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Beautiful views, plenty of spots to sit for a break or just to take in the views. Next to a huge indoor mall...

It’s a very easy hike
It’s walk in a park kinda thing

30 days ago

Pretty mellow. Not very well kept. Saw some garbage and when we picked it up, the trash can was locked so we just had to set it outside. Our girls caught (and released) a little frog which was exciting to them.

Decent trail. Trash throughout trail.

Wonderful, easy trail with tons of history, flora and fauna. We saw a few gators off the trail too...so beware.

Beautiful weather for a short hike. Saw three large alligators in the two canals.

It was really fun! It was muddy when we went but still a good trail for the BR area.

Very nice trail - recommend doing it backwards for hiking,

This is really great trail. I went when it just rained and he river flooded some of the trail. We still walked it. It doesn’t take that long but it is really great fun! I love the sights and the hike of this trail.

It was actually a great hike. I wouldn’t recommend right after it has rained a lot because the trail was cut off by the river. If you had a good pair rain boots this is get! It was a good easy hike and fun! (:

on Stoner Trail

1 month ago

Nice walk today with my dogs. enjoyed being able to walk the repaired inside trails.

Well maintained trail. The trail floods during heavy rains cutting off most of the trail. Very easy hike.

For a clear bike path with few views OK. For a hike really boring with views of the river hidden behind buildings and trees!!

1 month ago


Do NOT drive on Old Tunica Road to the trailhead (A or C) if it has been raining or there is the potential for rain!
On Old Tunica Road, coming from Hwy 66, turning off Doherty Rd and then Right onto Old Tunica Road, Old Tunica goes from a paved road, to a gravel road (Near the Parker Rd and Old Tunica Rd intersection), to a gravel-dirt mix road that slowly spirals downhill, large enough for only one vehicle to drive on. Then Old Tunica Road reaches a low point, about .5 - .7 miles past Parked Rd, near a small creek. Once you pass the creek the road is a completely dirt road and begins to incline and continues to incline for about .7 miles.

There were light scattered showers when we went this past weekend and my truck (2 wheel drive) barely made it up the incline. Once you decide to drive past the creek on Old Tunica Road, there is no turning back for about .7 miles. Once you pass the creek, the road turns completely dirt, or in our case with light rain - it was completely MUD and the road is a slow spiraling incline and only large enough for one vehicle (.7 miles). So once we started driving up the hill past the creek, we quickly realized we were in BIG trouble. With my pedal to the floor board at some points, afraid that if I stopped I would get stuck or slide back down the spiraling road off the side of a small cliff, my truck was barely making it up the hill. If I would have stopped hitting the gas, I would have been stuck, or potentially worse - slid backwards off the road. My truck peeled out, sliding left and right from side-to-side as we creeped along the road. Very scary feeling. Did not feel safe at all. I wish that I would have turned around at the creek and gone back. Once you go past the creek you really can't turn around, there is no other choice but to go up the hill.
As soon as we got to a high point where the dirt road flattened out and had some room for us to turn around, we did (.7 miles from the creek) This was prior to trailhead A and C.
We slowly drove back down the hill, careful not to slide off the road from the Mud pit that was Old Tunica Road, someone from the Sheriff's department was pulling a car out from being stuck on the side of the mud road, so we weren't the only ones that day.

Needless to say, we did not hike the trail so I cannot speak for the trail, I'm sure it is great - which is why I didn't give the review a 1 star. Even though my experience was about a negative 5 stars since I think the experience actually took time off my life from the anxiety I had sliding up the hill.

Lastly, the road is not clearly marked, it's actually not marked at all. Which is what is most frustrating about the experience - that this could happen again to other people. There are no signs warning or cautioning you of the road conditions. One minute you are on a nice, scenic route on a paved Old Tunica Road, the next you are on gravel, gravel/dirt mix spiraling downhill, and then the next you are spiraling uphill on a dirt road, and if it has been raining even lightly like it did when we went then the road will be completely MUD! There are also NO signs stating ____ many miles to trailhead ___. It was just a terrible experience all around. There really should be warning/caution signs on the road. It would be MUCH safer that way!

Had a great time. One of our favorite place for a nice easy hike. Hardly anyone else one the trails today. Saw quite a few deer

2 months ago

Visited the area a few years back and walked around in the early evening before things got very crazy. Very enjoyable without the crowds

on Stoner Trail

2 months ago

Trails have just been worked on. Need folks to get out there!

We were the only people on this trail on 1/5/18. Weather was 29-37 degrees w/partly sunny skies. The trail was well marked with red blazes though it does cross the road a few times, we had no problem picking up the trail. One water crossing that was deeper than ankle deep but there was a fallen tree to go over. Trail was well maintained and no roots invisible under leaves covering the ground.

6.2 loop. Bathroom at the 3 mile point and water available.

Nice trail by the water. Hoped to see a little reptile activity but the weather was a little too cool.

Variety of trails at this refuge. We combined the trails to make a long loop around the lake and along the river. Not a difficult hike, well marked. Several benches along the trail for anyone who may need to take a break, also found a cutoff where there was a nice outlook on the river. We took the dogs, and they had a wonderful time! Good little hidden hiking spot in the Shreveport area!

2 months ago

A great short trail to add to the other trails at Tickfaw State Park. Nice view of the river at the end.

2 months ago

Not sure how to change the status but 3.8 miles of trails are re-open! Need people to get out and wear the repaired trails in! The sooner the better!

New Years Day. Very cold today but good for bird viewing and trails were clear of all water. Wonderful opportunity for family ramble.

busy and loud at nite, much like red light district in Amsterdam.

Decent food and drink but prepared for tourist prices.

A sight to see for anyone passing through new Orleans.

2 months ago

Nice short walk. I saw a pair of bald eagles, I believe they have a nest nearby.

Great loop trail, with some technical trail running. Well marked, and a bathroom along the way. Saw deer a few times too!

2 months ago

Makes you feel like you’re out of the city a bit even though you’re right in the middle of it.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Beautiful! Rode through the woods and saw 3 Bald Eagles flying around just overhead, then rode out on the boardwalk in/on the big marsh...nice view over the water. Then we rode over to the pier at the day use area where there’s a spectacular view of Lake Ponchatrain and the 24-mile road bridge running across it. I would love to come back again when we have more time to hang around.

Nice loop partly along the bank of the Tickfaw River. On the easy side of moderate due to short length and flat terrain; biggest challenge is footing due to soft and wet areas. Good wildlife watching along the river. River can flood the trail if it has rained recently, and the trail will stay wet for long periods of time. Wear waterproof boots. Overall, probably the best trail at Tickfaw State Park when the bugs and wetness are tolerable.

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