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22 hours ago

Great trail, love the boardwalk into the marsh and huge Live Oak tree. Trail is marked and very well maintained.

Good trail overall, except the day I came I only made it halfway. Trail turned into gumbo near the river and a dead fish was gasping his last breath. Trail is beautiful otherwise.

1 day ago

Easy little loop trail. This has a thick forest roof that provides a nice shady canopy. There is another trail that veers off of this one, but I didn't bother going down it.

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1 day ago

This boardwalk trail is similar to the Nature Center Loop Trail. The entire trail is very well maintained. Nice little 0.5 mile walk.

nice little trail next to the Nature Center Loop Trail. There were plenty of birds to be seen. Watch yourself going on and off the boardwalk, it can get pretty slick.

The nature center trail is mainly a boardwalk, but the back end of the loop is hard packed gravel. Be advised, the trail starts at the Nature Center, so go up the boardwalk and around the building. Recommend a little Off spray, but not too bad of a bug issues.

The entire trail is a wooden walkway through a swamp, so it felt pretty immersive. The weather wasn’t too hot, so bugs weren’t a problem. I saw several snakes —too many to count actually, great big frogs, and two 6-7 foot alligators. One was a bit too close for comfort and surprised the heck out of me. I wouldn’t take any small
children on this trail. I also managed to get sunburned despite SPF 50, a hat, and the trail being nicely shaded.


An easy hike except for some of the steeper parts, but those mostly have stairs. Can be very hot and is largely exposed to the sun, so best enjoyed in the cooler months. Really some of the best scenery in Louisiana and only a few minutes from the I-49.

13 days ago

Fun time trying out light backpack/hammock/water filtration. Had a huge storm blow over Friday night then the next day it never stopped raining. The temps dropped in the high 30s and wound up pulling myself off the trail at the end and walking forestry road back to the trail head. All in all it was 24 miles of wet walking. Trail angel showed up 1.5 miles from my car. Brice a corrections officer picked me up off of twin bridge road back to the trail head. When I sat in his car and he started driving to the left I finally saw what I had been looking for: a wild horse just hanging out. Would absolutely recommend this as a first hike/run up to a longer trail.

13 days ago

This is a pretty hike. Well marked. We did a day hike - 3 miles in and back. Some of it is beautiful - some not - when we got to the forest road area - there was what looks like logging - cleared areas of trees. - which caused standing trees to fall in the bad weather over the weekend. Lots of marshy areas - be sure to wear waterproof hiking boots

14 days ago

beautiful trail, well maintained. several paths to walk to the lake and get better views closer to the water

Did the Orange and River trails today. Slight overcast with a nice relaxing cool breeze. Cardinals, Robins and squirrels all in abundance today. A beautiful day for a hike.

19 days ago

Started from the Visitor Center (currently open Wed - Sun) and took the Palmetto Trail to the Bayou Coquille / Marsh Overlook Trail. The giant blue irises were in bloom! Saw several snakes, many small anoles, a turtle, and an alligator. The alligator was along the Kenta Canal on the Marsh Overlook portion of the trail. The total distance out to the overlook & back was about 4 miles.

This is a beautiful boardwalk trail for those who enjoy scenic walks and nature. Great for people of all ages. Trail is next to the museum and there is plenty of paved parking available. The trail is moderately walked and is a little known treasure to the locals. The trail is a couple of miles down the road from the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.

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This is a very nice trail inside of a very nice park. My husband and I did it this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The trail has a couple of small areas where it is "hilly" --for Louisiana :) . There were a few spots that were muddy due to recent rain and one small narrow crossing over a very shallow creek but we figured out how to cross without getting wet. I would put bug spray on prior to walking now that we are going into spring/summer.

21 days ago

did the 30 miles in 3 days 2 nights sleeping in hammocks. amazing hike lost the trail a few times and was a bitter muddy. Awesome time though will plan another trip

22 days ago

I've been using this park 4 -5 times per week for the last couple months and now that it's spring it is getting a little bit more crowded. I feel so safe and relaxed while walking alone watching the ducks, geese, turtles.

Beautiful and peaceful! Several close encounters with wildlife!

27 days ago

Tried to find this trail yesterday. Used the app, since many of the trails in this area aren’t marked. We found the beginning, but following the cut trail actually lead us to the center of the map. When we tried to start from the beginning a second time and stayed as on line of the app trail as possible, there was never the option to curve as the app suggest. There was also many side trails, as a atv trail, intersects with this one. This trail isn’t even on the kisatchie trail maps.

28 days ago

Had a great time.

rode my mountain bike on the trail yesterday kind of challenging at times but a find ride

1 month ago

Mid March. First timer from West Monroe. Blazes were marked well and often. I love that there’s mile markers every 1/2 mile. Parked at Valentine lake, paid 2 nights, set my tent up, then hitch hiked to Woodworth. Hiked 2 hours til dark and set up camp at mile marker 18. Heard wolves howling a couple times at night. Next morning, around mile 16, I saw a red wolf. Very pretty. Then hiked all the way to my basecamp at Valentine. Actual hiking time was about 7.5-8 hours. Took a wrong turn at the 488 parking area. Didn’t realize to cross the highway at first. Thanks to all who maintain the trail.

I walked the full loop today. Came out to 5.2 miles. The path is easy to read with virtually no elevation changes. Plenty to look at, no problem for any age. Half is a walk in the woods other half is on a dirt road. Would definitely use bug juice in warmer months.

Well marked and beautiful. We were a group of 4 who started at FS 212 and hiked 20 miles. We had a car on the other end at the Lake Valentine Rec area. We did it in 2 nights, started by 5 Friday and were out around noon Sunday.
Such a fun, great weekend that got us out of the city but no long drive. Must do for any louisiana outdoor lover!!

Love this singletrack trail!! Even after several visits, it still doesn't disappoint. Be sure to pack a tent and stay the weekend. The trails consist of the primary trail and a beginner trail. The primary trail is approx. 10 miles and has a little bit over everything such as, switchbacks, fast downhills, jumps, straight hill-climbs, etc... The beginner is a great place to start if you're just looking for an easy off-road ride or new to MTB'ing. There are also hikers/trail runners on the trail at times so everyone watch out for each other :)

1 month ago

We entered the loop at the Walker Branch landing and headed north around the lake. camped overnight at site number 6 which offered a lakeside view in a marshy section. We filtered water from the lake despite the murky color. There was only one moving stream for filtering the entire trail. There were fireflies and coyotes around our campsite, but we had an uneventful rest. We found plenty of down branches for a campfire in the provided fire ring. On our hike out we encountered a group of wild hogs and an armadillo. The bugs are pretty thick so treat your equipment and bring an effective repellant. We encountered some hilly sections that provided a decent challenge. Overall we had a good hike with only a few muddy sections.

1 month ago

Really cool swamp trail but a section was closed, preventing walking it as a loop, and another section was also completely flooded and impassable. I talked to a ranger that said it is actually a pond year round so unless you are prepared and geared up to wade 100-400 meters don’t be surprised if you have to turn back instead of completing it as a loop.

I did see a gator, deer, squirrels, and a couple pretty big snakes along the trail. Pretty decent wildlife viewing.

1 month ago

Completed a small section of the trail with my 10 year old son and blue heeler over the weekend. We had a blast! The weather was absolutely perfect. We started on the south side of Castor Plunge at the entrance just NW of FS 212. Our plan was to hike in set up camp and hike back out the following morning. We hiked in to the bridge at the Long Branch creek bottom crossing (approximately 3.6 miles or so from the Jeep). It was gorgeous! We took our time hiking in, exploring and taking breaks to play in the creeks. Lots of water in this section to filter for cooking water. Parts of the trail were muddy but overall the trail was nice and very well marked. We definitely got a good workout with our packs. Would be much easier with a lighter load.
We loved the spot where we camped. Lots of good clear spots in this area to set up camp. Several rock fire rings already present. We wanted a little more privacy off the trail, so put up tent on the other side of the creek. Picked up a few ticks :/, but the mosquitoes were not too bad. The barred owls and spring peepers put on quiet a concert calling for us that night by the fire and all thru the night. My little boy really enjoyed playing in the creek and exploring for critters.
Hiked back out the next morning with less breaks, made it back much faster. The wild azaleas were blooming, still a little early for the dogwoods. Only saw a few blooming on the drive down Twin Bridges. Was hoping to hear some wild turkeys gobbling. Awesome trip and bonding time. Especially since we had no phone service where we set up camp. Nice to unplug! We did not hear a car the entire time and only ran into a few other folks. Not sure the app recorded my track coming back out correctly, service was in and out. It does not look right on my recording and some of the pictures are not in the location where I took them. But overall it was a huge help and enjoy being able to save pics and comments. We will definitely be back. Planning a longer hike to complete more of the trail.

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