7 days ago

Love this short hike- as it provides some of your best Acadia "wow moment" views of the entire Newport Cove and coast all the way to Otter Cliffs. Most guides tell you to park at Sand Beach lot (yeah, good luck with that ...), but there is another option: drive out of Bar Harbor on Schooner Head Road (basically to the end) where you find a small parking lot (usually not full) at another Great Head Trailhead. I find that clockwise is the better way to take this loop (go left when trail splits soon after the parking lot), and you then have the best views over Sand Beach and the coast toward the end of this hike. Great places to sit and picnic on the flat ledges overlooking the beach. This trail is always rated as easy - but the sections directly over sand beach are actually a bit difficult for many as you must climb and navigate some climbs over high rock faces. We often see many hikers coming from beach deciding to turn back when they first confront this tricky section.