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Stanton, Kentucky Map

Amazing views, not too difficult. Just too many people, but still worth it.

Fairly easy hike and well worth the view! There’s quite a few stairs to get to the arch, but overall not too bad! We also took 3 dogs and didn’t have any issues getting them there.

13 days ago

Beautiful display - loved the hike. Even on the stairs, I was surprised they were there, but didn’t find them too difficult. Only complaint is that the trail was extremely muddy.

Amazing hike! A must-see! That said, I never could have done it without GPS. With leaf and snow cover over parts of it and no markings halfway through, I never would have found it. Two keys: 1) When hiking from Gray's Arch parking (either lot), you come to a crossroad with Rough Trail in 1.5 miles. TURN LEFT. (I mistakenly thought that the unmarked trail to Hanson's Point was off of the "Pinch 'em Tight" trail. It isn't.) Turn left onto Rough Trail. In about 150 paces you'll come to a large fallen tree and the trail bends 90 degrees left. Follow the trail left a few steps, but then immediately after you pass the fallen tree, turn right! You'll see the trail. 2) After some time on the unmarked trail you'll come to a large opening. KEEP TO THE FAR RIGHT. If you stay right, I think you'll be able to pick up the trail again. I hope so, for your sakes. It's amazing!

I did the loop over the weekend and it was amazing!!!!! I can’t wait to get back there!!!

Great hike, rugged terrain. A good days hike to do this and courthouse rock combined.

This is probably our favorite hike. Lots of cliff clear views, very rugged. Really shows off the terrain of the gorge.

Incredible view at the end. Very easy hike overall. Reports of the trail being overgrown are exaggerated imo. Certainly tighter in some areas, but easy to follow and navigate.

The terrain made for a very fun hike. The views were incredible, especially the view of Double Arch.

1 month ago

The views are gorgeous!! Probably my favorite in the gorge. It's MUCH less crowded than all the other trails too which is very nice. We only saw 2 other couples the 3 hours we were there. Definitely a steep climb, but very worth it and not long. Much of the trail is flat and rather wet, so wear waterproof shoes/boots if you have them. The guy that lets you park on his land for $5 is super nice and tells you the history.

1 month ago

I didn’t mind the gravel road. It follows a ridge line through the woods and was very pleasant. We combined this hike with Star Arch which made a 6.25 mile hike. It was easy walking with staircases for the few steep sections. Some views of Courthouse Rock and nice views from the arch.

1 month ago

Great arch! Easy to reach the top. A little scary going down to actually see the arch. You have to scramble down a sandstone face to a narrow one foot wide ledge at the edge of a sheer cliff which you follow to the arch. Don’t attempt if you are not sure-footed or if you are afraid of heights.

1 month ago

great hiking trail! i want to go back and do the super loop which this is part of.

It had beautiful colors this time of year. wonderful place to watch the sun rise and set.

Beautiful views and terrain.

The trail along Auxier ridge was wonderful, particularly with the fall colors. The were several really nice overlooks along the way.
We also looped over and took double arch trail back. This was mostly a gravel road so I would suggest taking the Courthouse trail back instead.

Did the loop. Was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful views up top and down below. Highly recommend

Auxier Ridge is a great hike with numerous scenic lookouts. Light rock scrambling on an otherwise easy hike. Courthouse rock trail is a strenuous hike and offers a woodsy landscape to those who might enjoy the variety.

1 month ago

Nice walk through the woods before descending to the arch. Definitely worth the hike. The way back is a little harder because you have to go back uphill.

I give 5 stars for the Auxier Ridge Trail portion of this hike. Fun trail and great views. I would skip the Courthouse Rock Trail portion unless you really like a strenuous hike through the woods with no views.

Beautiful hike - Garmin logged in at 6.7 miles (we did the loop counterclockwise - Auxier Trail to Courthouse Rock to Double Arch and the gravel road back to the parking lot).

Two days ago there was and likely still is an enormous water filled pot hole. We had AWD Pilot and went through on the more shallow R side going in and did just fine. But would not recommend if you don't have 4 WD truck or SUV. A couple sedans did go through but entire hoods were mud covered and surprised it didn't kill the engine. We always love Princess and Chimney Top Rock.

Great hike, challenging but worth the effort. We went counter clockwise as it starts heading towards the arch, which makes this a loop and not an out and back. Arch is great, If you go out there be sure to climb to the top and enjoy the nice 360 vista view. From there headed towards Courthouse Rock. Can be climbed to the summit but a fall would likely be fatal. Aux Ridge is spectacular, with several great views along the way. Pack a few snacks and plenty of water. T

1 month ago

great trail with rewarding views. connect it with auxier ridge trail to get a much longer and more rewarding hike

gorgeous trail but do not skip out on going down into the gorge like some people do. you will miss some gorgeous scenery

2 months ago

Great trail to a very impressive display. I was hiking around above Grays Arch before realizing that I was actually on top of the arch. There is an unmarked trail with some great camping spots here, and you can come down a boulder to stand on top of the arch. Must go down below to appreciate it, quite a fantastic thing... no idea how that happens naturally.

Great trip in the woods with really interesting rock features.

Fun trail. A bit muddy by the creek but the ridge was gorgeous and double arch fun to explore. We elongated the trail by hiking to star gap arch off the dirt road

2 months ago

Short, easy. Good to do with chimney rock since they’re right next to each other.

Best views in the Gorge! Easy to miss the turn if you are not paying attention.

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