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Great hike today. Classic autumn day with high clouds. Mt Washington covered in snow. Did the loop counter clockwise as it is easier on these decrepit knees and hips

Definitely enjoyed this hike. No phone signal or GPS in the area until somewhere around the top. If you dont have a map or GPS like myself, you will find the trailhead at the end of the dirt road with a small parking area to your right facing a closed gate. Map of the trails are posted on a sign by the gate. Signs say something to the effect of "no trespassing," but you are indeed in the right place. Was fortunate to meet someone with a book of detailed trail info and tips because I was not sure if I had made it to the right place or not. Took White Cairn up which is probably the more strenuous way up than Stone House Trail. Plus you get the added bonuses of the flume and pools on the way down. Water is chilly but very refreshing. The main pool (the one that signs point you to) is great. Nice emerald color with small trout swimming in the water. I found the fish to be really cool. Someone with goggles let me borrow them so I could check it out underwater. Would be good to bring if you plan on swimming and have room in your bag. Water shoes as well if you decide to explore the flume area (some steep slippery rocks). Could always walk passed the White Cairn trailhead and go up to the Stone House trail for a shorter hike and see just the water features alone. Views are good and hike is enjoyable, although probably strenuous for a novice. Definitely recommend it all. One of my favorite parts about my trip to Maine

23 days ago

I'd rate this as 3.5 stars. Went with my girlfriend and dog up Bickford Brook Trail - it was nice but not much to see but forest. We set up camp half way up on just some rare flat ground. If you get higher up there are more obvious tentsites but we were running out of daylight. The trails are well marked and easy to follow. On the way back down, there are stone piles that indicate Blueberry Ridge Trail that are very helpful! The views at the top and on Blueberry are really pretty. Going down Blueberry is definitely tough on the knees and joints - bring poles if you got them. Also pretty dry and the streams and creeks didn't have much water at all.

25 days ago

We took the Stone House Trail up and the White Cairn Trail down. The White Cairn Trail definitely is the steeper of the two nearing the top, but it also is the more scenic. If you are not doing the entire loop, and just want to go up and down, take the White Cairn Trail. It was a busy trail, but the good news is that you can find a number of lookouts at the top to have a private lunch with a view. By the way, the top is a little hard to find too. Watch for the "Lookout Loop" sign and follow the trail/cairns to various rock-faced clearing overlooking the valley below. You can have great views and spots to have lunch below the summit along the White Cairn Trail; no view lost by the lower elevation. I marked several of those good lookouts as waypoints.

All but about 1 mile of this lovely woodland trail traverses the 5 Kezar Ponds Reserve of the Greater Lovell Land Trust (GLLT). which maintains the trail and the parking area(s).

Stunning, great work out and beautiful views!

Loved rattlesnake pool on down leg at end! Steady straight up climb.

2 months ago

Had trouble at the top with being very steep for me but I totally loved the workout and would do again.

2 months ago

Nice hike, very pretty pool. With all the rain last night there was a lot of mud in spots.

Great hike...kids loved swimming in Rattlesnake Pool.

This was a really pretty trail. Well marked trail with flower/plant photos. There are areas that are steep so having a trekking pole is helpful if you tend to have some unsteadiness. Really is for different skill levels. My husband and my 2 teenage boys and 8 year old all made it challenging for themselves.

Backpacked up with the husband and teen. Explored the Slides first- which were gorgeous!!!Then headed up the very aptly named Blueberry Ridge where we stopped for a lunch break with a beautiful view. Then came the tougher climb over the shoulder of Ames to the top of Speckled Mtn. Found a great tent site and there was a little fresh water in the spring, but after the recent drought it was nearly dry. Hopefully this week’s predicted rain fall will refill it. More beautiful views at the top and had a great night. Came down via Bickford Brook trail. All in all- 7 hours to climb up (including detour to play in the Slides, lunch and berry-picking) - 2.5 hours to hike out!

Beautiful hike through a sub-alpine/treeline ecosystem! First 30-45 minutes are pretty much straight uphill but then you're walking on the ridgeline until the Speckled Mt. summit. Ridgeline doesn't have many views but it's a wonderful walk over exposed rock, moss, lichens, and through small pines, red spruce, and low bush blueberries. Took us (we're novice hikers but athletic) about 2hrs to the summit and 2.5 down because we got caught in pouring rain. Summit had 270 degree views of the Whites. Would absolutely do again!

Pretty trail, varied terrain. Rattlesnake pool is awesome, though definitely not a secret. White cairn is very steep. Great view at the summit. Dog friendly. Took us about 4.5 hours, including a long visit at the pool and a long lunch at the summit.

great hike! I took my dog up this trail with no issues. we did blueberry mountain and speckled mountain. My mostly blind and totally deaf cattle dog made it with no problems. wonderful hike and we plan to do it again!!!

Very nice hike! Terrific views, even though we had hiked up in cloud cover. Recommend going up clockwise and enjoy the views on the way down. Note... take care coming down Blue berry ridge trail if it is wet out as the rocks are very slippery. Doable. Just much slower when wet. Lots of wild flowers so slow down and take a moment to take a pic or two! Completed June 6, 2018.

It was difficult with the snow cover, but incredibly beautiful!

5 months ago

FANTASTIC hike!!! moderate but totally doable for even a beginner. it does get steep towards the top, just take your time. the rattlesnake pool and gorge are worth a stop - so majestic and beautiful! the view from the top is one of the best. warning: the trails are NOT well marked. if it wasn’t for this app and a hiker we passed, we would have been plenty lost. the lookout at the top was almost impossible to find. thinking it may be easier to navigate when all the snow melts. the trails were very slippery - lots of wet leaves - just be careful. our pup loved this hike! happy trails!

hiked this trail in early august and it kicked my butt!! it was a tough hike and we got a bit lost along the way, but the rattlesnake pool was an amazing way to cool off and it was a great workout. also - BRING BUG SPRAY! we practically got eaten alive on this hike!

10 months ago

We went up Sabbatus mountain on Veteran’s Day. Leaves down and a bit slippery on a few icy spots and with leaves. There is a sheer cliff on top so use care with kids. Dogs should be on a leash at top. Westerly views but trees on summit are growing in.

Went in after a lot of rain and water level in Bicknell brook was high. Missed the trail to Blueberry because we were upstream a bit for an easier crossing. Also were areas where it was difficult to tell if we were on the tea or just if it was where water was running. Until you get on the ridge there are very few trail markers. Ones that were there just said trail. Other than that issue not is a fantastic hike. Views from the top of Speckled are phenominal

11 months ago

The flume and the pool made the hike worth it. - definitely worth checking out. Not much of a summit view. Trail not really well marked in areas. The footing was good. Was not a difficult trail. Dogs loved it.

11 months ago

Typically spectacular Evans Notch area hike. First hiked on September 1, 1991, with parents using Blueberry Ridge Trail from Brickett Place lot to top of Speckled Mountain. Took about 5 hours. Cleared tent space in trees with fire rings. Last hiked on July 8, 2006, and was a lot tougher going up Blueberry Ridge Trail than I remembered (aging is a bitch). Ran out of water early and expected springs were dry. Tented at the top. Hike down Bickford Brook Trial was easy with nice river stops.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

best view out of all the easy to moderate hikes in the area! it is a nice incline the entire trail but completely doable for beginners if you take your time! the trail can get a little confusing - just make sure to follow yellow marks on trees! happy trails!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Great hike for kids and people who like a short hike with great reward. The views are really nice and the benches at the top are great. I took the trail to the right after losing the trail when I attempted to hike starting out going left, I had to back track and take the trail to the right.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I loved everything about this trail! It has awesome plants, interesting geology, and it's a good workout! Once at the top, you are rewarded with stunning views and even cooler plant communities to explore. Especially awesome is the alpine peat bog with all of it's cool little plants.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Great hike for the family!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Wildflowers were abundant! Easy walking. Short trip to rattlesnake gorge and pool highly recommend. Clearest water you've ever seen!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I went up Bickford Brook trail and barely broke a sweat on it, very gradual. Blueberry Ridge on the way down, killed my knees, but seeing the views from the front was awesome and absolutely beautiful. It rained the night/day before and a lot was still wet and slippery even in the early afternoon. If you want more cardio, go up Blueberry, if you dont want to miss a view, go down it haha.

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