Belle Chasse

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1 month ago

This trail Can be hiked as a lollipop with a short stick rather than a simple out-n-back. I hiked this trail heading straight out towards the bunkers and back along the Donner Canal. Coming back the trail is seriously overgrown - did not look like it had been used in many days (for that matter, I did not see a single other hiker anywhere on this Father's Day Sunday afternoon). The trail maps posted alongside the trail by the Conservancy Foundation (bless them though for keeping this site open at all!) are inaccurate, especially as to the piece along the Donner Canal which is not at all a straight line like they depict and also they don't show you get easily get there from the bunkers. If hiking that piece, wear long pants - you could run into a snake in the high growth as I in fact did - a copper-colored one and I did not stick around to find out what kind. Other than that, saw one bunny wabbit, a salamander, two birds (one bright-red) and one squirrel which made me think to my 22 Cal. The hike out & back to the bunkers (creepy!) as shown on AT would be easy and is pretty most of the way, but the way back paralleling the canal was kind of tough and frankly not worth the effort scenically - I kept thinking it would be nice to get off the trail and up to the levee which was occasionally visible. Either way though, a worthwhile hike for its isolation, considering you are less than 1/2 hour drive from downtown NOLA.