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The fire tower is gone but is a good end point/turn around for the hike (see image related to trail, but it’s the only spot on the trail that clears out where you can see the sky). The Hike takes place from the for-mentioned house & barn area. The house appears to be a shooting range (I suspect a local shooting club) and Does not appear to be used very frequently.

As for trail, the conditions are good footing. Dry and not overgrown at all. Very easy ascent and descent. During the trail hike, you pass an abandoned hut used when the fire tower was utilized. Looks very spooky in the dimly lit forest area.

No views of the horizon or landscape but good for a nice relaxing walk in the woods. Just after the cement anchor for the former tower is a nice little spring fed well on the left. However, the conditions were very dry and the actual spring was nearly dried up during our visit.