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Went 2 months ago. Lots of nice winter chanterelles along the trail. Was a bit longer than expected, and a bit steep at some points, but definitely doable

great hike today, the ice caves were awesome the access hole was open we put a safety rope down in there, the trails was well-marked and easy to find

14 days ago

Trail today was covered in snow but path was cut until about 1 1/2 miles in. Had to cut the rest of the way up. Used micro spikes and was ok for the most part but snowshoes in some parts would have been better. About .1 mile from peak had to turn around due to ice under the snow becoming a bit too dangerous on boulders. Tried to go around steep part but snow on side was deep. Great weather and parking lot was clear. Passed about 9 other hikers on way down.

Excellent hike with great reward for the moderate effort.

This trail is off Hermit Island Campground. It is a hidden gem in the winter. There are several routes to different spots such as Lagoon Beach, Breakwater Point, And Sand Dune Beach. However, I have found that some of the best views are from Osprey Point (Credit to the gentlemen who gave me a map and informed me of it). Campsites are open during the certain parts of the year. Some of these campsites are literally on the ledge overlooking the ocean to the NW and SW. A bit of a caution to the wise: Watch for slick ice spots on certain parts of the trail. You can watch the lobster-men head back to harbor during certain times of the day and it is fun to watch.

1 month ago

Challenging on the way up and much steeper than anticipated. Took Helon Taylor up to Pamola Peak and then down/up the Chimney, which was much more intimidating for me than the knife. Crowds bottle necked at Pamola and took a while to cross the Chimney, but was expected. The knife was awesome and worth the climb up 100 fold. The trip down was pretty brutal on the feet and poles may have helped a bit. Overall, one of my favorites and definitely one of the most challenging in New England. 12 hours is about what it took me and I'm in average shape. One of the best hikes E of the Mississippi without question.

1 month ago

My brother and I did this hike back in August this year. The weather was great, not hot or cold, but it had rained the day before so it was a little muddy, and was very windy with strong gusts once we cleared the trees on Helon Taylor going up to Pamola Peak. Like others have mentioned, getting onto Knife Edge from Pamola was daunting to say the least. We both wore bouldering gloves which really helped when crossing Knife Edge. Be aware there is a scree when coming down from Baxter Peak to Saddle and can be slippery. We took Saddle down to Chimney Pond, which we hadn’t been aware is also another rock scramble in a dry wash - so be prepared. Eventually the dry wash turns into more of a trail. From there it’s an additional 3.5 miles to the trailhead. We made it back a few hours after dark, but had headlamps and trekking poles. What’s nice: there are painted blue trail guides so generally speaking the trail is easy to stick to.

Definitely was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting but the feeling of accomplishment can’t be beat! We had plenty of snacks and water and finished them all so make sure you bring plenty along. Our mistake was not stashing any food in the car to eat once back - there’s a “24/7” McDonald’s in Millinocket that we were hungry enough to eat, but was closed when we drove past and nothing else is open in that area after dark seems like, not even convenience stores.

Anyway - gotta say that this was a pretty great hike but not sure I’d do it again, but that’s not to deter anyone who wants to give it a shot! For me, it was a bucket list item and it feels good knowing I did it.

Decent family bike ride. Lots of stops between the Waterman drive intersection and bug light. Bug light park is a nice spot to let the kids and or dog romp around.

2 months ago

Good moderate hike with two small dogs tagging along. Gorgeous views many spots along the way. Didn't do Woodsum or seek out the caves but would love to do them another visit. It was icy and treacherous as a result so keep weather conditions in mind.

IMO on the difficult side of moderate. The terrain itself is pretty consistent and the trails are fairly well-marked but the elevation gain is quite high in a lot of areas. You’ll definitely be sweating on this one! Glad I went in the fall (late September) rather than the summer. For what it’s worth- my tracker (phone) said the hike was more like 7 miles and 2800-2900 gain. There are some slabs on the top that could get pretty slippery. The view on the top is a spectacular 360 view. There is a nice view between 1/2-2/3 of the way up if you don’t feel up to the peak.

I have done this trail twice and it is amazing! looking forward to doing it again. You can't beat the views. bringots of water and snacks. It takes a while to do and you will need the energy!

Great trails and very clean! ☆☆☆☆☆

Decent outing. Trails are nice with a view of the lake.

We are fortunate to have this in our backyard. Looping the trails is possible. They are well maintained. definitely on the easier side of moderate.

Magnifique randonnée que je recommande! Sentiers bien balisés et vue imprenable sur le sommet des montagnes environnantes! Wow!

An awesome hike. The trail in the wooded section between Tumbledown and Little Jackson could use some work. A very good day if the weather cooperates.

While it may not have an alpine zone like its neighboring peaks, the Crocker-Redington Loop is a very beautiful hike. After a short road walk, you begin ascending steeply through mixed woods up the AT. After passing Crocker Cirque Campground, you start climbing straight up steep rock to the ridge, while the climb may be difficult, the views from the two talus fields are exceptional. The Bigelows are clearly in view across the valley. The summit of South Crocker has a nice ledges with an outlook to Sugarloaf and Spaulding. The out and back to North Crocker is quite steep and not too exciting. North Crocker is wooded but has a nice view spur off the back. Redington is not as bad as everyone says, the herd path off the summit is very well defined, shortly after leaving South Crocker, you’ll see a cut boundary line, take a right and follow it to a cairn, then take a left onto the herd path. Shortly after the col, you’ll hit a logging road, take a left and look for another cairn. You should be able to easily follow the path to the summit. The top has a sign, beyond the sign there’s a short spur to the canister. Inside is a summit log. When you descend the summit, you’ll see a split (you probably missed it on the way up). If you want to do the AllTrails Loop instead of returning to South Crocker, take a right. This leads to an overgrown herd path, which terminates on some short of Snowmobile Trail, follow this to the logging road. Take a right and follow it down. There’s cairns and arrows made of sticks and rocks that point the way to go. You’ll eventually hit Caribou Road which you can follow to the lot. This loop is a little bit of everything and certainly a fun adventure.

Really easy hike. Takes about 7 minutes to the top if you go the direct route. Kids, families and dogs enjoy the views from the big granite ledge on top. Fall is a great time of year to view foliage.

See my review for the loop that includes Little Jackson Mountain, Tumbledown Mountain, and the Pond. Jackson Mountain itself has no views at the top, I was told by a hiker we met at the top of Little Jackson (which has spectacular views).

So why did I not discovery this hike for 30 years?? My new favorite hike in Maine. Best views for the longest time of any hike in the State. Once you get above the tree line, it's hours of hiking with spectacular scenery as far as the eye can see. Not just uninterrupted views, but a variety: rolling hills, lakes, peaks, and cool rock formations - not to mention the challenging trails. Seemed that there as a new fascinating thing to see or navigate at every turn, making this long, exhausting hike entertaining enough to keep you plodding along. I would categorize the loop as a whole as "hard," with moderate and easy sections. If you complete the entire thing, you will remark at how tired and sore you are but not be able to put your finger on why. No ass-kicking, memorable steeps for long distances or anything that will traumatize you, but the up and down never ends once you get to the tree line and take the ridges.

The downhill side of Little Jackson as you head towards Tumbledown gets steep fast and begins the tough portion of the hike. Lots of fun climbing up and down rocks. That loop around the back of the Pond is wild terrain. Nice to be on a trial that someone is not striving to cultivate into ADA complaint. You will lose the trail more than once, I promise you, so check your AllTrails position frequently any time you dip down into the tree line again, which happens several times. Take a back-up battery for your phone because you will drain the battery even in airplane mode trying to relocate the trail and taking lots of photos. Losing the trail is particularly easy in the Fall when the leaves are down and cover the worn path to make it blend into the wilds. Lots of dipping down into the tree line and then back up to exposed rock sections of the trail. Not actually winding, but tiring for sure.

The Pond even this time of year is disappointingly crowded, but if you take the loop depicted here from Morgan Road up to Little Jackson Mountain, you will see few people until you clear Tumbledown and are nearer the lake. Parker Ridge Trail seems to be the "highway" most visiting the Pond take up and back down. Can't wait to do this one again and camp overnight. DON'T MISS IT!

3 months ago

The view is spectacular. Fairly easy for the first mile or so and then becomes more challenging. Didn’t do the Woodsum Spur but would definitely like to another time.

Great family hike - beautiful foliage view at 2.5 miles in. We turned around at that point - all in all the 5 mile round trip hike took us 3 hours and 11 minutes, which includes snacks and water breaks along the way. Definitely recommend it!

Amazing hike!!! Last mile is very steep but totally worth it- dog loved it!

Road to trail head just got brand new bridges and is better then ever! south crocker has great views of current foliage on way up. Crocker and Redington not so much.

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3 months ago

Great hike! Loved the woodsy trails. Last .5 felt really long and can be pretty slippery if wet because of the rocks. Unfortunately couldn’t see any views because of the fog, but will definitely go back!

Absolutely amazing hike!

nice trail but not one of the best

Une vue magnifique au sommet à perte de vue. Un peu plus technique à certains moments entre Saddleback et the Horn mais ça en vaut la peine.

Hiked to the top of this mountain with our kids. Summit trail is only .3 miles and not difficult. We then took the longer North Loop Trail on the way down. The North Loop Trail is about 1 mile and is very easy. This is a great place for families! Also the view from the top is great. Highly recommend.

I went hiking with my Aunt's who are in their 50s. They spent a lot of time stopping to take photos. I think it was a good length with beautiful views. The views don't come out until you are deep into the trail, but are breathtaking. The path is well marked and I would highly recommend to novice hikers.

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