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Had a beautiful day in mid August to complete this loop.

I'd like to first note that the Chimney Pond Trail is the only true upward "hiking" part of this loop before you reach the peak. Chimney Pond Trail is an inclined rocky trail that warms your body up for a couple miles before reaching the ranger station located at the pond. It was awesome to hike several miles up the mountain and surprisingly find lean-tos, yurts, and staff housing/buildings. After a brief stop at Chimney Pond to check out the views, you being to ascend Cathedral Trail.

Cathedral Trail is basically bouldering/rock climbing. Although it appears intimidating (it's a pile of boulders stacked on top of each other at a significant slope as far as the eye can see) it can be accomplished by someone with decent strength, flexibility, and a will to get to the top. The views are amazing and the sense of accomplishment once you reach the top is well worth the effort. For me, this section was the adrenaline rush I was looking for and am still kind of wishing I had more bouldering trails like this near me.

We reached the peak and had lunch/hung out for about 15 minutes and descended down Saddle Trail. The hike from Baxter Peak to the start of the steep descent down Saddle Trail was one of my favorite sections as you feel like you are on top of the world with amazing views all around you with little difficulty. Once we reach the beginning of the very steep section of Saddle Trail, the difficulty increased significantly as almost the whole trail down to Chimney Pond consisted of loose rock material and unstable footing. (I probably wouldn't have noted the loose rock material if I hadn't just climbed up a stable, boulder infested Cathedral). I began to feel weakened legs/knees about a quarter way down the trail as this section was very much different than any other section on this loop. We ran into Mara (Ranger from Chimney Pond) halfway down the trail, had a great conversation, and finally made it to Chimney Pond. Our hike out was the trail we hiked up.

In all total, hike took around 8 hours with multiple stops for breaks, views, and friendly conversations.

*Note: Our original intent was to hike down Knife Edge > Helon Taylor but changed once at the Peak due to wind and an uneasy girlfriend :) .

We took Homans path to the Schiff path to the summit and the Northridge Trail down. A spectacular hike that took about 4 hours with some stops to take in the views.

pros: great workout. dog friendly. blue trail up was very clearly marked. clean. pretty view.

cons: yellow trail down wasn't very clearly marked in some spots.

note: there are 2 areas where the yellow trail turns, instead of the usual double yellow mark there is a 90degree angle drawn on the rock that looks like an arrow, making people who are accustom to the "double marker means turn" indication of a trail turning, go in the direction of the "arrow" so DON'T go in the direction if the arrow because it means the trail turns 90degrees. haha. we found our way back to the proper trail easily. it look like several groups have done this as the "off trail" is warn fairly well making it look like you're going the right way. :)

If you're looking for a short hike to view rocky coastlines this is definitely one providing the most bang for your buck. It's a figure 8 loop trail; half through lush forest and half along an ocean cove. Views at the end of this trail are breathtaking. Rarely crowded, located on the "less popular" side of Acadia NP.

Easy, flat trail, fantastic views every season.

We loved this trail and the view were spectacular.

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14 hours ago

Not my favorite hike. It was mostly wooded and more of a nature walk than a hike (nice but not what I was expecting). The views at the peak were limited but pretty. Might hike again someday to check out the waterfall and explore a little more. I wouldn’t recommend this trail for running as the trail has lots of little rocks.

The trail is quite narrow through the woods. Then you enter a large swath of poison ivy. Beware! Walking with my dogs, we did enjoy the stream!

Like others said, the trail is a bit tough to find And isn’t super maintained. We retraced our steps a couple times and experimented with different paths. Did end up the quarry then basically had to turn around and go back. It’s around the quarry point where you do get the one very nice view. Brought a lab and retriever as well. No issues there. Overall would recommend if it’s your thing. Be mindful of loose rocks and debris when going up and down.

Seemed like we were hiking a big mountain trail, but only an hour out of Portland! Highly recommend

The view from the top is fabulous! There are two beautiful lakes to see. No guardrail, so hang onto your kids!

17 hours ago

It's a great quick walk with the dog. Greats views and a bonus waterfall. I'll definitely do it again soon.

18 hours ago

Had a great time up the mountain. Cardio on the way up, Strength training on the way down. Love this hike in our back yard.

Amazing hike. I did it with my two younger sons. Would recommend not to do the hike if you have anybody under the age of 10.

Entrance is in the cemetery.

Bring you’re rain boots for this trail as one of the bridges is flooded.

Great hike doesn’t take to long and a nice climb with kids. The views are great.

Acadia's Park Loop Road is the perfect introduction to this 47,000 acre park. Much of it is one-way traffic.

An easy, level hike. Jordan Pond is one of THE most popular Acadia attractions: get there early. If parking fills up at the Jordan Pond House use the boat landing parking lot just down the road. Excellent hiking every season.

This was my first time doing the Beehive Trail, let alone any sort of vertical scaling. As someone who is only 5'2", there were parts of the hike where I really had to assess how I was going to climb. The iron rings really are there to help you, but some of them were a harder reach than others. The climb itself wasn't very physically taxing for an intermediate hiker like me. It was more mentally taxing because of the assessing and bravery required, as you'll be at the edge of the mountain. It's definitely doable for those who are a bit hesitant; I even saw 6 year olds climbing up. Once at the top, I recommend continuing to Gorham Mountain and Ocean Path trails instead of attempting to climb back down. Overall recommend for a memorable hike and definitely not for the faint of heart! And be sure to get there early for a good parking spot during the summer season, we got there around noon on a Saturday and had to park quite far from the trail head.

Excellent hike any season! Get there early. Parking lot at Gorham trailhead is small; I recommend parking at the Fabbri parking lot just down the road. Last hiked this in May/June 2018 as part of an Acadia Ranger-led excursion. Cadillac Cliffs spur trail is well worth the sightseeing opportunities!!

Well marked trail. Trailhead off of Rt 3. Easy, short, historic hike to the Atlantic Ocean.

Excellent hike for kids, just long enough and completely flat with plenty of flat rocky spots to stop. The area is very tidal which makes the views great, the "beaches" next to the rocky outcroppings are basically mud flats which can be messy but fun to explore. Overall on par if not better than similar shoreline paths up the road in Acadia and with no crowds.

Ok, so here you have the real review. It was a pretty vertical scale, but with handholds and metal rungs nicely spaced for short girls and smaller brave kids. I have a serious problem with heights, so it does play a-bit of head games with the likes of us. But all in all, a very doable climb. I am not an athlete by any means and I was able to enjoy the climb.

Nothing exciting.

One of my favorite hikes ever.

We really enjoyed this hike. The effort to climb makes it seem much longer than 3.7 miles. We did the loop by climbed up using White Cairn and down Stone House Trail. I am glad we went went this route as there are some steep parts of White Cairn Trail and going down may be a challenge. I would not recommend White Cairn for small children or dogs. Stopping at Rattlesnake pool (cold water) and the gorge was a treat.

This was such an enjoyable walk around the pond. Nice loop open to the pond and into the trees. Then we stopped to have popovers and ice cream at the Jordan Pond House. Totally recommend it. Great afternoon!

Great hike, lots of “stairs”, beautiful views at the top.

Climbed in July and am going back before the month’s end. Went up Chimney and Cathedral (quite challenging) and then down Saddle and Chimney. About 12 miles in 6+ hours. Loved soaking our tired feet in the stream before we were finished.

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