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Mt Desert, Maine Map

Great hike! Recommend doing Jordan Pond Loop counter clockwise. The rock scramble is fun, it’s less crowded because most people are starting the opposite way and you have amazing views straight out the gate. Once you’re at the top, you’ll see Bubble Rock then descent down the other side where you’ll have much more space and get rewarded with a shaded trail!!

Take it clockwise and you get the challenging stretch out of the way early. Views from the top are close to 360 degrees. Spectacular by any definition.

Did the loop clockwise and ended up checking Bubble Divide (tough climb) - but ended up seeing Bubble rock and an awesome view of Jordan pond from up top.

Climb is a bit tough - coming down tougher - Started raining - so skipped St Sauveur and came back via Man O War Truck road)

Would rate this as a hard but amazing trail. Wonderful views most of the way. Would recommend coming off the peak to the left to avoid very steep area. Following the carriage trail to left when you come to it and then picking up the trail again.

Hiked the whole thing before realizing there's no ladders on this trail.

Great 1.5 hour hike with excellent view at the top!

Great hike with excellent view at the top!

Love the view at the top of this trail! Mostly fairly easy, with the exception of a few iron ladders which are also fairly easy to climb. A nice hike that can be done in a relatively short period of time!

Good bit of scrambling and challenging at times! We made it up and back in about 1.5 hours. It was a little rainy, so we took it slower than normal since the rocks were slippery. Take your time and check out the view as often as you can! It was foggy when we got to the top, but still beautiful.

Went to the “bubble” only then retraced our way. Decided the steep side was a bit much for our 70+ selves. Nice hike. Nothing too treacherous. Had fog so no view but maybe just as well ... don’t do great with cliffs.

The exposure of the cliff trail should not be understated. There are sections of this trail that ‘heights-challenged’ persons would struggle to complete. Better than average physical fitness is also a must- the climb down the Spring trail is very steep. The summit views are top-notch. I give it 3 stars only because I have no desire to do it again due to its exposure- a bad slip/trip would be fatal.

A short run through woodland floor gives way to a rocky scramble along the west shore of Eagle Lake, then a carpet of pine needles before you turn uphill to the rocky landings that give this trail part of its name. Challenging but not killer, there are fabulous vistas in every direction, even on a day when fog occasionally shrouded the high points. Well worth breaking a good sweat for this one!

Start at end of Echo Lake parking lot. I took my wife with. She is short and had open heart surgery 2 years ago. There are 4 iron ladders near the top. Go right for greatest views. Come back from top and make the loop back to Echo Lake parking. A fun trail.

Great easy hike to get some awesome views of Acadia. We actually started the day off by climbing South Bubble right before tackling this loop and it didn’t add too much to the overall time or effort required.

Great views. Strenuous climbing at times, but very rewarding.

Our family hiked the Jordan Cliff Trail the second week of August (just after reopening for the season). It's a great trail when the park is crowded. We saw few people along the trail as it is not near the larger towns on the island. I suggest you park your car at Jordan Pond House by 9 a.m. before it fills then hike the trails. We reserved a few months ahead for lunch at the Pond House restaurant for 3 p.m. which left us plenty of time to hike. Regarding the hike, there are a few ledges without rails and a narrow bridge but for this family that has little climbing experience, it was all very approachable

We hiked this as a family in August and highly recommend it. There are a few exposed ledges but nothing too scary for a family that is by no means skilled. at the top, take the short loop trail to the right for great overlooks. not crowded even at high season. If you are looking for the ladders, know that they are not on the trail shown here on Alltrails. The ladders are on the trail up from the Echo Lake Beach House just east.

Tough. After doing some scrambling on more moderate trails (the great head and the bowl) we felt pretty confident and decided to give this a try. For someone afraid of heights this may be a psychological challenge for you. It definitely was for me. Be sure to bring plenty of water. We spent about four hours on the trail going a slow ascend pace with a moderate pace descending and on level ground. We also made a couple of stops for snacks. There are a couple of points you can get off if you need to to head back to the road to only do Acadia or only St Sauvier. If you are only doing one it may be more moderate, but both combine are a definitely hard.

MY FAVORITE!! It’s so much fun to scramble up the rocky incline of South Bubble (The Legendary Bubble Rock is still there...keeping looking for it at the top!) - come down North Bubble side for a less taxing descent. Jordan pond loop couldn’t be more beautiful ...

Great experience for novice hiker/rock climber!

We did only the St. Sauveur half of the loop, starting at the Acadia Mt. parking lot and returning via the road between the two mountains. The hike up St. Sauveur is beautiful, though there are no distant views. The rocks and woods are lovely. The first part is steep and rocky, but not too difficult. It is its own reward. After the top of St. Sauveur, you come to a place with wonderful views of Somes Sound and the Northeast Harbor shoreline. Also rewarding. BUT, the trail continuing down from there is long, very steep, and difficult, with many opportunities to slip and fall. Granted we are older hikers, we are experienced, and anyone should take this part of the hike with great care.

It was hard. I’m a senior and going up was fine but going around to the forest trail which was down was tough.

I do not like heights so the climb down to the lake was a little frightening, but I still loved this hike! The route was well marked and we enjoyed the beautiful views coming down. Parking was very limited at 10am, so I recommend getting there early or take the park bus.

BEWARE!!! NOT an easy hike!!! Marked Strenuous, accurately, on my map! 4 ladders staight up the cliffs, not good for dogs or people afraid of heights!!!

Beautiful views, a few ladders which made the hike more challenging & fun

A very pleasant, short hike with absolutely gorgeous views along the way and at the top !!!

great views to the west and south from the top of the goat trail

I'd consider myself to be fairly fit and this trail had me huffing and puffing scrambling up it. I entered the trail from the pond side and it was a steep rocky climb. If you have any fear of heights or vertigo do NOT hike up the pond side, as at one point you'll be fairly close to the edge of the mountain and pulling yourself up the rocks. Not for small kiddos and I don't see how anyone with a dog could climb that side. Once you reach the summit the views are spectacular and I did feel pretty good about the climb I'd just done but I was really happy to take the easy trail down!

Easy but pretty... arrived by 9 am before it got crowded.. perfect for kids

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