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Fantastic trail! Do yourself a favor and go past needles eye staircase onto laurel ridge for a short jaunt with some amazing views. Speaking of the staircase, bring gloves if it’s below freezing or your hands will freeze to the pole. Wouldn’t be smart to go down that while icy anyways. Your knees are going to hurt regardless of the weather. But overall the trail is very easy and crazy pretty.

Easy and mildly underwhelming. Fun little cave in you’re small enough to wiggle yourself into it. Amazing views if you go under the arch and walk past all the boulders.

19 hours ago

One of the worst maintained trails I’ve ever hiked. Basically brush the entire way with 34 creek crossings. The trail isn’t marked, which isn’t a big issue, but the trail just up and disappears countless times. My husband and I hiked this right after a huge rainstorm which was also crazy muddy. Not strenuous at all, but a very frustrating trail. The falls were pretty, however, your effort is spent better elsewhere.

22 hours ago

Took our 14,11,6, & 5 year old sons and the dog. Water crossings proved difficult considering it was 24°, but was not undoable. There are about four water crossings and two steel stair sets. It says on the trailhead sign its 2 1/4 miles to the falls. There is private property to the left of the trailhead and a vehicle gate and bush block the entrance which kinda forces you onto the property to start the trail. Parking is across the street; cant miss it. Starts out with even short inclines, kinda like a washed out road until you get to the first steel stair set, then it becomes more trail-ish. It was a challenging hike for the kids, but mostly because its January and everything is frozen and slippery.

Trails were iced over so it was very slippery. It is a beautiful trail but I had to quit right before the waterfall because I was terrified of the iced terrain where the path was thin and a fall would have been deadly. As it was I fell 3 times. Was really disappointed to not get to the waterfall but I felt it was not safe for me to go further.

On a backpacking trip I connected the Buck Creek trail with this loop and I’m glad I did. It was absolutely freezing with snow on the ground but that didn’t stop this trail from being very enjoyable, in fact, the snow made the cliffs and rock formations much more dramatic and the cold kept everyone away, I didn’t see a single soul the whole day. That night I found a grove of hemlocks to camp out under while I watched the super blood moon. It was an unforgettable night at a very nice trail.

Vanhook Falls trail along Pounder Branch is one of the most incredible and scenic trails in the state. This trail allows the hiker to see numerous waterfalls and walk a mostly level and easy to moderate trail. Vanhook Falls is a beautiful destination at around two and a half miles but beautiful cascades and waterfalls are abundant. I have taken this trip a half dozen times in the past couple of years and I never grow tired of the beauty. For a great display of water go in the winter or spring or after a good summer rain.

3 days ago

Done a few days after a rain. Very muddy but also very beautiful. A lot of large, old trees. 2 of the biggest sycamores I have ever seen. Trail is also a horse trail so watch out for horses and their poop. Saw a few woodpeckers. Will go back in spring.

not much to see and trail isn't marked. the lake is pretty but I could see those views without walking the trail. I didnt have a bad time which is why I didn't give it a 1 star but I won't do it again.

4 days ago

Park closes at dark

couple on small waterfalls rock formations along the way to the suspension bridge .well marked trail

Sadly we went after it had rained so we didnt get to finish the entire trail do to flooding but what we did was beautiful. Going back to finish soon!

great trail very well marked

6 days ago

Just done the loop portion of the trail. Falls was amazing as always! Didn’t go to arch as I have other destinations in store for the day.

Aka the Tom Dorman nature preserve
Depending on the way you enter the trail, your hike experience will vary. I would reccomend entering on the side opposite of the information maps.

Very well kept even during the winter. Trails are well marked with maps posted along the way. For the most part the trail terrain is not that challenging

8 days ago

*THIS IS AN UNMARKED UNOFFICIAL TRAIL* don’t get worried if the stream is dry as it runs under ground for a little over half the hike. Could be complicated with kids and after rainfall but this gem is worth the hassle.

9 days ago

Wow. Nice little creek. Trail was scenic and peaceful. Guess I am immune to interstate traffic.

mountain biking
10 days ago

Great trail to hone various biking skills for beginners and experts alike. Trail length totals around 3 miles and has nice flow as well as a few berms and a shallow creek crossing. Recently added (1/19) section adds another .75 miles and weaves through a close knit evergreen forest. Good long climb followed by a brisk downhill through some tight trees. This is my go to trail when I want a quick good ride and easy to make laps to really tally up the miles. Trail is accessible as per the above map or from the town square just across the railroad tracks. Entering this way adds a good climb up a washout as well as additional forest riding. An out and back from the town square is roughly five miles.

Amazing view of the waterfall and the hike there was amazing too. Loved how you could go up and down the water fall as you pleased. Was a bit muddy but all in all was an amazing adventure.

very well marked. Even a 5k and 10k route mapped out for runners. The weather started to get bad while I was there and they informed everyone that the storm was coming. Cant wait to see the rest of the park on my next visit.

13 days ago

Lovely, simple trail. Easy access. Nice small waterfalls after decent rains. Pretty muddy & slick when we went.

This trail is amazing. I’d give it a 10 star rating if I could. Not a long hike but there’s so much to take in that you can easily spend half your day here. It’s got everything you want from the outdoors. Overlooks, nice rock formations, running water and streams, and if timed right a pretty nice waterfall right off the trail. This is a must for anyone using this app.

Beautiful trail, well worth the time and effort. I found the trail to be rather easy.

FYI: The trail begins by traveling down hill until you reach Chain Rock, and the it is almost all uphill getting back to the parking lot. There is approximately 100 steps (wood and rock) throughout the trail.

CONS: No public restrooms or water fountains, so come prepared.

14 days ago

I would definitely recommend skipping the loop and just going down the right side of the trail along the river and then going back the same way. The trail basically completely disappears along the top and there's tons of downed trees. If someone hadn't put some orange ties on a few trees we would have never known where to turn right to go to Eagle's Nest. The trail also kind of disappears at the bottom of the gorge near the river so if you don't come from that way it's difficult to find where to go to head back. Outside of that the trail was beautiful!

I really enjoy this trail for a short outdoor hike with the family. I've gone with my 1.5 year old and although we pretty much made it to the lake and back (not around) she walked at least half of it. Then returned with the whole family 6 ,7 and 2 years old. The kids loved seeing the fish and frogs. We ran into about 3 other couples. Marked well, plenty of benches along the way, husband did get poison ivy on this walk though.

Beautiful trail and easy to access being right off the highway. Runs right along a creek and wraps around some nice rock formations too. Short trail that’s got plenty to offer.

14 days ago

Enjoyed this hike. Lots of beauty walking along the creek, waterfalls around and fun things to look at and enjoy. Not a hard hike - a bit of a climb at times but not bad.

14 days ago

Dog and I did 9-10 miles on the trail plus Sheltowee 100. Yesterday was sunny, 50s and beautiful. relatively dry aside from wet mud near water sources. Trail is wonderfully maintained. Thanks to all the volunteers yesterday who were keeping it so awesome.

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