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This was a beautiful trail, but I wouldn’t rate it as easy. Depending on which way you took, the first part of the trail is flat. The second part has you walking over rocks and on a wooden boardwalk. Would not recommend that section on a wet day.

Walked up the Divide trail from the parking area to the top of South Bubble, then down the Bubbles Trail to Jordan pond. The descent from the Bubble is a little intimidating, but not overly difficult, and the views are well worth it (I can definitely see that having shorter legs might make it more difficult though).

My friends and I spent 5 straight days hiking as much of Acadia as possible and this was by far our favorite trail. It's very challenging and at sometimes feels quite dangerous. You have to be pretty deep into a hike to make it to this trail but it's way worth it. We did it going down which was a total thrill. I wish I could have taken better pictures but we didn't feel comfortable taking out any cameras. Picture a crazy winding rock staircase straight down (or up).

This is a great trail, but I disagree about it being suitable for dogs on a leash. It is very rocky and steep in places, really not suitable for dogs on leash. You may fall trying to navigate the dog and yourself. Off leash is better but since this is in the park, that is not an option. Best advice: leave the dog home for this hike.

Very nice level walk with some rocks & roots. Great views of Jordan’s pond and was not crowded on a weekday in early May.

Very easy but extremely beautiful, please respect the park rules ( no swimming) and stop at the restaurant after for some delicious pop overs, you'll thank me later!

Mostly just a way from the campground to the cove. Prettty lightly trafficked.

I would hesitate to call this moderately trafficked. Hardly ever seen more than 2 cars at the trailhead shown here. For the most part, it's in the woods, can be pretty buggy.

18 days ago

Did the trail counter-clockwise. The part of the trail where you leave the lake and start going up was so buggy. Def not my favorite, but worth doing if you have several days in the area.

I know some people who say this is their favorite hike in Acadia. Lots of climbing around rocks and trees in the first part of the trail, but I didn't really care for it since all the rocks were wet and slick. But any hike to Sargent Mtn is a winner in my book.

One of my favorite hikes in the park. Good views and a little bit of work. Surprisingly less crowded than some of the other trails in the Jordan Pond or Beehive area.

Pleasant walk around the lake with lake views almost all along the way.

26 days ago

Short walk to a relatively quiet beach.

26 days ago

Nice trail to combine with Parkman Mtn.

I like this trail. However, the east portion of this trail, known as the Norumbega Connector on my trail map, is one of my least favorite trail sections on MDI. It was muddy and buggy and had so many roots! Insane amounts of roots growing all over the trail. Surprised more people don't break their ankle on this relatively flat portion of the trail.

1 month ago

Just did this yesterday, and over to Parkman Mountain from Bald Peak. was a great hike! some areas wet and slippery, and snow below the tree line so take it slow!

A fairly challenging climb, I thought it was more difficult than The Beehive. Lots of short vertical climbs between horizontal ledges. Once you get to the top, the view is awesome, and there are a couple ledges you can have your picture taken sitting on that makes it look like you're dangling your legs over the edge.

Went with a large group that included kids age 6-16 and Grandparents age 71 & 76... so this hike can be done by all ages, hiking poles came in handy for the grandparents when we got to some areas of the trail, just used for balance more than anything. We had fog the day we went, so we couldn't even see across the lake the whole time we were there. We ended up going back another day just to be able to see the lake without the fog.

Very easy relaxing trail. It's pretty all the way around. Loved it.

Great hike, but start before 8 or go on a weekday if you start from the north as the parking lot can fill quickly. We combined this with a hike down to Jordan Pond, around the pond and up to Bubble Rock. You more than double the distance and increase the altitude gain by an extra 1000 feet. Did the loop clockwise, which was good for photos as the sun stayed to our backs. The lodge at Jordan Pond is great for popovers halfway through for a break so bring a wallet.

Great hike and had a beautiful day to do it. The hike is very flat then up to the top requires some moderate scramble. I gave this a five but would have rated it only as moderate or a "4 star" had I not combined it with a hike up and over Pemetic Mountain. It doubles the miles and height. I did it clockwise meaning the sun was to my back as I climbed up Bubble Rock, which made the pictures back to the ocean less ideal by midday. If you start in the north you can make the Jordan Lake House a midway point which is a great place to get popovers and then continue.

The views were spectacular! My husband and I had already done quite a bit of hiking this day (including the Beehive Trail) so this was very physically demanding. He asked, "Do our fitbit steps still count if we dragged ourselves off the mountain?" Lol. We did the South Ridge Trail and after reaching the summit we turned around and came back out the way we went in.

Beautiful scenery and nice stop in Acadia Park.

4 months ago

Easy hike with great views around the pond. Boardwalk was a little slick, so extra traction may be required in icy spots.

I started at Jordan pond and ascended up south bubble to north bubble to Conor’s nubble and then started back via eagle lake trail and Jordan pond carry back to Jordan pond for a loop. Going up south bubble is pretty much straight up and for someone not use to hiking can be pretty challenging but after that summit the others are fairly easy. Great views of Jordan pond and eagle lake. I thought eagle lake trail would be more like Jordan pond trail but I was wrong. Definitely more rugged. But overall great hike

Probably one of my favorite hikes in all of acadia. Acadia trail was surprisingly short to the summit, not a very high elevation, but stunning views nonetheless. Then you go down just to come back up Sauveur. Now the summit of sauveur is nothing special...it has trees and there is no real view from the top. But the views on the way up are my favorite, great views of a harbor and fishing boats. Both trails together make for a pretty decent day hike

Overall a pretty decent hike. I started from the bubbles parking lot up the northwest trail based on recommendations and came down the south ridge and followed Jordan pond back to the parking area to make a loop. It is a challenging climb up especially if it has recently rained...caution it will be slippery. Make sure to keep an eye out for the markers as the trail direction changes without some notice on the way up. On the way down south ridge some of the markers were pretty faded but easier to make out the trail. Great views from the top, but it was pretty windy the day I hiked so I didn’t stay too long at the top. I would definitely hike again.

My favorite hike in Acadia. There’s some people but far less than many of the other trails. Great views.

A definite must hike if you’re spending any more than a few days at Acadia.

Very easy trail w some beautiful views and wooden bridges. Nice in November as it’s not crowded and was able to go w my pup.

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