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scenic driving
2 months ago

Baxter Park here! Wanted to share some advice since the description of this drive is not very accurate. First of all, the road that goes between the North and South gate of Baxter State Park is called the Tote Road. The Tote Road is narrow, windy and contains pot holes. We ask all drivers to adhere to the strict 20 mph speed limit for your safety and the safety of our wildlife. Please note that the description posted here says that dogs on leash are allowed which is not true. Pets are not allowed in the Park (no, not even if you promise to keep Fido in the car the whole time). There is no cell phone service, gas stations, gift shops etc. along the road. It takes 2 hours to drive the full length. The road is open to snow sledding, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. The Tote Road was not designed as a scenic drive and you will not get overlooks with sweeping views of Katahdin. It is a road that gives visitors access to our many trail heads. We hope that visitors will take the time to get out of their car and enjoy the sights from a trail! (Giving our road 4 stars because it is beautiful but the description posted here is highly inaccurate.)

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