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3 days ago

Read Katt Bernu's post from June 2018 for a good description. This was an awesome hike of a kind I've not seen elsewhere in the Northeast! I brought mechanic's gloves that had a protective, grippy palm, and I was very glad I had them for all the boulder climbing.

Had a blast on the hunt trail. waterfall was awesome. Getting through the boulders was a blast. Tough trail and it's pretty relentless after the first couple miles. I thought the hellbrook on mt Mansfield was tougher but it was shorter. This reminded me of Franconia a bit with the peaks. Hung out in the stream for awhile on the way back down. All in took 9 hours with about an hour of hanging out at the top and awhile in the stream.

4 days ago

Grueling, difficult, brutal, and absolutely exquisite. Quite possibly the finest hike I've ever been on. Starting up Helon Taylor from the Roaring Brook trailhead gives a gradual but sturdy ascent to about 3500 feet before the scramble begins on the Skywalk moving up to Pamola Peak. For those not wishing to do Knife Edge, an out-and-back from Helon Taylor to Pamola would be a fine hike by itself. After departing Pamola to Knife Edge you'll run into an essentially technical climb down and then back up the Chimney Peak, which is by far the hardest part of the hike. If you struggle with that part, don't worry it's not like that the rest of the way. From there you wind and scramble 0.8 miles up down and around the boulders and sharp rocks of the Knife Edge to South Peak, and then along another 0.3 miles to Baxter Peak where you can touch the most recognizable sign in the hiking world. The Knife Edge is amazing, and completely worth it. It's not as scary in the moment as the pictures and videos make it seem, I can assure you. It is not without its moments of terror however, so as always you must maintain a healthy respect for the mountain. Down from Baxter Peak taking the Saddle trail is rocky with tough footing, but a pleasant stride. Turning down the mountain the trail turns into a slide of sorts with loose rocks and dry dirt. Slippery but safe, trekking poles are an absolute must. Gradually the trail descends with decreasing severity until reaching Chimney Pond. There is an excellent stream/water source about 3/4 of a mile up from Chimney Pond where we filtered some of the most crisp water I've ever tasted. The rest of the way down to Roaring Brook Campground was pleasant, though you'll certainly be a little bushed from the preceding 10 hours or so of hiking. We emerged at Roaring Brook Campground, with many scrapes and bruises, but with an excellent hike in the books. In all sincerity, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better day hike in the Northeast, if not the whole country.

I hiked up from kidney pond. It’s about 9.4 miles up and back. I gave it 5 stars for the views. The south peak was the better of the two in my opinion. I didn’t meet anyone on the trail all day so if you’re looking for trail with few people in Baxter this is it.

The first 4 miles or so was easy hiking. The last 0.5 mile was more difficult climbing up rock and ledge.

I only plan to do the Hunt trails to ascend and then do knife edge trail and return.


10 days ago

Summitted Katahdin via the Hunt Trail which was challenging but very manageable. We decided to descend via the Abol Trail for some variety. This Trail is very steep through the boulder slide area so be cautious. We encountered a light rain part way down which made everything slick. I took one fall....it happens...so, don’t lose your focus. Lots of twists and turns for the feet and legs. My knees were really tired and sore and I needed two doses of aspirins to manage the pain.

Ascended on Hunt- think it is a great way to go up- I chose to take Abot down for variety- and think it is more enjoyable than taking Hunt down. A bonus on Hunt is you may end up walking with people finishing the AT as Baxter Peak is the northern terminus. They will have great stories!

I don't think you need to be in excellent physical condition- I know I'm not and was able to ascend in a little over 2 1/2 hours.. I do agree with those that you should hike some smaller mountains first- mostly so you can enjoy what is an incredible hike when you do it -and not pay for it a couple of days later..

If it rains, this is a very different hike- the weather for me was perfect. One short shower gave me a taste of what it might be like if the rock is wet. Still doable, but I would be much more cautious with my steps.

I hope to do it again and plan to Start and finish on the other side. Knifes Edge looks awesome!

16 days ago

Thought it was a great way to go down after ascending on Hunt Trail. Also think it would be a great way to go up. Yes, it is steep and you are scrambling as you get closer to the top, but I find this is the norm in the little bit of hiking I have experienced in the northeast- get up by going strait up:)

On my bucket list

I made it from Katahdin Stream campground to Baxter peak and then took the Abol for the return. I didn’t ask for anything before starting this hike, and ho my god, this was full of surprises and challenging. The view above the tree line is amazing while you climb the mountain.

We did this yesterday morning before the thunderstorms rolled in. It was humid and not very windy, which is very rare for Katahdin. Started at Roaring Brook, up to Chimney Pond and then Cathedral to Baxter Peak. Took Knife Edge to Pamola Peak and Helon Taylor all the way down. It was a beautiful, warm hike! I’m not good with heights so Knife Edge was tough for me. Some parts are pretty tricky and I would never be up there except on a clear day. I saw people in tennis shoes but I would not have felt comfortable traversing Cathedral or Knife Edge without my boots. There was also a ton of water along the Chimney Pond trail and Taylor trail in the trees (I believe from all the rain the last few days). It would have been very difficult to do this in shoes and absolutely impossible to have kept them dry. We also came across a couple going down Cathedral but I wouldn’t want to mess with that. Cathedral, like other reviewers have said, is a full-body workout (scramble). It’s a TON of fun and exhausting but really great!

Wonderful trail. The falls were roaring and beautiful!

Never have I been so scared in my life but it was awesome!

Beautiful trail, falls are amazing! Met a few AT hikers/finishers. Trail was perfect, not too easy or hard

I did this hike a few times 25 plus years ago. The mountain got bigger, steeper, but no less beautiful when we did it this past weekend. We went up Saddle to Knifes Edge and down Taylor. It was a challenging hike and would not attempt it in bad weather ( at least not the knife edge). I would suggest going in the opposite direction so you can climb up Chimeny vs down.

It is incredible hike.

Awesome hike. Prepare well for it. My buddy and I are both moderately experienced hikers and in good shape, been on 4+ day backpacking trips etc. This loop absolutely kicked our ass. 85 degree July day with no clouds had plenty to do with it. The vertical going up the first peak was basically nonstop rock climbing between boulders and ledges. The theme after that between peaks is you go through some covered areas and then get thrown out on exposed ridge lines for large amounts of time, rock hopping, then finally descend the third peak pretty well covered. They say do it counter clockwise which we did. Views are incredible the whole way. There is no water on the loop besides the lake when you start, so plan accordingly, we took a touch less than would probably be ideal and it made it a bit more difficult. We did it in around 8 hours, they’ll say takes 10. Legend had it that the day before we got there some Maine wild man had done it in 5.5, which to me is crazy. It’s a very doable loop and worth the workout to get from peak to peak, but definitely a difficult one.

Challenging hike with diverse terrain and amazing scenery!

We started at the North trail head and hike up to the first peak only. The hike started well enough, fern lined and picturesque. After you pass the stream about 1.5 miles in, the trail becomes incredibly steep with giant rocks and steps to make. We took lots of water breaks and breathing breaks and made it with no real problems. The smell of sun soaked balsam was our reward for toughing it out, as the trees became a bit shorter and the sun poked through more frequently. The thick moss on the boulders surrounding the trail was enchanting, and finally we popped up a rock, around the corner and there we were on the summit.

We sat at the top for lunch and had fantastic views of the western side of Katahdin. We decided that we had no need to go to the second summit point even though it was SO CLOSE. (Playing in the water at The Ledges seemed more enticing.) The way down was much faster, although still very steep!

Lots of bug bites, but this IS Maine!

Trail was moderate to difficult and a test of mental and physical endurance. We had inexperienced hikers in our group so we took the Saddle Trail up and back to Baxter Peak. Unfortunately I was not able to cross the Knifes Edge. We decided to stay as a group and everyone made it up and back thanks to our team leader Doug Hunt an experienced AT guide Took us round trip 12 hours. Highly recommend this hike. A memory for the history books

Took the Abol Trail on the west side of the mountain to the Knife's Edge Trail on the east side down to the campsite at the bottom of the east trails. Abol Trail was surprisingly steep in the middle and I almost slipped a few times where I would have probably fallen to my death. It was badass. The Knife's Edge is like something you'd see crazy people walking across in movies or YouTube videos. I highly recommend climbing this mountain. It was beautiful from all angles. I also met Miranda and Karissa, two really nice (and cute) girls who work at the park, at the bottom of the east sided trail head where they offered to give me a ride to the information center. A big thank you to them. :)


Very beautiful hike. We did it yesterday, a lot of mosquitoes, but it couldn’t spoil amazing time during the hike.

Only did Hunt trail up to Baxter peak and back down. Beautiful trail, I can't wait to get back

Dudley trail is CLOSED and being fully rerouted.

The waterfall is outstanding! Gorgeous hike.

Probably the prettiest and most unique hike I’ve done out east. One of he most memorable days of my life. Knife’s Edge is amazing, sweeping views in every direction throughout. Went in July, tons of bugs on the way down- bug spray and bug screens highly recommended.

1 month ago

A great rock climb to the summit!

5 out of 5 on awesomeness, and 5 out of 5 on difficulty.

I think this is a great hike; however, I think the map and the trail description provided are grossly inaccurate. We started from Katahdin Stream Campground in the morning with the goal of reaching Roaring Brook Campground in the afternoon. With this being a lollipop trail listed as 17 miles, one could expect that it would be roughly 8 to 9 miles to the campground. Being that we were camping overnight at Roaring Brook we took full packs. We didn't see a single other person on the trail with full packs and once we started to get to the rock scrambling we realized why. Also, the gatehouse attendant, park ranger, and every other hiker we came across strongly recommended that we avoid Knife's Edge with a full pack. Way too dangerous.

So we took the Hunt Trail all the way up to the summit of Katahdin, went down Saddle Trail, and took the Chimney Pond Trail to the Roaring Brook Campground. Total mileage per our Garmin's was 12.5 miles. We hitchhiked back to our car at Katahdin Stream Campground and got a hotel for the night because we were so spent and weren't going to attempt to hike back the next day.

Don't get me wrong the views were amazing and the trail is pretty cool, but the description provided above and the mileage listed are seriously inaccurate.

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