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very extravagant hike and unlike other ones. lots of rock climbing w amazing views.

This was a nice, lovely hike. It was as our first hike on our trip to Acadia National Park. It was not difficult, but it was a bit strenuous ascending. I had to stop to catch my breath a time or two. Also a very sunny hike. We took the path that led us to Sandy Beach, and the kids enjoyed getting their feet wet in the cold water:

Nice hike. Cold and cloudy at top, so could be nicer on different day. Gotham Mountain Trail has a little side hike called Cadillac Cliffs Trail - Highly recommended!

Fun hike! A good bit of rocky stepping, which was fun. Breath taking views! We were the only ones on the trail at 7am. We came across this trail from Ocean Path and decided to go for it! So glad we did! It takes you up to the back side of the Beehive. If you’re not into the climbing aspect of Beehive, you get the same summit without the “fear of heights” challenge.

Easy trail with absolutely beautiful and amazing views!

6 days ago

Hiking Tip: great morning walk to beat the crowds at Otter Cliffs portion of Ocean Path. We find Ocean Path to usually be its best in the morning - most tourists move together along the Loop Rd each morning, filling the same parking lots as they go. However, you can skip this parade of cars and get to one of the best areas at southern tip, Otter Cliffs, while parking lots are still available. Instead of taking the Loop Rd, take Rte 3 out of Bar Harbor, turning Left onto Otter Cliff Rd, then either park at the Fabbri parking lot or the 2 lots directly at Otter Cliffs. You can then make a 1.5mile loop around the most dramatic part of Ocean Path above Otter Cliffs, then around to excellent views over Otter Cove, ending near the Fabbri parking lot - all before the masses arrive at the southern point. And you completely miss the crawl of cars entering the Loop Rd guard stations before Beehive Trailhead and Sand Beach.

excellent views!

Perfect weather for our first attempt of this trail, 76 degrees and no humidity! The bottom part of the trail showcased typical Maine woodlands. Squirrels and chipmunks could be seen scurrying about. As the trail continued the ascent began. Gentle at first, hardly noticeable even. The last 1 or 2 tenths of a mile the incline became decidedly...aggressive. However, once over the hump you are greeted by a beautiful mountain pond straight out of a postcard! Unfortunately on this day once you crested the trail the wind become quite prominent which dulled our desire to take a dip (that and we didn't have a bathing suits or towels). Great hike. Will definitely repeat when we camp at Mount Blue State Park again. For the way down we chose the Loop trail.

5 out of 5 on awesomeness, and 5 out of 5 on difficulty.

6 days ago

Beautiful views, relaxing hiking.

An all-time favorite which we hike every year (20yrs) and bring guests and those reluctant about hiking. If you have time for only 1 hike - consider Gorham. We always hike clockwise from trailhead, and then combine with either Beehive or down to Sand Beach returning on Ocean Path. Note that the trail will split- for hardier hikes take the spur to the right cliffs trail. Not really hiking "cliffs" but lots of scrambling and stone steps and not recommended for kids or weaker hikers, it looks short but it's strenuous. For others - take the Left for a smoother ascent. Both will merge back together, and that's where the awesome views really start to open for you. An excellent picnic spot. Also note that during rain, the first part of trail basically becomes a mountain stream for all rain coming off the granite surfaces and you're hiking in water that quickly rises to about 8-10" (which is also pretty cool). Despite all the crowds below on Ocean Path - Gorham never seems very crowded. An excellent introductory trail to Acadia.

Insane views. This hike will test you physically and mentally.

The parking area for hiking this trail and the ones near by was beautiful, to start! Once you cross the street there’s a path with with wooden boards, the last of which is over a cute little stream that leads to two paths, orange and blue. We did the orange even though I’m wildly out of shape atm. With that said, it was worth every wheezy, sweaty, strenuous step I took!  The path was steep but very gorgeous! Those who get vertigo easily should probably avoid this one due to how steep some parts are! We lost track of the trail a couple of times but it was only a couple of minutes before we found it again and kept truckin along. There’s this cool little “cave area” that I truly convinced myself was the top in hopes I wouldn’t have to go any further at that time, but it does take a pretty sharp right to continue the path. From there thankfully it truly wasn’t much further, and again, completely worth it! After a good rest, I made my way down with wobbly legs that still carried me through with enough energy to go to screw auger falls right down the way. Overall a very challenging and demanding trail, but worth the effort for the priceless view.

Took about 1.5 hr up and had the pond mostly to ourselves until around noon. Went for a swim and dried up on land before a quick decent. Great hike on a nice warm day.

nature trips
8 days ago

I’m giving this 4 stars because the hike up, while it is a good workout & single trail is well maintained, has no real scenic value, and the cell tower at the top is an eyesore.
At the top though, the views are a magnificent panorama, making it a very worthwhile hike! The whole thing, including a hefty pic session, took about 3 hrs

We hiked this trail clockwise starting at the Gorham Mt. trailhead and it was amazing. The views from the summit were stunning. We were able to see people climbing the beehive which was close enough to doing that for me! Also, loved stopping at sand beach and thunder hole on our way back.

9 days ago

It’s to easy I do it to much

One of my favorite places to hike early in the morning. The peak offers a beautiful place to sit and think, read, exercise, or meditate. A hike I will do over and over again.

I parked at the trailhead parking this morning. I watched the sun rise at 4:50. Then I started the trail. Nice views around the top of Gorham Mtn. It is good trail for the family with kids.

Awesome trail and views. We hiked Beehive first and then Gorham.

Highly populated, walked it to go to the big sights.

12 days ago

Climbed this 55 years ago and 5 or 6 times since. An adventure . Up to the top and down the bee hive. Thrilling!!!

take the risk reap the reward

Nice relaxing hike after conquering the beehive.

14 days ago

Beautiful scenic stroll along the coast.

14 days ago

Nice views but no climbing

Awesome little hike! Great views. Perfect for those nervous about Beehive.

One of my favorite hikes I have ever done. Do the coastal part first the mountain or you won’t wander out on the rocks as much. The view at the top is spectacular!

16 days ago

A wonderful hike! Not extremely strenuous but still a nice workout. Thunder Hole is very interesting to see/here. Lots of places to stop and sit on the cliffs and hang out. I would suggest going early because it gets very crowded later in the day.

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