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Beautiful views, plenty of spots to sit for a break or just to take in the views. Next to a huge indoor mall...

Enjoyed our quick hike at Sam Houston! First hike of the spring. Weather was nice and warm finally. The beginning of the Orange Trail was a bit muddy. The trail was clear on the river side. Saw one cottonmouth, little garter snake, wood ducks, squirrels, frogs and turtles. Still pretty rough looking from last year's flooding, but close to the house and a nice trail. Looking forward to coming back when we have more time to do the longer trail. Only saw one other couple walking, super nice. Enjoyed our morning walk! Spring time is here! Watch for snakes and roots.

For a clear bike path with few views OK. For a hike really boring with views of the river hidden behind buildings and trees!!

Easy hiking but not much to see in December. Cooler weather made it pleasant nonetheless.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Careful after rain. Those bridges get slick. Busted my butt when my tires slid on the bridge decking. Roots get slippery too.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Beautiful! Rode through the woods and saw 3 Bald Eagles flying around just overhead, then rode out on the boardwalk in/on the big marsh...nice view over the water. Then we rode over to the pier at the day use area where there’s a spectacular view of Lake Ponchatrain and the 24-mile road bridge running across it. I would love to come back again when we have more time to hang around.

scenic driving
3 months ago

Used to love riding around the whole area both the ranger district and the logging roads in my jeep with the top down. Miss those days. The main road and several others are the only ones paved. The dirt roads in the district are taken care of really well. Don’t go on the logging roads without 4 wheel drive though.

Just a little local park trail. Not bad if you're just looking for a decent place to get a little exercise, but nothing too exciting here. Trail not marked well, just start at the playground and follow the paved walkway adjacent to the ball field. The dirt trail that branches off of the main trail is a more fun and challenging detour and it eventually circles back to the main paved trail. I wouldn't say it's worth driving any distance to see but the kids had a great time exploring.. saw a couple of bunnies and a few squirrels and birds... so if you don't mind some traffic noise from the interstate, it might be worth checking out if you live in the area.

road biking
3 months ago

Great for long, relaxed bike rides and runs. A good cycling community shows up almost every weekend day.

3 months ago

Nice for a neighborhood trail. not worth driving more than a few miles to get there.

This is not a trail. It’s just a long road in a forest. I’m not sure if I’m missing something but I drove for miles and it was just a road. We were very disappointed.

trail running
4 months ago

Nice Loop to run if camping at Lake Kincaid Campground

mountain biking
5 months ago

It was very nice!

Second time to this park. Just love the availability to walk through wooded trails, wood dock in the marsh and then walk out to the beach and pier. Tons more of deer at sunset. A few crocs in the marsh and love all the birds singing

Nice trail to run and ride a mountain bike on. Deer flies in the summer hurt like heck, but if you keep a 7 minute per mile pace they lose interest and don't chase you far

7 months ago

Nice easy trail. Went in the morning and it was cool with plenty of tree overhangs for the shade. Watch out for the numerous big spider webs going across the trail - had to duck a good bit as a tall guy

Loved biking on the trace! We stopped at Abita for a quick sample of the brewery and to have lunch at a cute little local spot.

8 months ago

Wonderful immersion in history. You can see steamboats on the Mississippi River. Great walk in a great city.

Very noisy and not very well marked in places. Saw a few bunnies near the park. It was an easy trail for my kids to walk but they were unimpressed that it led to a residential area.

8 months ago

Completed the riverwalk numerous times, lots of sites to see and love the steamboat - Natchez.

road biking
8 months ago

Great fitness trace and patrolled by security - awesome!

My favorite time of the year to hike at Sam Houston Jones State Park is the fall. The changing leaves are beautiful. The Blue Trail is my favorite at the park. There is plenty of wildlife. I've seen snakes on all of the trails and deer as well.

The trails are marked fairly well, but the Blue Trail can be confusing if you aren't familiar with the area. The shorter trails are well worn, and easy to navigate.

great to hike or run. it was nice to be able to bring the dog (who loved swimming in the lake). the best view of the lake is past the sign that says wrong way at the back of the loop. the trail was much more accessible on that side rather than the other. just about the whole trail was grass with some muddy spots - a good trail to go barefoot if you like doing that. it's mostly shaded, but sunscreen and bug spray would be a great idea. theres lots to see. we even saw a deer.

Difficult to find trailhead. Very loud as it goes right along the highway.

This is an average trail. The trail is right up against a residential area and Interstate 10. Entire trail is paved and runs into a city park. I was not very impressed. Total distance out and back is between 3.2 and 3.5 miles.

Easy to run and good for beginners. Can do several loops to make a longer run.

Great trail for beginners. Plenty of opportunities to take pictures, but a portion of the Alligator Marsh Boardwalk was closed down. There is a massive Live Oak on the Sugar Mill Nature Trail. Plenty of shade along the hiking trail.

great trails. pine forest, a few flowy spots, a lot of root sections, a few good climbs for south Louisiana, bridges can be slick on Blue trail. Orange trail is a good beginner trail.

10 months ago

Fun, easy stroll. Fine for kids. $2 per person (children over 3) cash only. The single trailhead is very close to a parking area. You can do the shorter Sugar Cane trail (1.7 mi) which lets out at a nice beach area on the Lake with a bathroom building nearby (may be locked sometimes I hear). There's also a detour to a boardwalk (Alligator something) that takes you over shallow marsh and cattails where you can fish, bait crabs, gator watch. You can loop back to the trailhead to finish the shorter trail or continue on to the longer trail (4.75 mile loop) that goes to Bayou Cane. Terrain is flat, mostly grass with lots of shade. Lots of critters too. Saw two deer prance across the trail 50 yards ahead of us. Saw many broad-head skinks (9 inch tan salamander w orange head), a large red eared turtle, king snake. Thought I would need bug spray but it wasn't a problem. Will definitely go back.

11 months ago

This is an ok little trail at the park. It is split into two parts, one goes to a boarded trail over the marsh, which is nice, however it is cut short by a constructed dead-end due to structural instability, which unfortunately has been that way for some time. The other way,"left" at the fork, it simply a trail in the woods that goes around for a couple miles. Just beware that there are snakes in theses woods, and even dangerous ones, just a heads up.

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