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Busy, and side to the left of the pond is a bog walk on logs that limits ability to get out of the way of others. Right side of the pond is super easy, gravel.

Outstanding ride. Trail is a carriage road. There are no vehicles permitted. Stop at Jordan Pond House for lunch and to rest up before the ride back around Eagle Lake. Heavily used trail.

Great trail with a nice leisure walk to South Bubble mountain. Fun scramble with great views as you continue to reach the summit. don't forget to go towards to right near the top to see the big boulder by the cliff!

3 days ago

Enjoy scenic views. From Jordan pond house, the left half of the lake features wooden walkways followed by a rocky trail. The right side of the lake is a natural sandy trail.

We hiked up after doing North Bubble. Beautiful summit area and cool to see the “bubble” rock. We wandered around but couldn’t find our way over to the more difficult section of the trail to complete the loop, and ended up going back the way we came, so I definitely recommend that if you are looking for a less strenuous hike. Amazing views of the interior of the park from the top. Our dog did great on the hike too! Parking was limited mid-afternoon when we arrived so be prepared for that.

Follow the blue paint marks closely! Great views of the sound.

Overcast but still a gorgeous place to go. When you go to the entrance of the Reservoir (Jordan Pond) take a right , it will be a nice easy stroll, within 2 miles you will come across an area that you must climb through rocks lots of them,eventually you will get a wooden narrow walkway,(slippery whem wet)Not a good hike for someone that is elderly unless you can just stay before the rocks and turn around. The hike is gorgeous and peaceful.

The side facing Jordan pond is very steep with a lot of boulders and rocks. Very fun but much more challenging than the other side which was a much more gradual incline.

Beautiful views throughout the trail, but like others have mentioned, it is much longer than expected. The trail itself os fairly simple, easy, and flat, but it can take a little long depending on how many times you stop to take in the view or the pace you are walking at.

We loved this trail. We did Gorham the day before, and this was definitely a nice change. I was worried it might be a bit of a boring hike since it’s rated as easy, but i was definitely wrong! This is a gorgeous hike with a nice tree canopy. I didn’t want it to end because it was so perfect. The water in Jordan Pond is amazing clear. It’s beautiful.

It took our family nearly three hours, not because it was hard but because we stopped to find tadpoles and frogs, watch a beaver calmly munch on the shore, delight in our teens reverting back to delighted toddlers, and take hundreds of photos of this lovely place in the late afternoon. It was a great family hike!

Great challenging hike. Nice views from the top.

9 days ago

Easy with some fun traversing over small boulders and a walk on a bog trail. Beautiful views.

The wife and I enjoyed it, the kids (17 & 11) were a little bored.

Beautiful trail with spectacular views! It’s a pretty simple hike, but it feels very long in its simplicity. We took the simple route first (to the right), then the last mile and a half (approximately) was all wooden planks and a short little rock “scramble.” Still very easy, but not for people with strollers. Beautiful view of the Bubbles! Pristine piece of earth. Absolutely gorgeous!

The east side of the pond is the “easier” trail. If you’re looking for that part of the loop, start at the Jordan Pond House and go to the right. The west side is mostly wooded planks with some rocks as well. It’s a fun, casual trail around the lake. I did see a woman trying to push a baby carriage on the west side though. I had to warn her about the planks and the rocks because a carriage is not getting through those.

Started the hike on Jordan Pond and took the first trail head that went to the Bubbles. This trail is great for families, especially with small kids. We went down the Bubble Divide which was very steep but very cool. I think going up the Divide with three kids would’ve been tough but if you have experienced hikers or, at least average shape hikers, this would have been a great incline.

Very popular hike - but many return quite surprised by this "easy" trail. First, the entire loop is a LOT longer than you'd expect, this is not a "quickie after popovers" trail. Second, listen to the advice of other posters here - the East side of pond is much easier, wider, and with much better views and you may want to use this side as an out-and-back trail. Once you get to the beach/bridge at North side of pond (after the scramble of landslide boulders) - this becomes an entirely different trail on the West side, with much less lake view. You must navigate thru some difficult boulder areas then onto a very long stretch of wooden planks (basically staring at your feet most of the way, stepping off the planks to let others pass in opposite direction, etc). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the entire loop, but consider yourself warned about the Western side of the pond.

Trail closed until August due to Falcon nesting

Great view very easy trail there is a section that my parents were not to fond of where you have to step across rock. But We loved it.

This is tough but worth it if you can hike up all the rocks. Very steep coming down so I would take the other route down if you are doing the bus and don’t have a car parked.

Great views, easy loop.

20 days ago

Lovely little hike! It’s easy, but worth it for the views and relaxing atmosphere.

We loved this trail. My mother had a difficult time in the way down going towards Jordan Pond. We should have went up that way, and taken the easier Bubble trail down. Awesome hike!

Bit slow going at times, but overall amazing. they're on the process of replacing the bog walk to newer planks with wider paths to more easily pass people.

The entire west side of the trail is on wood planks.

My first Acadia hike and it was glorious! Mostly an easy hike , but as many people have said, it gets a bit tricky at the steep part. We went down that way, but coming up looks more difficult. Beautiful views of Jordan Pond. The loop around the pond itself is a nice easy walk with lots to look at.

It was tough at the beginning. I didn’t like the stairs but I did love the trail.

Took this hike after a hearty lunch at Jordan Pond House on a slightly overcast/foggy yet beautiful fall day.. We went counterclockwise around. I would recommend that direction for those looking for an easy level hike since the east side is easier and mostly level. Half way point is a beach, stream & bridge over which the Bubbles tower above. This is where you need to make decision to turn back or go on the west side which is a bit rugged. There are granite rocks along the shore to climb over which may not be easy for small children, the elderly or anyone unsure of their balance. Once over the rocks, one walks on raised wood plank walkways that wind through beautiful peaceful green pine forest. Some of the planks had recently been replaced. A chipmunk come right up to us. The only thing I didn't like was younger more agile hikers who "rammed" their way along the walkway forcing most people coming in the opposite way (counter clockwise) to get off the walkway or be forced off. Be considerate of other hikers. The west side was less traveled in late afternoon. Earlier while we were still on the east side, I could hear families with children shouting from the west side. Quiet would be nice to enjoy nature & people need to control their children. The scenery is breathtaking & photo worthy. The mist changed the scenery every few minutes. We had the bonus of the fall foliage. We also saw evidence of beavers (chewed trees) and saw a pair of loon on the lake.

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