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Raymond, Maine Map

We loved this trail and the view were spectacular.

Good sandwiches at the local deli nearby.

This hike starts out by walking through a field of beautiful wild flowers. Once you pass through the tree line the trail steadily gets steeper and steeper. Once you get to the second viewpoint and take in the scenery the hike levels out but doesn’t really lead to anything

We hike this one quite a bit. Its got a steep section near the beginning that is a good work out and the view from the top is decent. There are a couple spots where it's not completely clear where to go, but nothing too bad and overall its not too hard to find your way.

1 month ago

just spent a good hour and a half getting lost on this trail. the kosik map has different colored trails then on the actual trails so do not plan on using those as a guide. we ended up at the power lines because we missed the trail, I guess. followed those for some time until we cut back into the woods and found a trail again. if you don't mind getting lost then this is the trail for you. we will be back but this time we will try a different trail then red.

1 month ago

Went today for the first time. Was with my 11 and 13 year olds, two dogs and a family friend. Parts of the trail were very beautiful to see and was a great workout. However, trails were not marked at all and everywhere we looked there was horse poop. Trails were overgrown in many areas, lots of ticks on the dogs and ourselves. Many times we got off trail and we ended up down the road from where we started. Also many trees down along parts of the trail. We ended hiking just under 4 miles today. We will not be doing this trail again anytime soon.

Very steep trail and not the best views at the top. It was also really buggy so bring bug spray if the bugs bother you. No dogs allowed for some reason. I did this hike with a 3 year old who has done many hikes and would rate it as hard for such a little person. The footing was also difficult do to the rocks and leaves making everything feel loose.

Nice hike with plenty of wildflowers and a nice view partway up. However, the trail is not always marked, and there are a few confusing side trails that may lead you astray. When you get to the large uprooted tree in the trail, go around to the LEFT of it to stay on the trail to the summit. There's a well-marked trail on the right that will take you down to a gravel road, so avoid it if you're heading to the top. If you find yourself heading down, you need to turn around!

a beautiful and peaceful hike. I do it as a loop in about 70 minutes. spend time at the first "summit" to take in those gorgeous views. parking is tricky.

I love the trail. I hiked it 7 months pregnant with 4 kids! its steep but fun and worth the view once your at the top.

Disappointed this trail is no longer dog friendly. I grew up in the area and used this trail often, many good memories. Not anymore though if my well behaved pup can't join. I'm sure there is good reason for this, but too bad nonetheless.

Close to home. Quick and beautiful.

I live less than 10 minutes from Rattlesnake. I think it is a great quick hike as it is short and steep. There are two viewpoints and as others have said past the second view point the actual "summit" doesn't actually have a view.

FYI trail is closed . April 1st - May either 1st or 31st , we drove over and hour and 1/2 to find this out. We were there yesterday which was March 31st and it was closed !

This is great hike for kids & adults. Views are awesome!
Parking can be tricky on busy days.

Kasey Marsters


6 months ago

Very cool rock formations. Trails are not well marked... if at all. Will have to go again and explore more!

Followed the Maine Mountain Guide, page114, after the directions in Fifty Hikes in Southern Maine, page 29, let us down. We took the northern approach, heading southwesterly to the top from Route 11, just as the Guide described. The trail head, as it were, is across from an unpainted barn and at a “Tamarack Trl Pvt” road sign. When the book describes the trail and “overgrown,” that is an understatement. When the book describes the trail and “blue blazed,” that is an overstatement. In the beginning, after finding the trial, we had no problems because the trial is really wide enough to be a carriage road from years ago. We lost the “trail” several times, however, because the blazes are faint to non-existent and the trial positively disappears. Were it not for the gravel road to our left, we may have gotten lost. We did manage to bushwack our way to the top taking a southwesterly path. The ledges we found at 940 ft. gave us a gorgeous view of lakes, rivers, and marshes. We ate lunch there, and I’m not sure it was truly the top, but we headed northerly on a well trodden trail with faint blue blazes from the ledges. (We did not come up that way, however.) Sure enough, we lost the trial again when it intersected the gravel road. I cut an arrow into electric pole N0. 16/26 at about 720 ft. noting how to get to the trial from the road. We generally followed that road until I could see the trail (wide enough to be a carriage road) near the bottom and then took it to the car.

We left the car at 12:40 p.m., made it to the ledges at 1:20 p.m., and made it back to the car at 2:20 p.m. The hike was very easy except where we bushwacked up a steep section to get to the ledges. If we stay to the road instead, this hike would be a cake walk with great rewards at the ledges in terms of views. We passed at least one other trail to the top which was in a field that we’ll have to try next time, as we saw a number of others parked there and hiked.

10 months ago

This trail is not well marked! Some parts are atv trails and others are game trails. Navigational skills will be tested. There is a small pond and stream that are worth checking out.

We ended up with a 4 mile loop

We loved this hike for an early morning blood pumping walk with a view as a reward at the end. Unfortunately, no no dogs :(, so we can't go here. It's unfortunate that so many people with dogs off leash caused the owners to implement this rule.

11 months ago

Part of the Morgan Meadows trail system, this trail is the northern loop which is not easy to follow and not well marked. Still worth the trek to see the overhanging rock wall.

11 months ago

A fairly nice adventure with lots of rock formations to explore. Glover's Wig Trail needs markings as there are very few and if it wasn't for the lightly traveled path one could easily get led astray.

Fantastic Views on many cliff sides

Fun easy climb but also a very good workout. The view is fantastic. Close to my home. Fun for kids.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Rattlesnake Mountain and the Bri-Mar Trail make for an excellent hike. There's a good variety of easy walking combined with some fairly challenging climbing. As others have mentioned, this hike provides a very good workout. My wife and I climbed at a brisk pace and our hearts were pounding. There are several steep sections as you proceed to the summit, but the trail is well-maintained and clear.

Just a word of caution or two, the parking area is extremely small. I read somewhere that you can park along the road if the lot is full. There are now sign prohibiting parking outside of the small lot. There are also signs warning of possible towing, so park carefully!

We also noticed several side-trails while climbing up and down. We followed one and it led off to a dirt road, well away from the trailhead, which required some backtracking, but nothing we couldn't handle. All in all, we loved this hike.

Pretty disappointed as my husband and I used to hike this trail with our dogs all the time... We went there today for the first time this year and saw the NO DOGS sign. So sad.

I've been hiking here for years with my dog and just saw the huge NO DOGS signs. Very disappointed. Seriously, what harm can a dog do?

Just FYI, dogs ARE NOT allowed on this trail (there are several signs posted). Also, VERY small parking area. I drove all the way out to hike the trail with my dog only to find there were no parking spots and couldn't take the dog anyway. Was a huge bummer.

It should be called a hill and not a mountain... the view is not a view if you have hiked any other mountain before. Would not recommend.

The trail offers a beautiful view but the hike up is a little steep. Also the trail is not well marked and we had a hard time finding the 2nd overlook. If you are looking for a quick workout, try this trail.

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