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I have done this trail twice and it is amazing! looking forward to doing it again. You can't beat the views. bringots of water and snacks. It takes a while to do and you will need the energy!

Well worth the effort to accomplish that hike. Lots of boulder climbing to the top. It was foggy but as the sun moved in and out of the clouds after we reached the top, we could make out views of Katadhin in the distance. It was pretty magical.

It’s a great hike with great views. This trail has quite a bit of rock climbing. Even if you hike slow it’s still worth doing- bring a headlamp and finish in the dark. If you don’t like rock climbing there is a great waterfall about 1.5 miles in that’s easy to get to.

If you go to the top watch the weather report and be prepared for different types of weather. A few days ago we had sleet on the way up, sunny and 65 at the top, and heavy clouds on the way down.

Love the trail. A lot of good mushroom pictures. Wish there was not high winds the day I was there was not able to go to the peak. Definitely worth the hike

If you want a tough hike with a great view at the end, but you don't have time for Katahdin (and you'd like to SEE Katahdin at its fullest), South Turner is the Baxter Trail for you! Starting from the Roaring Brook parking lot, I was at the summit in 1.5 hours, with short stops at each of the three Sandy Stream Pond overlooks. However, I was treating the ST Trail itself like a workout, with few breaks. And wow, it did not disappoint! Once you get on the ST trail itself, you're basically ascending a 1.3 mile-long rock/boulder staircase--little in the way of switchback, just straight up the mountain. The final .2-mile jaunt above the treeline is less strenuous than the first part, but more strategic, as it's more of a sustained, true scramble. The views up top are spectacular. I went the morning after Labor Day, and the Roaring Brook lot was full of hikers, but once I left the lot, I had the whole trail to myself, out and back. My sense is that people who come to Baxter either want the reward of climbing Katahdin if they're going to climb a mountain (and they have the time), or they want the reward of wildlife and do lighter hikes on the lower trails, around the ponds, streams, and such. Do you want solitude in this vast, beautiful space, an unparalleled vista, and a workout--all in a morning? South Turner!

This is only for folks who are in great shape. You essentially climb Maine’s most difficult peak twice. There are easier ways to do this; the rangers at Baxter State Park do not recommend this “loop”.


I came down Helon after Knifes Edge. It was a tough downhill!

Nice moderate trail with a fair amount of rocks. It gets harder after this to get up to the peak!

2 months ago

I did the Chimney on my birthday!

I got a late start on this trail, so I rushed it a bit on the way to the peak. I had to stop a few times due to the steep incline. Suggested time, if I remember correctly, is between 4 and 5 hours. This is generous. The view from the top was spectacular, even though it was a foggy morning. I recommend packing an extra layer for when you do reach the top. It got significantly colder and windy. I highly recommend this hike for someone who isn't sure they can complete the estimated 10 hour hike of Mt. Katahdin.

Nice hike to the ice caves. Be sure to go up to the viewpoint of the lake and also the spur trail to the lake is nice.

Had a blast on the hunt trail. waterfall was awesome. Getting through the boulders was a blast. Tough trail and it's pretty relentless after the first couple miles. I thought the hellbrook on mt Mansfield was tougher but it was shorter. This reminded me of Franconia a bit with the peaks. Hung out in the stream for awhile on the way back down. All in took 9 hours with about an hour of hanging out at the top and awhile in the stream.

I only plan to do the Hunt trails to ascend and then do knife edge trail and return.

Ascended on Hunt- think it is a great way to go up- I chose to take Abot down for variety- and think it is more enjoyable than taking Hunt down. A bonus on Hunt is you may end up walking with people finishing the AT as Baxter Peak is the northern terminus. They will have great stories!

I don't think you need to be in excellent physical condition- I know I'm not and was able to ascend in a little over 2 1/2 hours.. I do agree with those that you should hike some smaller mountains first- mostly so you can enjoy what is an incredible hike when you do it -and not pay for it a couple of days later..

If it rains, this is a very different hike- the weather for me was perfect. One short shower gave me a taste of what it might be like if the rock is wet. Still doable, but I would be much more cautious with my steps.

I hope to do it again and plan to Start and finish on the other side. Knifes Edge looks awesome!

I made it from Katahdin Stream campground to Baxter peak and then took the Abol for the return. I didn’t ask for anything before starting this hike, and ho my god, this was full of surprises and challenging. The view above the tree line is amazing while you climb the mountain.

It's breathtaking! Great hike to do with the kiddos!

3 months ago

Always a beautiful hike. It is very rocky so be careful with your ankles and knees on the way down.

Took the Abol Trail on the west side of the mountain to the Knife's Edge Trail on the east side down to the campsite at the bottom of the east trails. Abol Trail was surprisingly steep in the middle and I almost slipped a few times where I would have probably fallen to my death. It was badass. The Knife's Edge is like something you'd see crazy people walking across in movies or YouTube videos. I highly recommend climbing this mountain. It was beautiful from all angles. I also met Miranda and Karissa, two really nice (and cute) girls who work at the park, at the bottom of the east sided trail head where they offered to give me a ride to the information center. A big thank you to them. :)


Very beautiful hike. We did it yesterday, a lot of mosquitoes, but it couldn’t spoil amazing time during the hike.

Only did Hunt trail up to Baxter peak and back down. Beautiful trail, I can't wait to get back

The waterfall is outstanding! Gorgeous hike.

I think this is a great hike; however, I think the map and the trail description provided are grossly inaccurate. We started from Katahdin Stream Campground in the morning with the goal of reaching Roaring Brook Campground in the afternoon. With this being a lollipop trail listed as 17 miles, one could expect that it would be roughly 8 to 9 miles to the campground. Being that we were camping overnight at Roaring Brook we took full packs. We didn't see a single other person on the trail with full packs and once we started to get to the rock scrambling we realized why. Also, the gatehouse attendant, park ranger, and every other hiker we came across strongly recommended that we avoid Knife's Edge with a full pack. Way too dangerous.

So we took the Hunt Trail all the way up to the summit of Katahdin, went down Saddle Trail, and took the Chimney Pond Trail to the Roaring Brook Campground. Total mileage per our Garmin's was 12.5 miles. We hitchhiked back to our car at Katahdin Stream Campground and got a hotel for the night because we were so spent and weren't going to attempt to hike back the next day.

Don't get me wrong the views were amazing and the trail is pretty cool, but the description provided above and the mileage listed are seriously inaccurate.

Took chimney pond to saddle trail to reach Baxter peak summit. The saddle trail is fun with rock scrambling and amazing views. Once I reached the ridge, it was very windy and it’s a gradual ascent to the peak across the ridge. Great views from the top and highly recommend the hike!

4 months ago

Great hike! Solid climb over lots and lots of rocks. Wear proper hiking shoes/boots, and bring water, though drinking from Roaring Brook was crisp and clean. Once at the pond, the view is stunning! Bugs were out of control last weekend, so make sure you have a face or head mesh. Now for the big one!!! You had better get in line to enter the park freaking early. Once the parking lot is full, they shut it down for the day!! We were staying at Kidney Pond, and was turned away Saturday because it was full. They do not care if you're staying in the park or not, unless you are staying at Roaring Brook. Overall, 5 stars no matter what!!

Fabulous hike, fairly rocky so use care on those ankles. Views of the bowl are astounding!

on Chimney Pond Trail

5 months ago

Great hike! Lots of rocks on the trail. Takes a few hours. I really enjoyed this trail.

Tough hike! Took our 6 year old son and was able to do it with lots of breaks! Definitely worth it though! We’ve done bunches of hikes and this is probably our favorite!

Great views from the top. Apart the last bit of bouldering needing to be done prior to reaching the ridge line this is a moderate climb.

9 months ago

Strenuous, but very fulfilling! I’ve climbed this mountain twice. It’s life-changing. Do it..

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