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trail running
18 hours ago

some trails are a little overgrown but it was still a good run.

Great trail with interesting historical attributes. Branch right where the river turns and you get a beautiful set of waterfalls.

trails are in awful shape

Nice trail for running. Watch out for bikers.

on Laurel Cove Trail

1 day ago

Moderate to hard trail with amazing scenery including rock staircases, mature forest, and a really cool arch that runs along side a small stream. This trail has some pretty steep and long inclines that are slick and should not be used by inexperience hikers.

Not bad for a paved path. Probably a better hike in the spring when it’s wet season and more flowers are in bloom.

fun hike! last time I was there we saw a massive black bear on the road

Great shaded trail so close to town. I think it is closer to easy than moderate but I feel that way about a lot of trails.

Over all good trail, easily marked and only some small elevation changes. beautiful falls at the end. It rained on and off for two days before my trip. Great flow and amazing sound.

The falls are well worth the walk. It is to be noted however that the trailhead from Cumberland Falls is marked incorrectly because this is a 10.25 mile in/out instead of a 7 mile in/out.

This trail was awesome! We took the white trails that branched off the red which i highly recommend and added over a mile to our total. The white trails have the really great parts! The creek was great! There were butterflies everywhere that landed on us! We saw several deer that had no fear of us at all! This is a beautiful, peaceful place.

This was a beautiful hike but it is NOT a loop. The map doesn't show it as a loop either. There was a fork in the trail towards the beginning, we followed the trail marked John Holder. The creek was wonderful! There were lots of places to wade and swim. We followed the creek for a while then backtracked a bit to get back on the trail.

trail running
2 days ago

Very well maintained trails. Lots of options to go much longer than the posted trail length with beautiful scenery of lake and bridges over several streams. Also great variety of difficulty that is marked appropriately. I'll def be making this a regular spot!

Fun trail. Make sure to start at the trailhead on the left of the parking lot. makes the stairs not so bad. Knights Ferry trail is almost completely grown up so we didn't get to see a lot of the river.

nature trips
3 days ago

very nice trail! for sure worth the short hike! don't forget your swimsuit because there's a nice swimming hole at the bottom.

Been going to the Gorge for years and never hiked to Hanson's Point until now. As others have said it's a fairly easy hike but the secondary trail going off 221 is tight. This is a place I would definitely recommend and look forward to visiting again.

Went with family and dog. Loved it just make sure to have good shoes with traction.

Nice easy looped hike, the trail was well maintained, and clean. It would be a little too easy/short for an experienced hiker.

Awesome sights to see fun trail to hike, definitely recommend going after a good rainy day though so the waters still up falls weren't that big when we went

Trail? Lol

Good trail for running.

The trail was stunning. Trees as far as the eye can see, and occasional little ponds made for a peaceful and beautiful adventure. The trails themselves were clean, and clearly marked, making it easy to navigate. I truly wish I had known about this hiking trail while I still lived in Georgetown.

However, there are a few things I wish o had known going into the hike so I could have been better prepared. First, you have to park next to a church, a ways from the trail head. To get to the trail head, you have to walk along a narrow paved road for some time, and pass conflicting signs: one claiming to be private property and the other claiming to be the trail. The trail head is past the private property sign, and once on the trail it is easier to navigate.

Also, because of the nature that is around this area, ticks are a huge problem. I was wearing tall socks and long pants, and I still had ticks everywhere on my legs. Be sure to use some type of tick repellant and check closely for ticks as soon as you arrive home.

great view at the top.

hiked this trail from the campground. It was pretty strenuous on the way up but so beautiful with so much history!

Absolutely beautiful place. The creek was a pain to get too but well worth it once we got down there. The hill on the other hand to go back up can kiss my butt. I lost my water somewhere and it was a really hot day and had to keep sitting down because I thought I was going to pass out and not one person who walked by me and my son asked if I was okay. Other then that the creek was worth the hike.

Great long trail but a lot of it was slipping into the lake so it was pretty dangerous to have my 4 year old son with me at the time. Had to mission impossible it in a few places or would’ve have to turn completely around.

4 days ago

Visited from out of state. Great views and fairly easy trail. It was a little busy for my liking and there was some trash but definitely a great time.

Loved this hike! We cobbled together the Sunset Point, River Styx Spring, and Green River Bluff trails to create a good loop. This trail has some good inclines and great overlooks of Sunset Point, the River Styx Spring, and the Green River. Also took a short detour to Dixon Cave. Saw a few deer as well.

We enjoyed kayaking and then hiking to the waterfall. Very pretty. I did unknowingly get into some poison ivy so be aware that it’s along the path to the waterfall.

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