Easy, flat trail that winds along the shore. Very well maintained.

This is a great hike that gives you a taste of some rock scrambling that is typical of Acadia hikes yet it is not to long nor a great elevation gain. Recommend good shoes or hiking boots The views are spectacular. We did this before the park loop road opened up so encountered no people. However, due to its popularity, it may be difficult to social distance as crowds return to Acadia.

Wouldnt consider this a "hike" but the view of the ocean and coastline from the rocks is awesome. great place to spend a little time soaking in the scenery and hear the waves crash!

The most epic hike in Acadia NP for sure! Very memorable. Glad to have checked it off the bucket list back in September 2019

Is the trial open ?

7 days ago

We hiked up Dorr ladder south trail first and then came down Dorr south ridge and canon brook. My husband struggles with heights and was able to do this hike easily. They weren’t lying when they said 2,000 stone steps in beginning. I have asthma and the beginning was pretty steep, so I did have to stop frequently on that first part but once we got to the ladders it wasn’t bad. Loved the trail coming down. Beautiful hike well worth the effort because the views are magnificent.

9 days ago

Came out during the COVID-19 shutdown knowing that Acadia National Park is closed, but this area would be open (to park a vehicle) and hike along the rocks or take a very easy trail. At first I was only going to hike the rocky coastline, but a wild turkey had me follow him on the trail. He eventually went into the woods, but I kept on walking and saw a mother duck with her ducklings in a shallow pond, some bees pollinating blossoms, plus much more. If I had more time, and if restrooms were open, I probably would have taken the other path towards Precipice or even further. Either way, you will definitely enjoy this trail for an easy day's walk.

Acadia never disappoints. For this hike you’ll go up over 1,000 stairs almost straight up the side of the mountain. There are also 3 ladders (this ascent is in the Ladder Trail). The first ladder is the longest and a bit scary, but I just said some choice words and climbed fast. The other 2 ladders are much easier. Like many of the peaks in Acadia, the top goes on for a long time. Lots of great lookouts and places to hang. On the way down you’ll take the Cannon Brook Trail. That part was a little boring until the pond. (You take a left onto this trail to complete the loop. I’ve read you can also go right, go up, see waterfalls, and check out Cadillac. I plan to return later in the week to check it out. ). The first half of this trail is strenuous but a LOT of fun... even that first ladder!!

11 days ago

Make sure you go at high tide if you want to actually experience the thunder hole. Still a beautiful view, but we missed that.

scenic driving
15 days ago

Great place to roll the windows down and just take in the beauty that is Acadia National Park. Plenty of places to pull over and take in the views as well.

Very easy trail with plenty of places for photos. It is right next to the road, so it can be loud at times. Lots of people on this trail, but don't let that deter you. Thunder Hole is an amazing spot that truly humbles you to the power of the ocean.

Hard but great views! One of my favorite trails I have ever done! Go in late August! There are many metal rungs and ladders used to climb the mountain. Do not attempt if you’re afraid of heights!

Completed about a year ago by accident as I was just looking for a quiet place to sit along the waters edge and watch the waves crash against the rocks. Decided to follow the trail around and back to where I started. Not bad for views of the coastline away from the crowds.

20 days ago

Very pretty in June. My kids scaled those rocks like they were nothing...on the other hand I was inspired to buy hiking poles! Really fun with a nice scenic overlook.

Absolutely beautiful, and everyone loved frolicking on the giant boulders. One of our best memories of our Acadia trip.

20 days ago

Neat to hear the boom and waves crash but it’s more of an overlook on the side of the road.

Very easy and busy but not crowded. Great views from the top of the mountain. Sunrise and sunset are good but popular.

20 days ago

Modest elevation gains with some rock scrambles which made it fun. Some spots to soak in the rocky cliffs down to the ocean as well as a view of sand beach. Really awesome views and trail.

26 days ago

nice hike with dog

nice walk along shore with dog and very few people today

Wow!!! A real challenge for me, but what an experience. View from top panoramic. Hiked 2015.

28 days ago

1 month ago

I must do! We walked with our little kids and they did great. Fun to say we walked to an island.

Hiked with our little kids and it went great!

Easy hike with some of my favorite Maine views

1 month ago

It’s more of an attraction along a trail... not a trail itself. Very cool however.

Nice way off the mountain. Went up the steep path on the other side, too much snow to safely go down the same trail. Came down the north ridge. Nice views at the top. A lot of looking at Jackson labs on the way down. Was here 4/11/2020.

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