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Great hike with some nice elevation changes. For what we have in Louisiana this is one of the best trails in the Southeastern part of the state. Well maintained. The main Gorge trail is well marked and fairly easy to follow. Mostly wide track and well groomed. Mountain bikes also use this trail.

3 days ago

park at the caroline dorman trail and begin the trail there. End the trail at the other side and walk down the hiway downhill.

3 days ago

Been here several times, both walking and biking. Black top tip to tip with marked crossroads, and there's alot of them on certain sections. No dogs allowed. All flat ground. Several entrances and exits, but very few bathroom facilities on the trail so be prepared. Horses are allowed on parts of the trail but I've never seen any.

Great in city trail for a short walk or jog. I prefer to start of off the Downing Pines entrance and take the middle route over the water. In the early morning Egrets and Herring are common. I recommend for a short trip. Great geocaching spot

Great Trail. After my wife's nagging, my family and I went to the park for the first time on the 4th of July and walked the trail. Enjoyed it so much that we went back on the 7th of July and walked the trail again. On the 7th of July we walked up on about a half dozen wild turkeys. Parked next to the Gorge Run Trail where you can go down into the lower gorge. Walked the lower gorge trail to the right, be careful, some of the 2x6's need to be replaced, back up to the Gorge Run Trail, walked the Gorge Run Trail. Took time to stop by the water park area and the beach area. We are going to go back and park by the beach area with a picnic lunch, walk the trail and return to the picnic lunch and some splash time in the Bogue Chitto. Beautiful park, nice well marked trail.

Gorgeous hike! Will definitely visit again during later fall and winter. I saw 2 black widows during our hike which made me a little wigged out because we are stoping with our dog to have water and they were not happy with us being in their territory. Always stay alert especially if you’re hiking this one in the hot, humid months.

Who says swamps aren't beautiful?! a critter filled hike (lizards, dragonflies, some sort of mammal that might have been a muskrat or an otter, giant grasshoppers, spiders.) We did not see a gator in the marsh overlook, but we sure as heck saw one chilling in the middle of the trail on our way back, about 20 feet ahead of us. when it heard us coming it slowly stood up and sauntered into the woods. Wear bugspray and be loud if you see a gator in the trail.

follow the red dots on tree’s or else you will get lost!!

trail running
13 days ago

Nice shaded trail. Lots of small hills and switchbacks. Ran the Armadillo Dash here. It's a bit narrow for a full on race, but shade made it nice. Very dry and dusty. Pretty hot in July with no breeze. Would be a lot of fun in cooler temps.

Really enjoyed the scenery on the trail. The 1.5 mile hike was perfect for my 10 year old daughter. Great location for a family outing.

road biking
14 days ago

Very well maintained trail

Husband and I took our two boys 9 and 7 on this trail. It is fairly easy. It is grown up in spots but we enjoyed ourselves.

This is a beautiful state park. Biking trails are a little rough, but challenging, I go often to support system. We need more hikers and bikers to make trails more well established.

We were surprised to find terrain like this here in Louisiana! The short 1.5 mile distance made it a perfect hike to take our 10 year old daughter on.There was a rocky stream bed with lots of shade to rest under about half way down the trail. The sandstone outcrops were fun to climb on. Very beautiful, was definitely worth coming out!

We were surprised to see terrain like this here in Louisiana! The short 1.5 mile distance made it a perfect hike to take our 10 year old daughter on. There is a rocky stream bed with lots of shade to rest about halfway down the trail. The exposed sandstone outcrops were fun to climb. Definitely worth it!

There are no signs or any indications of the trailheads and the trail itself is very poorly maintained. Much of it is overgrown or has trees completely blocking the trail.

18 days ago

Went out for a shakedown hike. Started in Woodworth hiked in about 11 miles then turned and came back a couple of miles to a good campsite by water. Trail very well marked, a little overgrown with several trees across trail but nothing too bad. Looking forward to cooler weather. The hike was not bad but it was very hot and muggy at night. Did not see or hear anyone but it was during the week. Will definitely be sharing this trail with my family

19 days ago

Love that this trail is close to home. Started today but to hot to finish. Easy trail. Lots of beautiful woods and a wonderful view of the lake for part of it. The part I went on was clean and clearly marked.

It's a very nice and clean boardwalk. Do watch for snakes, there was one on the boardwalk.

nice boardwalk.

21 days ago

This is a nice, well-maintained trail. It is not very long and I would consider it a very easy hike.

Great hike. Very swampy. If you love alligators this is the trail for you! Just kidding but you are definitely exposed to the elements out here. Beautiful views.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Started the trail at 9:00 finish at 11:00. The first section is very confusing. Got turned around several times. The trail is marked, however not very well. I’m not sure how many miles I lost in the first section, definitely rode the same section multiple times before realizing I was going in a circle. The AllTrails app shows 6.5 miles. Definitely longer than that. The last mile marker I saw was 7.5, I road for at least another 30 minutes before returning to the starting point. I also took a short cut following the road back. The trail continued through the woods so not sure exactly how long the trail is.

an awesome trail. Geat views of the river, very clean, lots of animal tracks, small water crossing (no problem if you have water proof boots). Only seen one other person on the trail walking their doggo.

29 days ago

This trail Can be hiked as a lollipop with a short stick rather than a simple out-n-back. I hiked this trail heading straight out towards the bunkers and back along the Donner Canal. Coming back the trail is seriously overgrown - did not look like it had been used in many days (for that matter, I did not see a single other hiker anywhere on this Father's Day Sunday afternoon). The trail maps posted alongside the trail by the Conservancy Foundation (bless them though for keeping this site open at all!) are inaccurate, especially as to the piece along the Donner Canal which is not at all a straight line like they depict and also they don't show you get easily get there from the bunkers. If hiking that piece, wear long pants - you could run into a snake in the high growth as I in fact did - a copper-colored one and I did not stick around to find out what kind. Other than that, saw one bunny wabbit, a salamander, two birds (one bright-red) and one squirrel which made me think to my 22 Cal. The hike out & back to the bunkers (creepy!) as shown on AT would be easy and is pretty most of the way, but the way back paralleling the canal was kind of tough and frankly not worth the effort scenically - I kept thinking it would be nice to get off the trail and up to the levee which was occasionally visible. Either way though, a worthwhile hike for its isolation, considering you are less than 1/2 hour drive from downtown NOLA.

I haven’t been yet so this is not a review of the trail but a review of some of the reviewers.
If you have time to tap a star rating for a review please take the time to jot a few notes as to why you gave the said star rating. Otherwise it means nothing. One persons “1” star is another’s “4” so please...

1 month ago

I did this trail as a day and it was more intense than I expected but still not bad. there are some areas where it seems a bit over grown and a few areas where its hard to tell what direction to go. 4G coverage and LTE every once in a while on the trail. I would recommend doing this trail in the cooler months of the year. mosquitos weren't a problem but I still brought insect repellant and sunscreen. walking sticks help a lot on this trail. I don't know to recommend doing the road walk before or after. I started from the northern trail head and ended at the southern trail head. the second half of the trail had a lot of steep ups. while the first had a lot of gradual downward inclines. I recommend starting from the southern trail head so you have steep downs instead of steep up. that just seems like it would be easier. its hard to go on these hikes and pay attention to everything thats around you because you spend most of the time looking don to watch where you step. try to look up every once in a while and find a trail marker. they don't stand out to well but they're, there.if you think your getting lost do not keep going forward turn around and carefully retract your steps until you find the trail then asses the situation. bring a backpack with plenty of water. at least 3 liters per person, walking sticks, bug spray sunglasses, and do this in cooler temps. not 93 degrees and humid.

It was a great trail. But, you definitely need some bug spray! Overall, my mom and I enjoyed it for our first ever hike! And the hills and elevation are good for a Louisianan’s standards!

I like to use this trail as "training" its perfect 5 miles thats good for breaking in new boots, trying new gear, or stretching your legs to prepare for a bigger or longer trail. Good for kids too just bring a stick to hold out infant of you to knock down spider webs and watch for snakes.

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