This was not my favorite trail. Mostly because, despite putting on bug repellent before the hike, the flies and bugs were on us so much that we had to wave our arms the whole time we climbed, which makes things far more tiring and less pleasant. Couldn't sit down and enjoy lunch at the top, either. Had to keep moving and waving arms. So if you do this, bring STRONG bug repellent and reapply frequently (we didn't bring it along). Apparently they also sell hats with mosquito netting to cover your face at all the convenience stations, so try that, too. Or maybe go to Colorado or Utah instead. No one else on the trail, at least. Maybe the locals know better than to go in July? The views at the top and for some of the way up were nice, but I've seen nicer, and you slog through a lot of steep, rocky areas with no view and many bugs to see them. It only took a few hours, but they were miserable hours, sadly.