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Took the Abol Trail on the west side of the mountain to the Knife's Edge Trail on the east side down to the campsite at the bottom of the east trails. Abol Trail was surprisingly steep in the middle and I almost slipped a few times where I would have probably fallen to my death. It was badass. The Knife's Edge is like something you'd see crazy people walking across in movies or YouTube videos. I highly recommend climbing this mountain. It was beautiful from all angles. I also met Miranda and Karissa, two really nice (and cute) girls who work at the park, at the bottom of the east sided trail head where they offered to give me a ride to the information center. A big thank you to them. :)


Very beautiful hike. We did it yesterday, a lot of mosquitoes, but it couldn’t spoil amazing time during the hike.

23 hours ago

Only did Hunt trail up to Baxter peak and back down. Beautiful trail, I can't wait to get back

Dudley trail is CLOSED and being fully rerouted.

The waterfall is outstanding! Gorgeous hike.

Probably the prettiest and most unique hike I’ve done out east. One of he most memorable days of my life. Knife’s Edge is amazing, sweeping views in every direction throughout. Went in July, tons of bugs on the way down- bug spray and bug screens highly recommended.

This was not my favorite trail. Mostly because, despite putting on bug repellent before the hike, the flies and bugs were on us so much that we had to wave our arms the whole time we climbed, which makes things far more tiring and less pleasant. Couldn't sit down and enjoy lunch at the top, either. Had to keep moving and waving arms. So if you do this, bring STRONG bug repellent and reapply frequently (we didn't bring it along). Apparently they also sell hats with mosquito netting to cover your face at all the convenience stations, so try that, too. Or maybe go to Colorado or Utah instead. No one else on the trail, at least. Maybe the locals know better than to go in July? The views at the top and for some of the way up were nice, but I've seen nicer, and you slog through a lot of steep, rocky areas with no view and many bugs to see them. It only took a few hours, but they were miserable hours, sadly.

A great rock climb to the summit!

5 out of 5 on awesomeness, and 5 out of 5 on difficulty.

I think this is a great hike; however, I think the map and the trail description provided are grossly inaccurate. We started from Katahdin Stream Campground in the morning with the goal of reaching Roaring Brook Campground in the afternoon. With this being a lollipop trail listed as 17 miles, one could expect that it would be roughly 8 to 9 miles to the campground. Being that we were camping overnight at Roaring Brook we took full packs. We didn't see a single other person on the trail with full packs and once we started to get to the rock scrambling we realized why. Also, the gatehouse attendant, park ranger, and every other hiker we came across strongly recommended that we avoid Knife's Edge with a full pack. Way too dangerous.

So we took the Hunt Trail all the way up to the summit of Katahdin, went down Saddle Trail, and took the Chimney Pond Trail to the Roaring Brook Campground. Total mileage per our Garmin's was 12.5 miles. We hitchhiked back to our car at Katahdin Stream Campground and got a hotel for the night because we were so spent and weren't going to attempt to hike back the next day.

Don't get me wrong the views were amazing and the trail is pretty cool, but the description provided above and the mileage listed are seriously inaccurate.

Took chimney pond to saddle trail to reach Baxter peak summit. The saddle trail is fun with rock scrambling and amazing views. Once I reached the ridge, it was very windy and it’s a gradual ascent to the peak across the ridge. Great views from the top and highly recommend the hike!

Insane views. This hike will test you physically and mentally.

on Hunt Trail

15 days ago

Amazing work out! 5 of us on June 15th stayed at the NEOC hiked up early to get a good head start. This reminded me of my hikes in Colorado a bit with all the boulders. 3 AT finishers today on the trail. Beautiful weather great views!!

20 days ago

Great hike! Solid climb over lots and lots of rocks. Wear proper hiking shoes/boots, and bring water, though drinking from Roaring Brook was crisp and clean. Once at the pond, the view is stunning! Bugs were out of control last weekend, so make sure you have a face or head mesh. Now for the big one!!! You had better get in line to enter the park freaking early. Once the parking lot is full, they shut it down for the day!! We were staying at Kidney Pond, and was turned away Saturday because it was full. They do not care if you're staying in the park or not, unless you are staying at Roaring Brook. Overall, 5 stars no matter what!!

Fabulous hike, fairly rocky so use care on those ankles. Views of the bowl are astounding!

This is a nice hike. I hiked the Matston trail to the north Brother summit and back. I didn’t do the south Brother loop.

Several water crossings, but I was able to rock hop to maintain dry boots. Also, there were several blowdowns. All were easy to pass under, over or around.

Great views from the top.

1 month ago

Great scramble to the Table Lands, amazing view, very meaningful location to the be the end (or beginning) of the AT.

on Chimney Pond Trail

1 month ago

Great hike! Lots of rocks on the trail. Takes a few hours. I really enjoyed this trail.

Tough hike! Took our 6 year old son and was able to do it with lots of breaks! Definitely worth it though! We’ve done bunches of hikes and this is probably our favorite!

nice little hike in big Niagara had the falls while little Niagara had the perfect spot to stop relax and watch the falls

1 month ago

I took this trail back down after using the Hunt Trail to summit Katahdin. The bouldering at the top I found to be more difficult than Hunt because some parts the route takes you had boulders that were a bit taller than me so there were parts where I just had to drop which is a little scary considering how steep it is and it looks like you could just keep sliding all the way down at some points! But there were beautiful views, a bit warm as we were facing the sun with no wind that day and the new switchbacks made that part of the decent easier. This is still definitely not an easy trail however as even the trail below tree line is still at a decent incline. We didn't see any streams on this trail except a tiny trickle that crossed it once so I wouldn't rely on filterable water being on this trail if you're getting low. I believe the part through the boulders is just around a mile and you are scrambling and climbing basically the whole time, gloves for hand protection would have been nice! The last (or first) mile to the campground is pretty gradual which is nice as well! This trail was nice because the distance was shorter than the Hunt, but it's still quite steep and on tired legs can be quite challenging. Keep in mind if you are camping/parked at Katahdin Stream, the tell campgrounds are separated by about 2 miles of road which while an easy walk, can seem long after a day on the mountain! I did prefer Hunt Trail however for the views and access to water at the stream if need be and the scramble, while seemingly longer I felt has more manageable boulders but this trail was definitely a different challenge I enjoyed!

1 month ago

Absolutely loved this hike and how much it challenged me! I spent a lot of time climbing mountains in Colorado and this one doesn't even compare, it's a whole different challenge. We got a great day on May 31st, maybe a little warm but at least you could see all the views at the top and along the way! The trail starts out more gradual for about a mile until you cross the stream. Then it gets steeper as you start to hit stone steps and you have about a mile of that interlaced with larger boulders as you get higher up. Around mile 3 you begin to hit the boulder field but it doesn't really start until after you cross a series of bars hammered into some of the rocks. *If you're considering turning around or questioning your stamina, mental/physical endurance, etc, I'd say this is the last easy place to do so. Once you get past the bars, it could be awkward to get back over them and the boulder fields afterwards take up a lot of energy to both ascend and descend. There's 4 of those, some look difficult and scary since this part is pretty exposed and has some steep looking views but I'm pretty short (5'3") and was able to navigate them on my own! Once you pass that be prepared for a mile of climbing basically straight up large boulders. Gloves would have been helpful in this section so your hands have some protection against the granite and shoes with good traction are a must! There's a "false summit" here, you get to the top of the first boulder section only to see another one right in front of you equally as long and steep and maybe a little more exposed/scary feeling. Take your time to place your feet and hands, go slow and you'll be fine! After this second climbing scramble you make it to the tabletop and the Spring/intersection and the hike to the summit is a relatively easy mile from there! The trail is still very rocky but it's pretty flat with just a gradual incline at the last couple hundred feet to the summit which is the first bump you see from the junction, not the second. Bring LOTS of water especially on warm days as there's really nothing above treeline since the spring is basically not there. I had 4 liters plus a Gatorade and I wish I had one more liter. Sunscreen, layers, and a hat to protect your face from the sun are all must haves on this mountain! It's an absolutely incredible hike, definitely one that you should not underestimate. Expect to be out there for 8-10hrs (varies depending on fitness), expect climbing, steep exposed areas, and beautiful views! Overall I loved this challenge and the incredible feeling of accomplishment but I'm glad I'd had a few months of strength and endurance training as well as some scrambling experience before I attempted this climb!

This was an incredible hike. One of the best we’ve done! Unfortunately steely Dudley trail was closed (indefinitely). This meant that we could only go out to Baxster Peak and hike the same way back. Still well worth it! We hiked up Helon Taylor trailfrom Roaring Creek Campground. The whole trip was roughly 8 miles and took us about 5hrs 40min. Our pace was 42min/mile. On the way back we went around Pamola Peak instead of ascending and descending it again cutting off 20min.
Our biggest concern when finally making the trek all the way to Baxster State Park was the insects. We were here the first warm weekend of the season (Memorial Day weekend) which meant the mosquitos and black flies were all hatched and hungry! We would highly suggest strong bug repellent (with deet). And if you’re camping bring citronella candies. Although this was the case at the base of the mountain the wind kept the bugs at bay while we hiked. It was a beautiful day to hike but always expect wind once you’re above the tree line. The hike is rigorous and there are parts a the hike that you are required to do some climbing. The trail is very well marked so no worries about losing your way.
Our only regret was not having climbing gloves for the last stretch just because the rocks were a little tough on the hands. This hike is great for intermediate to advanced hikers (beginner hikers could make it to Pamola Peak (3.2 mi)). Go for it!

Great views from the top. Apart the last bit of bouldering needing to be done prior to reaching the ridge line this is a moderate climb.

Hands down one of my favorite and memorable hikes! I went in late August in 2016 and we barely saw any bugs. There were blueberries EVERYWHERE along the trail! It was a tough hike - very steep at places with some loose rocks. But the view is well worth it. You break above the trees very early on in the hike, so the rest of the way you have grand sweeping views of the surrounding mountains! We saw three other people on the hike the whole time we were on it.

Amazing! I mean simply Amazing! The views are unbelievable, the lake is very pretty and a great place to swim after the hike, doesnt get nearly as busy as Katahdin does, only passed one other hiker myself hiking this trail, great camping area (need to register/pay to camp) make sure you check in with the ranger before hiking, this hike is extremely difficult, 90% of it is above the tree line so youre constantly in the sun, elevation gain is no joke and tons of rock scrambling, the weather can also be a little unpredictable on the ridges (got caught in a 10 min thunder storm myself) so bring a rain jacket and min of 2 liters of water per hiker!

2 months ago

one of my favorite hikes, 3rd favorite in Maine (first being Bigelows loop, second being travelers loop), difficulty is definitely over exaggerated imo, nonetheless make sure you stop by chimney pond on the way back down or your way up to Katahdin (depending which way you go) breathtaking beauty with amazing views of Katahdin, but please respect the park rules, no swimming in chimney pond allowed

We took a vacation through maine and the last big thing was to hike both peaks of katahdin and check off 2 more peaks of the list of 67, it was a great and challenging hike, and it can definitely kick your butt at some points but well worth it at the top!

Your legs will burn. But it is so worth it!!! This is the first "true" hike I did! I was supposed to do it with my bro, but at the last minute, his job called him, so I went alone! What an adventure it was! Who could have known that it was only the beginning of a bigger adventure! Two years later, I was in Nepal facing the Mt Everest!

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