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I have a deep personal connection to this mountain. Climbed it many times, when it would permit me to. I attempted it solo in January a few years back, but no luck. Got my truck stuck on the side of the road right by the trailhead (big drop on the shoulder of the road! Bring chains and a friend with a winch!), and then lost the trail in 6 feet of snow. Trail is unmarked except for the wear pattern on the ground itself, so don't attempt unless you or someone you're with knows the way. The site of the former cabin is about halfway, and is now a campsite for tents. From there the steepness about doubles. One of the most underrated hikes in Maine, and a personal favorite for sure.

One more point - the true summit of Big Spencer lies about 1/4 mile farther down the ridge from the communications station. Getting there requires some serious bushwhacking. I attempted it but realized it was futile after struggling to get only 20 feet off the trail. Wear long sleeves and bring an axe or machete! I hear at the summit there is some flagger's tape and a PVC pipe with a notebook inside, to serve as a register. Good luck!

One of the most beautiful places in Maine...

Caught a great day, but still a tiring hike by the end. Hiking poles were extremely helpful in more than a couple of spots.

One of my fav trails in Maine! Today I did the entire loop! Gorgeous falls.. bring a bathing suit and towel!

2 months ago

Be prepared to pay $14 per person if you are out of state! We came to the area on vacation and this was our last hike. This is as an awesome place. We logged 11.1 miles doing the loop clockwise which included stopping by almost every view point. Put our $42 to good use and do some maintenance on the Rim Trail.

One of my favorite hikes ever.

Love it; hubby and I have gone repeatedly. Unless your dog is VERY nimble and sure on their feet, you may want to keep them home; lots of holes and places they could hurt themselves.

Great short hike with kids. Found the trail head easily enough following the new blue signs on Lily Bay Road. Note that the trailhead is 4 miles off the main road, not 3 as the sign says. The hike was nice, quick up with views from the fire tower. Not much water for our pooch on the way up though.

We found the trailhead easily following the directions. About 1/4 mile in, we came across a bear cub - so cute - but he ran up the trail and we decided mama couldn't be far and we didn't want any trouble, so we backtracked and had lunch at Kokadjo, then hiked Burnt Jacket back toward town. We'll be back soon!

on Gulf Hagas Trail

4 months ago

I am overweight and just starting to hike again. The hike to Screw Auger Falls was perfect for me as it was challenging but not overwhelming. As I get in better shape I look forward to doing some of the longer hikes in this beautiful area of Maine.

A nice hike with some steeps, but not too much. The view from the bench at the top is beautiful.

4 months ago

Trail was overgrown and hard for hiking, for the hefty price of $14 per person.

Good trail. Well marked. Lovely views of the falls. Although rated hard, I didn’t find this trail to be too tough. I was able to complete it in 5ish hours. I also saw a moose on KI Works road on the way to the parking area.

4 months ago

Panoramic view at the top if you climb the ladder of the old fire tower.
We logged 2 miles from the parking lot to the summit

Beautiful hike with tons to see! Trail in some areas are difficult to follow so highly recommend a map, but hands down would do this over and over again! Don’t forget to bring a pair of water shoes!

4 months ago

Loved every second of this hike! Breathtaking views! I highly recommend visiting!

4 months ago

Both the fishing and trail were pretty good. The views of mountains are quite nice too!

I love this hike, totally New England. Love easy access to streams along the hike that you can just post up and have lunch next too. Would do again and again

A beautiful hike,came in from Greenville side,there’s a check point and it was 18$ for my friend and I , very easy to find trail head due to all the signs leading to it,however, even with a map we thought we’d be confident at first and did not need one,we ended up getting side tracked on a trail for 2 miles up to Lyford pond camps (whoops) realized,looked at map and returned to where the trail head was, encountered snakes rabbits birds and little roads ,the rim trail was rough Terrian in my personal opinion especially with how long it is ,was kind of disappointed that the signs were not better displayed ,I turned back at lower falls because none of the signs said screw augar but when I looked up online and map it said screw augar was after lower falls , so definitely bring a map if it’s your first time. We were concerned about if we would have to cross the river at some point but I never had that problem on this hike from the way I went in.Absolutely insane views and gorgeous land ,will be back again

Amazing hike, beautiful falls this map however doesn’t show the cut off trail that goes around the backside of the mountain. This it’s good to know, it’s easier ground to walk the final stretch when you’re tired.

Spectacular hike of amazing waterfalls in virtually untouched country. I’m a hiker, and this is one of my favorite hikes. Trail is well blazed. It is classified as difficult, but mostly a moderate trail. The only downside is the gnats.

The trail took us 3.5 hrs in 3 hours back. It was a nice hike but did not include much in the way of wildlife or views. Elevation changes were not argressive.

cross country skiing
8 months ago

Took Lodge-to-Lodge trail south to the Gorman Chairback Lodge (from Little Lyford Lodge) as part of a lodge to lodge X/C ski weekend. A very nice trail and the conditions were perfect as it warmed up a bit. Stayed in one of the cabins down on the pond and had a great time at the Lodge. This place is wicked awesome!

cross country skiing
8 months ago

Did the AMC guided Lodge-to-Lodge nordic ski adventure this weekend. This first leg was from the AMC winter parking area via the Hedgehog Gate Trail to the Little Lyford Lodge. The snow was a bit stiff and icy on this day but the trail was awesome. There was hiking and snowshoeing opportunities on and around the frozen Lyford ponds near the lodge. Very awesome!

cross country skiing
8 months ago

A terrific trail over to the Little Lyford Lodge (we X/C skied). You have the initial downhill from the AMC winter parking area which can be hairy if it's icy but then the Hedgehog trail brings you into a wonderfully sublime forest. It's up and down and up and down around and just perfect. Give it a try, you'll love it.

haven't been up there in a long while , remember when it was just known to locals and hardly anybody climbed it. remember having to look for old mailbox in bushes to find trail head, now a huge parking lot. old house for lookout Warren has been torn down and burned by maine park service. they also tore down the firetower. And their contractor burned down top half of mountain of mountain. extemly nice views from top just southwest of mt. kahtadin . take the Greenville road off the golden road about 8miles down on right before bridge they'll be a rod with sign for mountain. If coming from Greenville go thru Kakadjo road turns to dirt go about 5 or 6 miles wood bridge with bog on right the road to mountain will be just over it on your left. you'll need a truck or SUV don't try driving your car the roads are ruff.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

I took the new trailhead up which is right off of Meadow Brook road maybe 2 miles in.. This trailhead saves you a lot of time on the backrounds. You essentially take stairs the entire way up which was more challenging then expected.. The peak leaves a lot to be desired unfortunately.. Unless you climb the sketchy tower all the way up.

scenic driving
Friday, September 29, 2017

Amazing views - drove around the park and made stops at various overlooks in the summer and it was so beautiful. Might make another trip in the fall :)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Excellent hike, Rim trail was rough terrain, though the view was well worth it. My 13 year old daughter hiked alongside me and loved it as well.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nice hike. First half along the gorge was likely more rugged due to heavy rain the night before. Tour of Katadhin Iron Works and a moose sighting was a bonus!

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