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This is a nice trail right on the Maine/New Hampshire border, it gains a fair amount of elevation over a short distance, so it is a decent workout. The view from the tower is great, and there are several spots along the way up with very nice views. I enjoyed being able to see the White Mountains at the same time as Maine's western peaks.

Great view, fresh mountain water to dip in. It has several natural holes to sit in .I could get a book and just sit there for hours. It’s a short hike to the top. I would love to come here in fall. .

Great hike! Lots of small lookouts with beautiful view. Definitely not meant for trail running, steep incline but with very well set up stairs most of the way. Beautiful view of a few waterfalls. No bugs this time of year!

This trail is not for the faint hearted as I have done it four times. Countless PUDS but the views are spectacular. Probably best to hike with a companion Good cell phone reception through out to keep contact with family and friends

Went up the orange trail. Was defently a good hike. pretty steep and aloat of bolders. Great views from the top. recomend orange up and blue down

27 days ago

We hiked up the orange trail. It was a lot of stairs and bouldering. Great views on top. The hike down blue trail was a walk in the woods

Loved this short hike to the falls. Great for a little cool swim after hiking some of the more difficult trails in the area

Our group of 4 hiked this on June 12, 2018.
We did just the hike to East Baldpate and came back and took Table Rock down, for about 7.4-8 miles.
This is a strenuous hike, but it was fabulous! Be ready for rough trails, stairs, boulders, roots, etc. it is the Maine AT, after all! We needed more water, so I was glad I had my Sawyer filter to use.
Take your time and you’ll do well on this challenging hike. The view up at the top of East Baldpate is amazing! One of the best I’ve seen. We ate our lunch at the lean-to/shelter. There’s a privy there, too.
Enjoy this hike - not easy, but great!

Easy initially becoming moderate. Beautiful atmosphere. The view from the top of the falls is what it’s all about

Great hike with a variety of terrains. Several stream crossing in the beginning/end of trail. Dog friendly, although my lil' gal needed some guiding at times, but made it up on her own. One large blow down that you will need to climb over and through. Bearly readable sign to "caves" I can not find any reference to them but will try to find next time. Lots of slabs which would be hard if wet or icy. No bugs! Summit has several elevation makers? Summit with 360 views. We did not do Woodsom. Just under 6 miles. Great hike

The parking area for hiking this trail and the ones near by was beautiful, to start! Once you cross the street there’s a path with with wooden boards, the last of which is over a cute little stream that leads to two paths, orange and blue. We did the orange even though I’m wildly out of shape atm. With that said, it was worth every wheezy, sweaty, strenuous step I took!  The path was steep but very gorgeous! Those who get vertigo easily should probably avoid this one due to how steep some parts are! We lost track of the trail a couple of times but it was only a couple of minutes before we found it again and kept truckin along. There’s this cool little “cave area” that I truly convinced myself was the top in hopes I wouldn’t have to go any further at that time, but it does take a pretty sharp right to continue the path. From there thankfully it truly wasn’t much further, and again, completely worth it! After a good rest, I made my way down with wobbly legs that still carried me through with enough energy to go to screw auger falls right down the way. Overall a very challenging and demanding trail, but worth the effort for the priceless view.

Challenging and fun trail - I did the Eyebrow Trail up and the AT Down. I did this trail years ago when it was foggy. I still loved the fun trail features like the steel cable and ladder rungs that are necessary when the trail is wet. I hiked this July 4 with my dog. There were only a couple spots that I had to help my golden retriever up, but the rest was easily done by her. I definitely would NOT recommend going down the Eyebrow trail as other have said, especially with a dog. The views from the fire tower give you a great 360 of the mountains! I was so glad my hike this time was clear. It was well worth the effort to see the amazing view! Screw Auger Falls a few miles from the parking lot on RT 26 is a great post-hike stop to walk in the stream and cool off!

I am out of shape but made it to the top and it was worth the view. Bring plenty of water and maybe some snacks for the top.

Nice hike. Several streams early on for pups to cool off. Steady grade up then maybe 1 mile of level grounds ( we saw a moose) then up you go. Lots of steps. West Baldpate summit no view. Several yards past summit sign is where the views are. Nicely marked. Did not make it to East Baldpate as pup was to tired.

1 month ago

This trail is definitely strenuous and VERY steep. If you start out on the AT/white blaze, and then turn right at the orange blaze where the sign says ‘extraordinary views’, you’re in for a beautiful overlook and a nearly indiscernible trail on the hike back to the lot. It is very challenging-take your time and enjoy it. Not for beginners in either direction. All this aside, I loved it! We combined it with Baldpate East, for a total of 7.4 very challenging miles. View at Baldpate is spectacular. Plenty of water along the trail if you have a filter. Need bug spray. Privy at the lean-to at Baldpate.

Very, very beautiful

Challenging trail with beautiful views! Couldn't imagine doing this trail and not going up the Fire tower. Breathtaking views!

We hiked this today and enjoyed it, however it wasn’t our favorite. There were a few mildly steep parts but nothing too technical or challenging. You’re in very heavily wooded area for most of your hike and because of that you can’t seem to escape the mosquitos. Even on summit we were being eaten alive.

The eyebrow part was less intimating than we expected after reading other reviews and the trail description. Pretty steep in the beginning so you get a good workout in. While we didn’t find anything to be too technically challenging, our heart rates were up for a while because of the steady climb.

There’s not much of a view on summit unless you climb the fire tower. I’m usually pretty nervous about heights but climbed it and am glad I did - the views were breathtaking. Cascade Falls was also quite pretty.

There’s a dead moose toward the bottom so the smell was horrendous but that’s just nature taking its course. If you hike anytime in the near future be sure to leash your dog around that area (they do have signs posted before you reach the moose to warn you).

Overall a decent hike and we’re glad we did it but probably won’t do this one again anytime soon because those pesky mosquitos. Total round trip was 7 1/2 hours, but we take our time.

2 months ago

Beautiful views

2 months ago

Went up mid day this weekend with my boyfriend and it was absolutely beautiful! We will DEF be coming back because we had no idea how good the climbing opportunities were and didn’t bring our gear this time around

The views are amazing. There are a few steep/challenging sections but nothing too crazy.

Beautiful SHORT hike that’s easy for the whole family. It says not dog friendly on this app, but dogs are in fact allowed and our (large breed) dogs loved it! Lots of watering holes to wade in and drink from for them. Easy trip with a rewarding view.

2 months ago

A truly beautiful hike! I would definitely recommend this one. You spend a good amount of time in the woods before your ascent. Once you are out of the trees, the view is breathtaking.

Did the top by another trail. Nice hike and great view on top!

Great hike...Orange trail was challenging but fun...great views

2 months ago

We frequent Puzzle Mtn because of our close proximity to it. It is news to me that dogs must be on leash. I have seen hundreds of dogs on this trail and never on a leash. My own dog knows the trail by heart. In fact you might strangle your dog on some of the ledger sections if it was on leash. Just be sure your dog is well socialized, and is not threatening. A nice trail and great views from the ledges at 2/3rds way up and many great views from the ledges above that. Also Woodsum Loop is well worth it to extend your hike. For backpackers the Grafton Loop is tough but a gem.

nice trail. lightly traveled trail. some blow downs. Could not summit do to slippery wet slabs. Some monorail, stable and unstable. Avoidable mud. Nice views from ledges.

Nice hike through forested path. Lots of stairs following the AT. Did not do the Table Rock loop. Some trees down but work was being done clearing. No view from summit Bald Pate. Did not go to East Peak time did not allow. Would do this hike again as views from top are great. Easy trip down. Some steep sections. Dog did great.

Wicked good challenge, quick but steep. Hope to conquer a few more like it. got on the app before I did it. was a solid 56:10 going up, with ice and snow so not bad at all.

Did a winter hike yesterday before the big nor'eastern came in today. I started at the parking area for old speck/eyebrow and Appalachian trails which is labeled hiking trail parking on the west side of Maine Route 26. Took the Appalachian trail for 3.5 miles, then came to Old Speck trail on the left and followed that .3 miles to summit. (I logged 7.6 miles...not sure why 6.6 miles is listed above) Hike can be steep at times (specially with over a foot of snow) crampons are a must. Some decent over looks during the first section of the hike. Summiting took about 2 hours in the snow. Not great views because the storm had made its way in, however the trees were gorgeous covered in snow.

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