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1 day ago

Enjoyed a nice run along this path the morning after too much food and drink... tried and succeeded in sweating it out of my system.

nature trips
3 days ago

Went yesterday and had a blast on the trail . Got to see lots of wildlife and we had trail just about to ourselves! Do it again every chance I get ! The dog loved it too!

This is truly a nice place to walk! If you enjoy fishing, this is the place for you!


Such a nice little starter hike! There are beautiful views from sandstone outcroppings, a meandering stretch through pine forest and a damp hike through lowland with a couple small creek crossings. And all of that within a two-mile stretch. Definitely check it out!

10 days ago

Great for families

Nice easy walk! Don’t forget your bug spray!

11 days ago

Started at 8am and finished around 11. I clocked in right at 6 miles. It winds through thick woods with plenty of shade. The first 2 miles are very confusing. I constantly referred to the AllTrails map (Be sure to download it. No signal out there). The trail is very poorly marked, with a ton of forks. I pretty much stuck to the red mountain bike markers for the most part. I think there are a lot of bike loops that add to the trail, but if you pay attention to your map, you can bypass them.

There’s a great spot overlooking pond to throw up that Eno for a break. It’s part of a Chimpanzee refuge, so you can hear the chimps going nuts in the distance.

It’s mainly a mountain biking trail, so be sure to look out for those guys. Overall it’s a great trail considering that there aren’t many in this area.

12 days ago

This trail would be 5 stars if it was clearly marked. Multiple unlabeled forks in the trails and the cell signal is really bad out there. I realized I was lost about 2 miles in, and switched to follow the horseback trail (since THAT is clearly marked) in hopes of finding my way back to the car. It worked, and I ended up with a nice 5 mile hike still. The two cycling/hike trails cross over each other and the horseback trail multiple times, and they aren’t marked in a way that you can tell you are going the right direction for a loop.

trail running
15 days ago

Great place to run and bird watch.

20 days ago

Beautiful trail but no water on the southern side. We hiked for over 4.5 miles with no suitable water, only mud holes.

21 days ago

Bourbon street on a Saturday night. Construction really put a damper on things.

trail running
22 days ago

Very pretty trail. with the usual bayou country inconveniences...namely spider webs everywhere. The good news is that of the 25 or so snake varieties in Louisiana, only 6 are commonly found in the park. But nothing is free in this world - they're the 6 most venomous!

The map here does not reflect all the trails south of the canal, nor the fun boardwalk, but they'll be the first things you see. Watch for snakes (ref: above) as they are there. I saw a big cottonmouth just off the Palmetto Loop. You will also see lilies, palmettos and incredible live oaks...Enough to make you sad human society is expanding.

Some paths run by the canal. I didn't see any gators, but it's not the one you see that gets you. Be careful and have fun! :)

The yellow trail was pretty lame. A lot of open fields and thick brush to look at. Nothing very scenic. Didn’t notice any great views of the river. Also a mile of it is on a gravel road for oil field traffic. Bad form.

trail running
23 days ago

Nice well kept trail.

It's a very lovely hike. easy to moderate.

horseback riding
27 days ago

I didn’t ride a horse on this trail. The interactive map for KNF says that the trail is open to pack and saddle. I’m assuming this means horseback riding. Looking at the pictures and some of the comments it doesn’t appear that horses use this trail. Are there signs saying whether horses are either allowed or forbidden?

Favorite place to go and think. You can bring cat food/ dog food and feed the turtles in spring and summer.

UPDATE: (04/28/18) Couldn't resist, had to go back. trail was 90% dry and 100% runnable. light maintenance and it will back to great shape.

wanted to write a review so hikers/runners/bikers could get an update since the spillway was flooded back in amarch.
Today (4/22/18) I ran/walked the trail. The 1st half runs along the waters edge and since it is the high part of the trail and receives plenty of sunshine, it was 90% runnable/bikeable. The second half, which is the shady low side, was extremely wet and difficult to run. I mostly walked after slipping a few times. i'm hopeful a few more weeks of decent weather will help dry things out.
As for the trail itself, it is a fun trail with the 1st half behind extremely fast. The back half is a little technical with switch backs and some up and downs. The trail is mostly clean but every once in a while root may sneak up on you, so keep your eyes open.
I will try and update in late May.

1 month ago

Great trail. plenty of water when I hiked it. Very well marked.

nice little trail next to the Nature Center Loop Trail. There were plenty of birds to be seen. Watch yourself going on and off the boardwalk, it can get pretty slick.

The entire trail is a wooden walkway through a swamp, so it felt pretty immersive. The weather wasn’t too hot, so bugs weren’t a problem. I saw several snakes —too many to count actually, great big frogs, and two 6-7 foot alligators. One was a bit too close for comfort and surprised the heck out of me. I wouldn’t take any small
children on this trail. I also managed to get sunburned despite SPF 50, a hat, and the trail being nicely shaded.

An easy hike except for some of the steeper parts, but those mostly have stairs. Can be very hot and is largely exposed to the sun, so best enjoyed in the cooler months. Really some of the best scenery in Louisiana and only a few minutes from the I-49.

1 month ago

Fun time trying out light backpack/hammock/water filtration. Had a huge storm blow over Friday night then the next day it never stopped raining. The temps dropped in the high 30s and wound up pulling myself off the trail at the end and walking forestry road back to the trail head. All in all it was 24 miles of wet walking. Trail angel showed up 1.5 miles from my car. Brice a corrections officer picked me up off of twin bridge road back to the trail head. When I sat in his car and he started driving to the left I finally saw what I had been looking for: a wild horse just hanging out. Would absolutely recommend this as a first hike/run up to a longer trail.

1 month ago

This is a pretty hike. Well marked. We did a day hike - 3 miles in and back. Some of it is beautiful - some not - when we got to the forest road area - there was what looks like logging - cleared areas of trees. - which caused standing trees to fall in the bad weather over the weekend. Lots of marshy areas - be sure to wear waterproof hiking boots

Did the Orange and River trails today. Slight overcast with a nice relaxing cool breeze. Cardinals, Robins and squirrels all in abundance today. A beautiful day for a hike.

1 month ago

Started from the Visitor Center (currently open Wed - Sun) and took the Palmetto Trail to the Bayou Coquille / Marsh Overlook Trail. The giant blue irises were in bloom! Saw several snakes, many small anoles, a turtle, and an alligator. The alligator was along the Kenta Canal on the Marsh Overlook portion of the trail. The total distance out to the overlook & back was about 4 miles.

Trail starts downtown Shreveport and ends at a loop just passed Shreveport dog park at Stoner Avenue Boat Launch

This is a very nice trail inside of a very nice park. My husband and I did it this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The trail has a couple of small areas where it is "hilly" --for Louisiana :) . There were a few spots that were muddy due to recent rain and one small narrow crossing over a very shallow creek but we figured out how to cross without getting wet. I would put bug spray on prior to walking now that we are going into spring/summer.

My son and I hiked the trail without any trouble. It was definitely easy; great for a short day hike! Most of the trail was clearly marked, making navigation super easy. Once you reach the summit, there is a notebook for signing and a vista point!

1 month ago

did the 30 miles in 3 days 2 nights sleeping in hammocks. amazing hike lost the trail a few times and was a bitter muddy. Awesome time though will plan another trip

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