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17 hours ago

Amazing hike starting from and ending in Roaring Brook Campground up the Helon Taylor, across the Knifes Edge and down the Saddle to the Chimney Pond. Very challenging hike, from the steep ascent to the perils of the Knifes Edge (my wife and 13 year old son agree was “the most emotionally and physically challenging mile” ever) and down the scree of Baxter peak to the loose and steep descent of the Saddle, then to the mind numbing and feet pounding 3.3 miles of slow descent over the rocks back to the Roaring Brook campground. Other than the last two miles probably the most amazing hike east of the Mississippi. Something amazing about the way that Katahdin rises from the forests of northern Maine. There’s just not much like it anywhere. Did a 13 mike round trip of four peaks that included Mount Washington last year and it didn’t compare to this one. Epic.

Be prepared for wind and rough rocks on the Knifes Edge. We had thin but rubber palmed work gloves and i was glad we did. It was 50 degrees and very windy up there on an 80 degree August day and there’s some white knuckle spots for sure.

One note- recorded this with another App as well, and using maps - this is actually a 10.5 mile hike, not the 9.6 or so that this app recorded. Took us 8.5 hours or so with minimal stops really. Two adults and 12 and 13 year old boys.

ok trail but not groomed enough and literally tick heaven!

This was a great find, we took our 4 month old lab, he would rate it a 5 plus. We are 70 and did about half way great hike, wish there were more spots to enjoy a dip!

3 days ago

Our first All Trails hike and review. This was challenging for this family of five, but no regrets. I would not recommend for anyone who is in very bad shape or with heart or severe back issues. We took 2.5 hours but I’m sure fitness hikers could do it in half that time. We parked on Route 102 and parked along the road near the small Echo Lake lot (toilet shack right there!). Trailhead lot is on east side of road. Beautiful views of Somes Sound. Even though you might be loathe to climb down to the waterside, take the well marked down and back trail just after the Man O War creek. We missed the MOW waterfall into the water, so research this so you don’t follow suit. The fire road trail back to the road was dull, but welcomingly easy.

Great trail! Muddy for the dogs but still beautiful. Easy, I would say.

4 days ago

Grueling, difficult, brutal, and absolutely exquisite. Quite possibly the finest hike I've ever been on. Starting up Helon Taylor from the Roaring Brook trailhead gives a gradual but sturdy ascent to about 3500 feet before the scramble begins on the Skywalk moving up to Pamola Peak. For those not wishing to do Knife Edge, an out-and-back from Helon Taylor to Pamola would be a fine hike by itself. After departing Pamola to Knife Edge you'll run into an essentially technical climb down and then back up the Chimney Peak, which is by far the hardest part of the hike. If you struggle with that part, don't worry it's not like that the rest of the way. From there you wind and scramble 0.8 miles up down and around the boulders and sharp rocks of the Knife Edge to South Peak, and then along another 0.3 miles to Baxter Peak where you can touch the most recognizable sign in the hiking world. The Knife Edge is amazing, and completely worth it. It's not as scary in the moment as the pictures and videos make it seem, I can assure you. It is not without its moments of terror however, so as always you must maintain a healthy respect for the mountain. Down from Baxter Peak taking the Saddle trail is rocky with tough footing, but a pleasant stride. Turning down the mountain the trail turns into a slide of sorts with loose rocks and dry dirt. Slippery but safe, trekking poles are an absolute must. Gradually the trail descends with decreasing severity until reaching Chimney Pond. There is an excellent stream/water source about 3/4 of a mile up from Chimney Pond where we filtered some of the most crisp water I've ever tasted. The rest of the way down to Roaring Brook Campground was pleasant, though you'll certainly be a little bushed from the preceding 10 hours or so of hiking. We emerged at Roaring Brook Campground, with many scrapes and bruises, but with an excellent hike in the books. In all sincerity, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better day hike in the Northeast, if not the whole country.

The trails were very well maintained. My favorites were the ravine and pond trail. The ravine takes you into the woods. There are lots of chipmunk, squirrel, and bird sight and sounds. The Pond trail takes you along the fields pond. There are places to swim as well as boat/kayak. I will be returning in the fall to take the hikes as the leaves change.

The day I went was a little foggy and misty and made it feel like an enchanted forest. I LOVED IT! I really loved all the Fairy homes and different benches you could sit on to rest and contenplate. Definitely going to come back again when I next visit Maine.

Great time easy walk lots of people out there

The only reason I give this a 4/5 is because there’s not too much to look at hiking up and down, pretty steep and thick vegetation at parts - but the view at the top is well well worth it. Definitely a strenuous long hike but worth it.

11 days ago

I love this hike! Bridal trail is moderate in your mid life our late teen kids kicked it on Indian trail. Amazing view on the fire tower if you’re not afraid of heights or have someone to coach you up!! The carriage trail is a nice walk but if you decide to go up the back on the hardscrabble trail there is a lot of mud and trees down blocking the trail. You have to be vigilant about the trail signs. Also the uphill slope is difficult. If you’re going down from the fire tower slow and steady wins the race for your first 20 minutes. Then you’ll just be fending off the black flies. Cool tracks in the mud human and animals!!

Really nice trail that has a couple of easy inclines here and there! Couple of places where I’m sure you could manage to take a dip on a super hot day or just stare at the tiny fishes in the water! Beautiful trail!

Lovely stroll. My husband and I 2alked the path and loved looking out into the harbor to one side and historical building and sites on the other. Very easy and some climbing spots if you are adventurous.

A long walk through nice mixed forest. Lots of raspberry bramble. Damp trail means lots of biting bugs but also frogs, snakes and birds. The trail we walked is out and back, not a loop. Picnic table at edge of lake where the trail ends. Id rate this easy. Similar to hatchery brook just much longer.

Lovely, easy walk, more like a stroll. Some 12-15’ ledges, but the path is wide enough to keep kids from the edges. Some easy access points to get down to the rock/water joining. Shaded walk back to Main Street at the end of the Path.
Great pictures of the islands.

Pretty hike around the pond. Some incline, but doable. Parts have lots of tree roots exposed. The waterfall is picturesque, but some of the rocks are slippery. Bring water. Parking is a bit limited, so earlier the better. Recommend trekking poles for the hills

Excellent adventure

On my bucket list

trail running
19 days ago

Technical hills bookended by fast single track, Millbrook is a great “out and back” sprint workout. Footing and pace vary quite a bit depending on the weather and season, so you won’t get bored even with limited trail options. I’ve never felt “crowded” in fact I rarely see another person on the trail. The downside? Bring bug spray, and the parking situation/trail entrance is a bit strange.

Easy walk around the island but good footwear is a must as many tree roots and slight downgrades can make it difficult to walk. Lots of lovely benches and swings to rest and take in the view and a couple of side trails that lead down to the water, including rocky shorelines to sit on chairs and sunbathe. It took me several tries to visit this island successfully due to the heavy traffic. Best to go early morning, parking is limited. Nominal entrance fee for both residents and visitors (even on foot/ by bike). Also, look up the sad/creepy history of the school on the island for an interesting story to share.

23 days ago

Me and my girlfriend hiked Indian Trail on our way up and had amazing views and at some points being on the shear side of the cliff. Indian Trail ends up intersecting with Bridle Trail and from there to the top it wasn't much until we got to the fire tower. After climbing up the fire tower there is the most impressive view! The hike back down was Bridle Trail back to the Kineo docks. Overall very enjoyable hike

24 days ago

Funny story about this walk. Things looked pretty dry as we started over and then entered the island. We hiked up to the top, about a half-mile. Lots of signs warning about the tides and keeping track of time. So we come back down the island path, which is very pretty and quiet. Actually it turned out to be very quiet since we were the last two people and a dog left on it. The tide was coming in and had cut off part of the bar closest to the island already. We were able to walk through the water holding the dog and make it back to a dry part of the bar no problem. But after about five more minutes it was remarkable how quickly so much of the bar had submerged. Definitely worth visiting this beautiful sight and walking across. Make sure you read all the signs. And if you’re the last person around on the island you should start to turn your walk into at least a slow jog.

25 days ago

I went here for a spontaneous day of hiking, but was surprised to find that I needed to make reservations for the ferry to cross the river to the island. It was simple enough to make reservations, but I had just missed the first trip across so I had to come back. After getting to the island I found there were pleasant and easy to navigate walking trails. Definitely nothing too steep or strenuous. It’s a lovely walk in the woods. I’m eager to go back and try staying at the campground they have on the island.

Challenging hike with diverse terrain and amazing scenery!

26 days ago

beautiful trail! hiked with my dog, moderate describes this trail well!! I will be hiking this trail again!

29 days ago

Not maintained paths off trails not marked past waterfall a joke

on Bar Island Trail

1 month ago

A nice, easy trail with a pretty view at the top.

on Bar Harbor Shore Path

1 month ago

This path was as boring as this review. We didn't finish it...

on Bar Harbor Shore Path

1 month ago

This is a super easy but very beautiful stroll along the waterfront. A great choice if you are looking for a walk anyone and everyone can do!

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