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on Comite Park Trail

1 day ago

Wonderful long trails and some elevation add interest to the hike. Make sure you bring a map, when we went the markers were missing on some of the trees, but the trail itself was still easily distinguishable. (This may have been aftermath of the August flooding) There is a nice beach area by the river that is accessible right off the trail. Also, make sure to watch out for the bikers, they seem to come out of nowhere rather quickly due to the winding trails.

1 day ago

Wonderful, clean trails. There is a wide, paved trail around the lake and an off road bike trail. Several docks and picnic areas.

Nice, saw no mud or bugs. My 5yr old enjoyed the hike. This 78 yr old body had to take a few rest brakes.

5 days ago

Nice short trail to the high point in LA. Not that great of a view though. Trail is pretty well marked once you get to the actual hiking trail.

on Comite Park Trail

5 days ago

9 days ago

I've walked/hiked the area several times since my last review, its still a nice little walk in the woods. I;ve recently suggested it to a few folks with younger children (5-10yrs) as a nice place to expose them to nature.
If you're just getting into hiking or would like to start off light this is the place. Very nice.

Trail has a lot of ticks. Pulled 15 off me and 18 so far off my dog. It's been two days since we went and I'm still pulling ticks off her. Other than that, the trail was fun. It got a little tough at the river bed because of all the fallen trees we had to climb over and there wasn't as many trees with the orange paint so it got confusing at times.

great to hike or run. it was nice to be able to bring the dog (who loved swimming in the lake). the best view of the lake is past the sign that says wrong way at the back of the loop. the trail was much more accessible on that side rather than the other. just about the whole trail was grass with some muddy spots - a good trail to go barefoot if you like doing that. it's mostly shaded, but sunscreen and bug spray would be a great idea. theres lots to see. we even saw a deer.

12 days ago

Hiked this over the Memorial Day weekend. We (my 3 kids less than 10 years old and I) parked at the Caroline Dorman TH and started down the Caroline Dorman trail for about 2 miles until we reached FS 360. We took FS 360 all the way up to the 830 road and camped overnight about 1/5th mile from it (approx. 31.489664, -93.036028). That was our first day, hiking about 4 miles. That night a big thunderstorm rolled through but being on high ground we hand no problems with water. From there we walked the 830 Rd to the Backbone TH and walked the ~7 miles back to the Caroline Dorman TH where we parked. A couple recommendations and observations:
- The Northern most park of the Backbone Trail can be quite muddy. Your on top of a ridge thus its not knee high muddy, but expect to get your shoes real muddy if it has rained recently.
- We stashed some water and food at the Backbone TH and had no issues with animals getting to the food. There are lots of streams you could filter water but its so dirty, I'm not sure its worth it....
- We came off the ridge (walking in the direction from the Backbone TH to the Caroline Dorman TH) and came to the major creek crossing (Bayou Cypre I think) and found it full of water. It looked deep and after wasting 20 minutes looking for an easier crossing I finally decided to take my shoes and underwear off and wade in. It was only just above the knees ('I'm 6'1"). THUS dont waist your time looking for an alternate crossing. Take your shoes off and plunge in, its not as deep as it looks.
- It was a nice circle we did starting at the Caroline Dorman trail and then doing a big loop. I'd recommend it as you'll find you've walked the entire trail fairly quickly. ITs about 12 miles round trip.
- There are lots of really nice locations to pitch a tent on the Northern section of the trail on the ridge. I wouldnt pass that up next time.
- Dont even think about staying around in the low sections. The mosquitoes will carry you off. We found that on the tops of the ridges there were none. Our camping spot had none being on high ground.
- Ticks were a big issue. WE must have pulled off 5 - 7 (none that latched on). Plan accordingly and check yourself often.
- Wildlife we saw: deer, snake, lots of hog rooting , squirrels, few birds, and some very annoying horse flies.
- We only passed one day hiker the second day, thus it was very quiet.
Overall it was nice little hike. I can now say LA actually has rocks (we live in the NOLA area) and some of them a beautiful purple. Doesnt compare to hikes out west, but hey it has its on beauty.

Great trail/boardwalk with plenty of species for the outdoorsman to enjoy. The Palmetto Trail is all boardwalk and the Bayou Coquille Trail is gravel/boardwalk on the back end. The Coquille Trail leads into the marsh and follows along the path of the old Kenta Canal, designed in the early 1900's, which was man-made and now overrun by marsh. Easy down and back trails connected to each other via a visitor parking lot.

Today was my first and probably my last trip to Bogue Chitto for hiking. Relatively uneventful hike once we cleared the river, the river hike wasn't a nice experience either. The rains from last week were still draining out of the lakes and left huge bog areas that were too deep to cross, we had to back track and go around them.
The hiking area is plain with not much to look at but the biggest issue for me is the graveled trail system. Walking on gravel is not easy and it's everywhere. Some spots the gravel is tolerable and others the gravel is large and difficult to walk on. A long section of the trail system it is right next to the road and you rarely get the feeling that you are in a wooded area because of the traffic. The bugs are typical of Louisiana and "Deep Woods Off" worked fine for us. The system is clean and with the exception of being poorly marked it's well maintained (If you go there to hike the RED blazes are for the main trail.)
The shower room house is clean and was a welcomed sight for us afterwards. Maybe I'll return to fish but I hardly believe at this point I will ever return to hike.
We completed the7 mile loop in 4.5 hours. This includes the back tracking and off trail venturing we did.
Its marked as "Moderate" but in my opinion its an easy hike, with the exception of walking on gravel. :)

13 days ago

14 days ago

Easy trail. If you make it to the end there are ten old WW2 ammo bunkers that you can go in. They're in great shape, still have the doors and aren't full of water/spraypaint/garbage like you might think. Bring water with you, no where to fill up.