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11 days ago

Closed from June through September for alligator mating season but looks like it has potential.

26 days ago

Love this trail!

It’s definitely time for bug spray. Mosquitoes and horse flies galore.

Easy hike, lots of birds,gators and a few snakes, Bring bug repellent and enjoy the view of the lake..

Nice easy trail, close to town where you can see birds,gators and sometimes snakes

Nice maintained trail with a few muddy areas, no snakes today which is good. You’re in the woods most of the time until you walk along the river. Bugs were not to bad yet.

2 months ago


I would recommend this trail for anybody who is into any level of mountain biking. There are so many different options you could ride this location 10 times and not cross The same section of trail twice. For a hiker looking to get started out this is very much the way to go. The park itself is immaculate. And that is not overstating things in the slightest. The parish parks staff do an absolute excellent job of maintaining the facilities. The best time to come is obviously in the middle of the week. The park office opens at 8 AM. Get here early and you can have the pick of where you want to set up shop. They provide both RV and tent sites. I Hammock camped in the tent section where they provide fire rings with a swivel grill if you want to grill something and they even provide 110 power outlets for camp lights and such. They also sell wood for three dollars a bundle however you’re better off bringing your own because they cut it and sell it immediately, meaning green unseasoned wood. I will be coming back and I will be bringing a fishing pole!

Hidden gym within Lafayette. Way nicer than I anticipated. We had the trail to ourselves… Didn’t see anyone else for 2 1/2 hours. Didn’t see any snakes

bridge out
3 months ago

4 months ago

nice trail for the most part, it got very muddy in some areas especially at the bayou cane loop. Had to build a bridge in one area. It was a nice adventure though

Really cool place for hiking. The bike trails can be hiked in reverse which is a bonus. Probably 10+ miles worth of trails throughout the area

5 months ago

Would be better if dry. Difficult to find trail heads.

5 months ago

Nice scenic walk, lots of birds. Good potential trail running spot. 5.4 miles around the lake

Do not attempt without tall, waterproof boots and clothing. Trail is abandoned and now a creek. Bulk of trail already sealed off by NPS.

Ran a Q50 night race here. Was a wonderful event.

7 months ago

The trail that is marked here can only be completed if you have a boat and a very good set of boots. Why is this even on this sight? Ps, the closest state park to this location is probably 15-20 mi away

8 months ago

Watch for spider webs for the first half . There are gators to the left at the very end of the trail loop. Look for a road and a pier that walks you out to a small lake. They swam up to us from a pier expecting snacks. Saw one dead snake. No elevation changes. The trail is kept up.

trail running
8 months ago

Nice easy trail for running. A few roots you need to watch for. Most of the trail is hard packed sand when dry. A few areas with grass but pretty short. Hiker reported snake on trail but I didn’t see any.

8 months ago

This is my first time to this site and first review. A friend of mine posted the other day on Facebook that she was on the hiking trail...something I hadn't thought about in years. I actually built it in the summer of 1999 as a 21 year old college intern. The nature trail was already there. It was a miserable task and I questioned my sanity multiple times (especially after finding ticks on my leg, swamping a four wheeler, and getting lost). There was no gps to go by then, just a measuring wheel, compass, machete, and flagging tape. After running into an impenetrable stand of kudzu, we decided the only way to do this was with heavy equipment. So for the rest of the summer I squeezed behind an operator in a cherry picker and we plowed our way through until two loops were made, complete with a path to area 3 and a path to Cane Bayou. Then it was bush hogged and cleared. I'm so glad that something I did then as a kid - part of a project that was though of on the fly - has brought so many people enjoyment. Hope you enjoy the pics.

As many people have told me, this really is a nice park. The grounds are well maintained and the facilities were very clean. Showers were nice and hot. Most of the unpaved trails are for bikes, but we found the short Tree Trail loop that was nice. Only complaint is that there isn’t a separate area for group camping. At 11pm a Boy Scout troop rolled in with a large cargo trailer into tent sites near ours. They weren’t very quiet obviously as hey set up several tents. If you’re and RV camper or mountain bike enthusiast, this is the park for you!

watch out for numerous and big scary spiders! very pretty trail but if you have a fear of spiders, forget it!

10 months ago

Very easy, all flat trail. If it has rained recently expect some puddles to navigate around but nothing major. During the summer months the trail receives little to no breeze so if it's 90+ out expect the trail to be 100+ and very humid. We find this is a better trail to walk during the winter months.

11 months ago

There are no signs or any indications of the trailheads and the trail itself is very poorly maintained. Much of it is overgrown or has trees completely blocking the trail.

This is without a doubt the best park in North Louisiana. It is beautifully maintained and the trails are gorgeous.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Great hike. Very swampy. If you love alligators this is the trail for you! Just kidding but you are definitely exposed to the elements out here. Beautiful views.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I like to use this trail as "training" its perfect 5 miles thats good for breaking in new boots, trying new gear, or stretching your legs to prepare for a bigger or longer trail. Good for kids too just bring a stick to hold out infant of you to knock down spider webs and watch for snakes.

trail running
Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Very pretty trail. with the usual bayou country inconveniences...namely spider webs everywhere. The good news is that of the 25 or so snake varieties in Louisiana, only 6 are commonly found in the park. But nothing is free in this world - they're the 6 most venomous! The map here does not reflect all the trails south of the canal, nor the fun boardwalk, but they'll be the first things you see. Watch for snakes (ref: above) as they are there. I saw a big cottonmouth just off the Palmetto Loop. You will also see lilies, palmettos and incredible live oaks...Enough to make you sad human society is expanding. Some paths run by the canal. I didn't see any gators, but it's not the one you see that gets you. Be careful and have fun! :)

mountain biking
Tuesday, May 01, 2018

I’ve been hiking and biking this trail since the 90’s. Best trail system in North Louisiana!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Started from the Visitor Center (currently open Wed - Sun) and took the Palmetto Trail to the Bayou Coquille / Marsh Overlook Trail. The giant blue irises were in bloom! Saw several snakes, many small anoles, a turtle, and an alligator. The alligator was along the Kenta Canal on the Marsh Overlook portion of the trail. The total distance out to the overlook & back was about 4 miles.

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