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3 of us in our 60’s hiked it yesterday.We have a couple health issues between us so we took our time going up with a lot of breaks.Seemed never ending but eventually got to the top.Great view from the fire tower.A few aches and sore muscles today but glad we did the hike!Weather was nice,60’s and not windy.

This trail is not for the faint hearted as I have done it four times. Countless PUDS but the views are spectacular. Probably best to hike with a companion Good cell phone reception through out to keep contact with family and friends

Great hike with a variety of terrains. Several stream crossing in the beginning/end of trail. Dog friendly, although my lil' gal needed some lifts at times, made it up on her own. One large blow down that you will need to climb over and through. Bearly readable sign to "caves" I can not find any reference to them but will try to find next time. Lots of slabs which would be hard if wet or icy. No bugs! Summit has several elevation makers? Summit with 360 views. We did not do Woodsom. Just under 6 miles. Great hike

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We frequent Puzzle Mtn because of our close proximity to it. It is news to me that dogs must be on leash. I have seen hundreds of dogs on this trail and never on a leash. My own dog knows the trail by heart. In fact you might strangle your dog on some of the ledger sections if it was on leash. Just be sure your dog is well socialized, and is not threatening. A nice trail and great views from the ledges at 2/3rds way up and many great views from the ledges above that. Also Woodsum Loop is well worth it to extend your hike. For backpackers the Grafton Loop is tough but a gem.

nice trail. lightly traveled trail. some blow downs. Could not summit do to slippery wet slabs. Some monorail, stable and unstable. Avoidable mud. Nice views from ledges.

We only hiked to Puzzle Mountain, but the trail and views were amazing!

Did the whole 31 mile section from Rt16 to Rt26 in 3 days. Best trail I have ever been on! extremely challenging, don't stress the notch it is not that hard but plenty of fun. Lots of snow left on May 27th. Probably the best views of the Whites and the Presidentials on a clear day that you can get.

Challenging and left with a complete feeling of exhausted accomplishment!

The hardest mile became the mot dangerous mile real fast in the rain. Most be athletic to traverse.

Known as the Hardest Mile or the Funnest Mile on the AT. It will depend upon the attitude of the hiker. The Notch is one of the best miles hiked on my Thru-hike in 2014.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Did this trail in July 2002, included the AT and the Eyebrow Trail. We first stopped at Screw Auger Falls, which was a nice cascade of waterfalls with a gorge at the bottom resembling an auger bit hole crafted by rushing water over the years. We next entered the “notch,” the mountain pass or gap, and parked in the parking lot right in the crux of the notch and on the AT. There were several AT through-hikers. We took the climb to the Eyebrow 2.1M RT on Eyebrow Trail Loop (Orange blazes off white-blazed AT), and descended via the white blazed AT on our return. The hike was very steep and challenging, seemed much longer than we thought, had lots of rocks and slippery tree roots, but was cool and quiet. A low cloud cover hampered the views of the mountainside. We rested at the top, had a brief snack, and took the AT back down. Challenging and rewarding short hike. After this one, we went across the road and hiked to Table Rock. Next time will complete Old Speck.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A rugged hike but worth it when you see the 360 degree views from the tower!

The boulders create quite the challenge. You must be comfortable stepping across boulders between dark chasms for this one! Tough but crazily fun to do. Me and my three friends were in very good shape, and are all pretty athletic, and it was still a challenge. Wouldn't suggest in the snow or rain... Go into the caves on the sides.... Eerily cold and ice even in August. Awesome hike.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Put the poles and sticks away and use those hands!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

I helped build the trails here in 1994! Still love the hike

Friday, January 10, 2014

Great hike, up the hill for the first couple miles, demanding but fun. Indeed, water and snack a must!

Some say this is the toughest section of the entire AT. The notch was certainly a handfull. LOL So was Success. I loved Goose Eye. Dream Lake with it's view of Mount Washinton is where I saw a moose. This trail is not for the unconditioned but it is a "must do" for all others.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun hike. Great views on puzzle mountain. First five miles are up hill. Bring water and a snack.

Great trail, great fun. Done this stretch of the AT twice, this is for the second time around. Saw a moose on the first day near Dryad Falls. Sitting right in front of me and stood up! Found the DC-3 crash site on Mount Success, and had a blast playing around in the notch itself. Info on crash site below.

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