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3 days ago

Easy trail really but not well maintained which makes it a little overgrown. The bridge crossing the river is washed out. Watch out for spider webs all over the trail as it is overgrown and closed in. It is muddy especially after a rain.

The road for the trails was closed. We were able to see the historic area but we drove an hour for wildflowers and couldnt access the trails.

Well maintained trail with plenty to see. Two Butte formations and a little waterfall are the highlights of this trail.

6 days ago

First cool day of fall. Great hike after such a hot summer. The trail was a bit overgrown, a little tight in a spot or two, from summer growth, but no big problems. Camped at an overlook of Bayou Cypre...had a great sunrise.

Wildlife everywhere

7 days ago

Watch for spider webs for the first half . There are gators to the left at the very end of the trail loop. Look for a road and a pier that walks you out to a small lake. They swam up to us from a pier expecting snacks. Saw one dead snake. No elevation changes. The trail is kept up.

trail running
7 days ago

Nice easy trail for running. A few roots you need to watch for. Most of the trail is hard packed sand when dry. A few areas with grass but pretty short. Hiker reported snake on trail but I didn’t see any.

Nice, easy trail. A little overgrown in parts but easy to follow. Trail head is accessed through a campground. Two dogs were in our group and they made it fine.

Really like this hike. Be careful if bringing dogs, my dog likes the water and likes to get in when he sees it. Gators wait by the shore for something in the water. Thankfully I knew to watch carefully and kept him close.

Also saw a copperhead, a water snake and 5 of 6 hogs. Great wildlife. Tends to flood a little bit but was still able to hike it all.

The yellow trail (cottonwood trail) was covered in burr grass, the burr grass seeds got stuck in our dogs fur and covered our shoes.

Great spot but bring the bug spray! Trails are clearly marked and well-maintained. I was told a good time to visit is in April when the flowers are in bloom.

13 days ago

Love this 24 mile National Recreational Trail located in the Kisatchie National Forest. Cold clear spring creeks for water sources. Has some challenging hilly sections. Know as a great shakedown trail before you go on other hikes, I think it’s great for enjoying the awesomeness of his Central Louisiana forest.

it was a easy trail. enjoyed it very much.

Great place !! Fun trails .. Beach trail is a plus!! Kid friendly !!

Not fun at all. The trail is not used often so it is a maze of brush and hidden spider webs. Went in about 0.25 miles and decided to turn around when reaching the fifth spider web infested obstacle that completely blocked the trail. Wish I had seen previous reviews prior to arriving to the park.

17 days ago

This is my first time to this site and first review. A friend of mine posted the other day on Facebook that she was on the hiking trail...something I hadn't thought about in years. I actually built it in the summer of 1999 as a 21 year old college intern. The nature trail was already there. It was a miserable task and I questioned my sanity multiple times (especially after finding ticks on my leg, swamping a four wheeler, and getting lost). There was no gps to go by then, just a measuring wheel, compass, machete, and flagging tape. After running into an impenetrable stand of kudzu, we decided the only way to do this was with heavy equipment. So for the rest of the summer I squeezed behind an operator in a cherry picker and we plowed our way through until two loops were made, complete with a path to area 3 and a path to Cane Bayou. Then it was bush hogged and cleared. I'm so glad that something I did then as a kid - part of a project that was though of on the fly - has brought so many people enjoyment. Hope you enjoy the pics.

A unique stop. I'm glad we took the time to stop and take a look. If you are not from the SE, be prepared for the humidity!

mountain biking
22 days ago

I live local to the track. Has plenty for all kinds of riders. Plenty trails and pretty well kept up. Recommend over most trails in Louisiana!!

mountain biking
22 days ago

Didn’t care for it.

Took a while to get out here but once I did it was great. The trail is for the most part clearly marked with some really worthwhile sites. I’m anxious to go back

I came out here for a trail run and spent a good deal of my run looking for the trail and the rest of it trying not to get bitten by the enormous spiders. This may be a good hiking trail but it’s horrible for running. I was covered with webs and feeling defeated at 3 miles in, when the trail disappeared on me. Ran in a circle for a bit then used my gps to navigate back to my vehicle.

Don’t go, there are better trails available, with better sites to behold. Go to Chicot or Sam Houston

A great hike for Louisiana. It does follow some paved roads at certain points but still offers some great views of the river. The trail is still well maintained and pretty dry considering recent rain.

hiked part of the trail I loved every step of it I have hiked in chicot state park and the trail is a million times better than chicot state park I would recommend this trail to anyone wanting a good endurance hike I will be back to finish it and camp as well I found a lot of water sources so all you need is a filter get to hike and remember to hike your own hike!!!

Great hike. I strongly suggest bringing some bug spray. If you’re into fishing: the trail has an abundance of streams and little lakes where you can drop a line. Not all trail markers are easily seen and some intersections are not marked properly so download a map if you can.

It’s a great hike/workout! Please do respect the bikes, if you hear them coming towards you, step out of the way!! Enjoy!

28 days ago

Well maintained, nice trail.

Super easy hike. My boyfriend and I went this morning after breakfast.

Love this trail

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