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16 days ago

We entered the loop at the Walker Branch landing and headed north around the lake. camped overnight at site number 6 which offered a lakeside view in a marshy section. We filtered water from the lake despite the murky color. There was only one moving stream for filtering the entire trail. There were fireflies and coyotes around our campsite, but we had an uneventful rest. We found plenty of down branches for a campfire in the provided fire ring. On our hike out we encountered a group of wild hogs and an armadillo. The bugs are pretty thick so treat your equipment and bring an effective repellant. We encountered some hilly sections that provided a decent challenge. Overall we had a good hike with only a few muddy sections.

No people and easy walk.

Very easy hike/walk. Great for children or those not experienced on trails. Nice pavilions for picnicking and a gazebo on pond for enjoyment. A very quiet trail and it is well marked. The restrooms do stay locked, so be prepared to hold it or go in the woods.

Good short trail with a great view you wouldn’t think exists in LA. Recommend for young kids or people with physical limits.

I enjoy loop trails and lake views. This trail offers both. We saw a deer, found the trail to be well-maintained and marked. It had rained just previously and we were able to walk the trail with no difficulty.

nice Trail just wish it was longer I'm didn't go on the road

Considering it’s in the heart of Baton Rouge, it’s a great trail. My son, who is 6, was a trooper and walked the entire trail no problem. The boardwalk is a great change of scenery and had some pretty views. We saw some frogs, egrets, and a water moccasin. Pretty good outing for a February.

It’s a very easy hike
It’s walk in a park kinda thing

Great workout!

Easy but hot!

29 days ago

This is a great hike for Louisiana which is normally very flat and doesnt have a lot of hiking option. Because it's a mountain bike trail it has a lot of little hills and is is always interesting. I especially liked that there is a beach on the river to take a nice break. There is about 11 miles total of trail if you do every loop, although my pup and I did about 4 miles- it is easy to make it whatever hike you want, choosing which loops to do. There is even a shortcut trail (yellow markers) to cut off some of the loops. It can be confusing at times but it was fun and a good work out.

1 month ago

Trail was great and marked well. Beautiful views of the river. The negative of this trail is the crime in the surrounding area. While hiking our vehicle was vandalized by someone attempting to break in. Although unsuccessful in the attempt, a lot of time was spent sorting out the police and insurance claim. Great trail, beware of the crime.

Beautiful trail! Well marked and there’s a lot to see. The only down side is that I went after a day of rain and the trail was muddy/sandy in some areas. Overall a great trail that’s easy for anyone to hike and it shows the diversity that the Kisatchie Forest contains.

1 month ago

Closed Monday, Tuesday, and Holidays. Open from 8-5 wedding-Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday. That would’ve been great to know before driving all the way out here.

on Stoner Trail

1 month ago

Nice walk today with my dogs. enjoyed being able to walk the repaired inside trails.

Well maintained trail. The trail floods during heavy rains cutting off most of the trail. Very easy hike.

First more serious hike. The parts where the trail became uncertain, there was always a marker close by. Some of the hills were fairly difficult, but overall was a moderate hike. Beautiful, not entirely well maintained, however nothing was an issue with getting through the trail.

It’s a beautiful easy hike, it doesn’t take a whole lot of commitment of time or equipment, perfect day hike

For a clear bike path with few views OK. For a hike really boring with views of the river hidden behind buildings and trees!!

1 month ago


Do NOT drive on Old Tunica Road to the trailhead (A or C) if it has been raining or there is the potential for rain!
On Old Tunica Road, coming from Hwy 66, turning off Doherty Rd and then Right onto Old Tunica Road, Old Tunica goes from a paved road, to a gravel road (Near the Parker Rd and Old Tunica Rd intersection), to a gravel-dirt mix road that slowly spirals downhill, large enough for only one vehicle to drive on. Then Old Tunica Road reaches a low point, about .5 - .7 miles past Parked Rd, near a small creek. Once you pass the creek the road is a completely dirt road and begins to incline and continues to incline for about .7 miles.

There were light scattered showers when we went this past weekend and my truck (2 wheel drive) barely made it up the incline. Once you decide to drive past the creek on Old Tunica Road, there is no turning back for about .7 miles. Once you pass the creek, the road turns completely dirt, or in our case with light rain - it was completely MUD and the road is a slow spiraling incline and only large enough for one vehicle (.7 miles). So once we started driving up the hill past the creek, we quickly realized we were in BIG trouble. With my pedal to the floor board at some points, afraid that if I stopped I would get stuck or slide back down the spiraling road off the side of a small cliff, my truck was barely making it up the hill. If I would have stopped hitting the gas, I would have been stuck, or potentially worse - slid backwards off the road. My truck peeled out, sliding left and right from side-to-side as we creeped along the road. Very scary feeling. Did not feel safe at all. I wish that I would have turned around at the creek and gone back. Once you go past the creek you really can't turn around, there is no other choice but to go up the hill.
As soon as we got to a high point where the dirt road flattened out and had some room for us to turn around, we did (.7 miles from the creek) This was prior to trailhead A and C.
We slowly drove back down the hill, careful not to slide off the road from the Mud pit that was Old Tunica Road, someone from the Sheriff's department was pulling a car out from being stuck on the side of the mud road, so we weren't the only ones that day.

Needless to say, we did not hike the trail so I cannot speak for the trail, I'm sure it is great - which is why I didn't give the review a 1 star. Even though my experience was about a negative 5 stars since I think the experience actually took time off my life from the anxiety I had sliding up the hill.

Lastly, the road is not clearly marked, it's actually not marked at all. Which is what is most frustrating about the experience - that this could happen again to other people. There are no signs warning or cautioning you of the road conditions. One minute you are on a nice, scenic route on a paved Old Tunica Road, the next you are on gravel, gravel/dirt mix spiraling downhill, and then the next you are spiraling uphill on a dirt road, and if it has been raining even lightly like it did when we went then the road will be completely MUD! There are also NO signs stating ____ many miles to trailhead ___. It was just a terrible experience all around. There really should be warning/caution signs on the road. It would be MUCH safer that way!

Wish we could have seen it. It’s completely shut down and we couldn’t find a way to even park and walk to the trail unfortunately.

1 month ago

k so a few things they don't tell you about this trail. It is not a simple loop trail and the trail maps are crap. Know how to use a compass and give yourself plenty of time for this hike. The woods contain wild pigs and water moccasins, armadillos and cottonmouth snakes. There are also rattlesnakes that don't rattle, a learned behavior to keep from being eaten by wild pigs. I saw wild pig tracks today on the trail. it's beautiful, great bald Cypress trees, mulberry and Ash, among others. It was easy to find a good branch to use for a walking stick. Bring off! spray even if you think you won't need it. It's January and I still got eaten by mosquitoes at sunset. Best to hike with a friend especially if you're new to hiking longer trails that twist and turn and split off. The abandoned car was interesting. Bunkers were creepy and cool. Great informational signage on trees and vines, and I saw some gorgeous birds; a pelican flew down the canal not ten feet from me. Definitely worth it, just be prepared. I went two hours without seeing another person. Do not get stuck out overnight.

Had a great time. One of our favorite place for a nice easy hike. Hardly anyone else one the trails today. Saw quite a few deer

2 months ago

great boardwalk and gravel trail. beautiful marsh scenery and 2 great overlooks.

40 degrees and sunny. Saw lots of birds, squirrel. Very good concrete walking and biking trail, which allows to have dogs on leashes. I walked 2 Miles at 40 minutes with my dogs pace, can spend all day here just roaming around the grounds

Walk this at least twice a week with my boxer. Great atmosphere. You can chose concrete or dirt trail by walking next to concrete as is been worn down by folks. You will see the occasional horses on the horse trail. Lost of birds and photoesque type opportunities.

This trail is a shit-hole. Poorly maintained, and poorly marked. Run Backbone if you want a real challenge.

2 months ago

Wonderful trail, but the signs can be a bit confusing

on Stoner Trail

2 months ago

Trails have just been worked on. Need folks to get out there!

We were the only people on this trail on 1/5/18. Weather was 29-37 degrees w/partly sunny skies. The trail was well marked with red blazes though it does cross the road a few times, we had no problem picking up the trail. One water crossing that was deeper than ankle deep but there was a fallen tree to go over. Trail was well maintained and no roots invisible under leaves covering the ground.

6.2 loop. Bathroom at the 3 mile point and water available.

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