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Louisiana Map
15 hours ago

trail is nice get away from the city, but it looks like they are working on it. there seems to be a lot of off shoots. the clearer the path looks is most likely the one that will follow what you currently see on this app. there are a great deal of picnic tables setuped for you to use

This trail does not exist anymore. It is now a golf course.

2 days ago

Short nice walk. Some turtles, a couple of squirrels and some birds. Did not see any alligators.

4 days ago

Good easy trail to follow. Lots of sand flies near the bunkers, repellant would have been nice. Lots of things to see along the trail, birds, raccoons, grasshoppers, flies, mosquitos, a couple of squirrels, a rabbit and some big nasty looking spiders (not dangerous to people, although would not like to play with them). Heard some bigger animals in the wilderness, but did not get a glance of them.

6 days ago

Hiked trail in about 3 hours. Wasn't marked well at all. Loved hearing the chimes and monkeys, I think that was the highlights of the trail. Clocked 9.06 miles.

We did this in combination with the Palmetto trail. Fun walk through the swamp and marsh. Very hot and humid. Lots of bugs, spiders, a snake, and several alligators along the trail.

Amazing walk through the swamp and marsh. We saw lots of big grasshoppers, spiders, a snake and probably 5 alligators. One was a pretty big one just off the boardwalk. Hot and humid!! but worth it.

watch out for numerous and big scary spiders! very pretty trail but if you have a fear of spiders, forget it!

we go there a few times a week for the dogs. they enjoy it and can get off the trail in several places and they can swim. very easy trail and at one point there is a picnic table. I set up my hammock and fix lunch and just relax. well marked trail.

This is my favorite trail in New Orleans. The Audubon Park is roughly a 2 miles loop but the environment is very safe. The runners/bikers on this trail is very like minded. I try to run this trail at least once a week.

9 days ago

This trail has a very nice view but with the New Orleans heat the smell of sewage on this trail is very hard to look pass. This trail is better suited for the fall season.

Great trail. We took our family and had a great time exploring. Lots of stairs and rocks to climb! Paved most of the way.

11 days ago

Go when it hasn't rained for a few days. Well marked trail going thru old growth cypress trees that lead to a WW II ammo bunker. Feral hogs are in the area.

14 days ago

Nice walk along the Mississippi. Cool shops and buildings

Nice stroll along the Mississippi River

14 days ago

Fun walk through the historic streets of downtown New Orleans. Great architecture.

Great trail. Lots of shade. Lots of Banana Spiders. Bring a stick for some of the cobwebs. The occupied webs are easy to avoid. It rained a few times but the tree canopy kept us dry.

If you are interested in seeing a swamp - this is a good choice. The boardwalk has good signage explaining the flora and fauna. It has spots of real beauty, but mostly flat, green and not a lot of visual diversity. In the summer there are sand flies and an acrid ammonia smell. We did see several rabbits and many water birds. Remember to bring bug spray!

I used to go running here all the time when i was in high school (~2010). It looks about the same, except the beach was completely underwater...not sure if it’s always like that nowadays. Still has giant banana spiders about. The lakes are nasty, but they always were. The big lake is completely taken over by cabbage; back in the day you could see all the fish swimming by the pier. Really wish more would’ve been done to improve this park. I always was uncomfortable going towards the back of the park when i was running alone, and nowadays I’m much stronger and faster & i have 2 large dogs, and it still made me uncomfortable going in the back to get to the river. The area is notorious for car break-ins, so hide ANYTHING visible, even chargers and cheap sunglasses.

Love this trail. I take my dogs here on the weekend to avoid large groups of people/other dogs. We’re usually the only ones walking around which is perfect Bc they can roam and sniff freely as we get our daily mile (or two!) in. If it’s a particularly hot day, I’d recommend the Perimeter Trail...the trails in the brush get super humid...especially when we have days where the heat index is 100+

18 days ago

Nice trail during the winter months. I went on January 10th, and it was a great day for hiking. No bugs, no other hikers, trail itself is clearly marked with blazes and junction/waypoint signs. Only 1 'steep' hill, with the wet leaves and clay soil it was pretty slippery and ended up sliding down on my butt for about 20-30ft. Northern Louisiana geography is much nicer than southern Louisiana. No swampy/marshy areas, at least during this time of the year. Probably wouldn't hike this during the summer months as it would be miserably hot and the bugs would eat you alive, just my guess. YMMV.

mountain biking
18 days ago

Well maintained trail, part of the longer Tammany Trace Trail, has several bridge areas overlooking the swamp and waterways.

Not sure why this is rated as 'moderate', there's nothing difficult with this trail. Same as all the other trails in the park. Very easy. Better during the cooler months, load up on bug spray as always.

mountain biking
18 days ago

Great biking trail, not a lot of scenery besides the typical swamp land. Well maintained paved trail. Depending on your skill level it can easily be navigated in a day. It's a hot ride but passes by several areas with water, food, shops, etc. Take water and snacks with you just in case. It is very hot during the summer months, we enjoy the ride more during the cooler months.

Very easy trail, much like the Fontainebleau Trail, it's very flat and can have some puddles to navigate around when it's been raining. Better hiking when it's below 80 degrees, the thick cover and swampy area tend to be extremely hot and humid. There's several different paths around the area with several geocaching spots.

Very easy, all flat trail. If it has rained recently expect some puddles to navigate around but nothing major. During the summer months the trail receives little to no breeze so if it's 90+ out expect the trail to be 100+ and very humid. We find this is a better trail to walk during the winter months.

Nice break from the city. Clean and well maintained.

Did south and north loop. North loop less exciting, but both are fun. Will definitely return and do the other trail.

View of Mississippi River great

mountain biking
24 days ago

Super dope, would highly recommend to anyone trying to go outdoors and especially for beginners MTB. Has a variety of tracks to go on.

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