountain side views on the way up.” - the friendly greeters who maintain the trail

love this hike, try to do it weekly. not sure why its rated difficult or hard, is say moderate at best.

9 months ago

Short, easy hike with great views of Freeport coast. Heavy traffic.

9 months ago

A well marked and maintained easy to modrrate trail based on your fitness level. We made it up (orange trail) and down in two hours. Lots of rough rock surface on the last 1/3 which is very to climb even when wet. The 360° view is a beauty!

I would rate this trail as easy. There was a steady incline at the beginning, but not too steep and the terrain is basically flat the entire way to the top. Anyone, any age could do this hike. I went yesterday with my dog, and we both very much enjoyed this trail. For only a 1600 footer, the 360 degree views are incredible. What a reward for such an easy hike! The trail markers are deep orange and are very easy to follow. Once out of the tree line you're greeted with flat rock and all the blueberries you can eat (at the right time of year!) I also saw what I believed to be 3 separate, very fresh piles of bear droppings. A must-do hike with the family!

One of my new favorite trails. More on the moderate side, steady incline the entire way, all worth it for the 360 degree views at the top!

great hike with blue berries at the top, 360 lookout, a must do hike! Not a hard hike, moderate at most.

Don't follow the GPS on the trail. You'll be following lift path and it's straight 4.5 miles of walking straight up at 45 degree elevation.

I would have rated this moderate and not difficult. Kids with hiking experience can do this one. My 3 kids and dog did it with me without any issue. It was a beautiful trail, well groomed and I would definitely do it again.

Not difficult, just a pretty steady incline. The views are 180 and AMAZING!
It's one of my favorites, and pretty easy to do for such an amazing pay off- THE VIEW

11 months ago

Hiked in Jan 2017. Beautiful snowy forest. The red trail was broken out and solid, which made it slightly slick but less tiring. Wonderful extended open summit, although is was very icy in spots. Winter is a great time to hike if you're prepared. A wonderful, less demanding mountain.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Great view from the top! 360 degree view! Panoramic!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Dog friendly with beautiful vistas

Hiked the AT trail to the top of Sugarloaf and back. Pretty challenging when it's raining! Pretty fun hike overall.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Amazing hike with many perfect spots for a picnic. We did the loop, red trail up, yellow trail down. Definitely should not be rated hard, more like easy/moderate.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

The 360° view is worth it every time!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Completed for the first time and instantly one of my favorite small hikes. The stream of water close to the top made the hike more enjoyable! Dog friendly hike as well.

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