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on Aziscohos North Trail

1 month ago

As mentioned before, the trail head is not that obvious. The surveyor tape is long gone and it took us to go the dam to realize we went to far. The trail head is exactly 18mi from the turn on route 16 from Oquossoc, and 0.9mi from the Dam. You will see a wide opening on the left side of the road (if you come from Oquossoc) where you can park your car. DO NOT go up that dirt road to start the trail! The trail head is on the same side of the parking spot, 30ft away going towards Oquossoc, going right into the woods. And within 1min of walk you should see the name of the trail on a sign, as well as the first red blazing. The hike is gradually more and more difficult, but it is worth it. Nothing impossible, just going through rocks and roots. The view is spectacular and even on a partly cloudy day you can see Mt Washington.