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Our group of 4 hiked this on June 12, 2018.
We did just the hike to East Baldpate and came back and took Table Rock down, for about 7.4-8 miles.
This is a strenuous hike, but it was fabulous! Be ready for rough trails, stairs, boulders, roots, etc. it is the Maine AT, after all! We needed more water, so I was glad o had my Sawyer filter to use.
Take your time and you’ll do well on this challenging hike. The view up at the top of East Baldpate is amazing! One of the best I’ve seen. We ate our lunch at the lean-to/shelter. There’s a privy there, too.
Enjoy this hike - not easy, but great!

Great hike with a variety of terrains. Several stream crossing in the beginning/end of trail. Dog friendly, although my lil' gal needed some guiding at times, but made it up on her own. One large blow down that you will need to climb over and through. Bearly readable sign to "caves" I can not find any reference to them but will try to find next time. Lots of slabs which would be hard if wet or icy. No bugs! Summit has several elevation makers? Summit with 360 views. We did not do Woodsom. Just under 6 miles. Great hike

The parking area for hiking this trail and the ones near by was beautiful, to start! Once you cross the street there’s a path with with wooden boards, the last of which is over a cute little stream that leads to two paths, orange and blue. We did the orange even though I’m wildly out of shape atm. With that said, it was worth every wheezy, sweaty, strenuous step I took!  The path was steep but very gorgeous! Those who get vertigo easily should probably avoid this one due to how steep some parts are! We lost track of the trail a couple of times but it was only a couple of minutes before we found it again and kept truckin along. There’s this cool little “cave area” that I truly convinced myself was the top in hopes I wouldn’t have to go any further at that time, but it does take a pretty sharp right to continue the path. From there thankfully it truly wasn’t much further, and again, completely worth it! After a good rest, I made my way down with wobbly legs that still carried me through with enough energy to go to screw auger falls right down the way. Overall a very challenging and demanding trail, but worth the effort for the priceless view.

Nice hike. Several streams early on for pups to cool off. Steady grade up then maybe 1 mile of level grounds ( we saw a moose) then up you go. Lots of steps. West Baldpate summit no view. Several yards past summit sign is where the views are. Nicely marked. Did not make it to East Baldpate as pup was to tired.

28 days ago

This trail is definitely strenuous and VERY steep. If you start out on the AT/white blaze, and then turn right at the orange blaze where the sign says ‘extraordinary views’, you’re in for a beautiful overlook and a nearly indiscernible trail on the hike back to the lot. It is very challenging-take your time and enjoy it. Not for beginners in either direction. All this aside, I loved it! We combined it with Baldpate West, for a total of 7.4 very challenging miles. View at Baldpate is spectacular. Plenty of water along the trail if you have a filter. Need bug spray. Privy at the lean-to at Baldpate.

Beautiful views

1 month ago

Went up mid day this weekend with my boyfriend and it was absolutely beautiful! We will DEF be coming back because we had no idea how good the climbing opportunities were and didn’t bring our gear this time around

1 month ago

A truly beautiful hike! I would definitely recommend this one. You spend a good amount of time in the woods before your ascent. Once you are out of the trees, the view is breathtaking.

Did the top by another trail. Nice hike and great view on top!

Great hike...Orange trail was challenging but fun...great views

2 months ago

We frequent Puzzle Mtn because of our close proximity to it. It is news to me that dogs must be on leash. I have seen hundreds of dogs on this trail and never on a leash. My own dog knows the trail by heart. In fact you might strangle your dog on some of the ledger sections if it was on leash. Just be sure your dog is well socialized, and is not threatening. A nice trail and great views from the ledges at 2/3rds way up and many great views from the ledges above that. Also Woodsum Loop is well worth it to extend your hike. For backpackers the Grafton Loop is tough but a gem.

nice trail. lightly traveled trail. some blow downs. Could not summit do to slippery wet slabs. Some monorail, stable and unstable. Avoidable mud. Nice views from ledges.

Nice hike through forested path. Lots of stairs following the AT. Did not do the Table Rock loop. Some trees down but work was being done clearing. No view from summit Bald Pate. Did not go to East Peak time did not allow. Would do this hike again as views from top are great. Easy trip down. Some steep sections. Dog did great.

Wicked good challenge, quick but steep. Hope to conquer a few more like it. got on the app before I did it. was a solid 56:10 going up, with ice and snow so not bad at all.

Hiked it on August 26, 1995, and rook 3 hours up and 3 down, at a slow pace with lots of breaks. Tent clearing at top of West Peak. Steep climbing at times, especially on East Peak.

Hiked again on February 27, 2000, with cramp-ons. Drove up 26 North of Sunday River entrance. Parking Lot on left and marked “Hiking Trails’ with a round brown and yellow wooden sign. Trail to Baldpate starts across the street. Followed white blazes. 2.9 miles from parking lot to top of West Peak of Baldpate. Was easy hike with mild incline and fair amount of down hill until the last mile or less, where it got very steep to the summit. Too foggy and cold to justify going to the East Peak, which was another 0.9 miles from West Peak. Started hike at 10:45 a.m. and ended at 3:30 p.m.

We only hiked to Puzzle Mountain, but the trail and views were amazing!

9 months ago

Loved this trail.

-Quick but difficult
-Prepare to climb over boulders
-Quiet trail, did not pass any hikers through entire loop
-Brought my 8 year old dog, he managed well
-Caution, dangerous drop off
-Great views

9 months ago

Simply spectacular! Do not miss this hike. One of my top three in Maine. Steep, hard up (orange blazes). Gradual, easy down (blue and then white blazes). Together = moderate hike difficulty overall. Lots of dogs and kids on trail. Took us 2 hours almost to the minute, with a leisurely lunch at the top.

Such a beautiful hike. My friend and I hiked with our 9 year old boys. Where the trail splits, the loop on the right is much harder, be prepared to be on your hands and knees crawling up and over many large boulders. The loop on the left is a nice walking path.

Great hike !

10 months ago

I started out parking just beyond the Wright trail head. It took me an hour and a half of hiking through thick forest before I reached a clearing almost to the top. The terrain is rough, a lot of roots, rocks and wet land. Once the treeline opens up you instantly see amazing views. Though this hike was very strenuous I highly recommend it. The brook along the way is a nice spot to rest. At the end of my hike, once back to the trailhead I went down to the brook to do some exploring. That was unique, a good stretch of it was all ledge, you could walk on either side very easily by hoping along the ledge. Small waterfalls along the way.

11 months ago

Orange markings lead to a strenuous slow moving trail. Incredible views at the top.

11 months ago

My wife and i took the Orange trail on the way up. We had a great time. This was our first hard trail and it was fun. On the way down we took the blue/white trail and enjoyed a more leisure hike back to the parking lot. Definitely recommend this trail.

11 months ago

Great views, fun area to explore. Some caves along the face of the cliffs to explore through. Continue up the AT to West Peak and a lean-to for camping.

11 months ago

weather and view was awesome. loved the trail.

One of my all-time favorite mountains. Truly breathtaking. I recommend backpacking if you are able. Note: this trail is actually called the Wright Trail. The Goose Eye Trail climbs the opposite side of the mountain.

I like a hike that makes me work a little, this one is great , just about the time your getting frustrated with climbing through forest, the tree line opens up at about 3.3m and the last mile and a half to the west summit is wandering through sheep laurel and scrub brush, view from the top makes it all worth it, see 100 peaks in all directions, make a quick side trip down the ladder along the AT towards Mt. Carlo to the lawn for a nice break...

Monday, July 17, 2017

Take the trail to the right for a challenging climb up. Near the top are caves to explore, crawl around and get dirty it's a fun place. beautiful views at the top.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Amazing view. We went clockwise around the loop. From the summit down was the most challenging portion of the trail going in this direction. There was light traffic and we went mid-day on a July Saturday.

Sunday, July 09, 2017


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