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Slade, Kentucky Map

took the OG up and to the lodge on the way back down. wasn't as natural on the way up or down but the views are still worth it.

This trail was beautiful! Hiked with a group of friends and really enjoyed the scenery. As soon as it gets tiring you are rewarded with awesome views!

Great hike if your a beginner, but I would go in off of Martin’s Fork. It’s about 6 total miles. The day before we took Koomers Ridge and that was about 16 miles.
For me, as my first hike, my feet were not used to it.

10 days ago

My Girlfriend, dog, and I started Pinch-Em and then took a side trail that connected with Gray's arch. Pinch-Em offered a couple of really nice look-outs and some great spots for camping.

The Tunnel Bridge Road bridge was closed off of MT. Highway so we had to park on the side of the road and walk the quarter mile to the trail head. The walk was worth it for the loop we did.

My girlfriend, doggo, and I did this trail yesterday. We started on the Pinch-Em then took connector trail that connected with Gray's Arch about a mile before the actual. The Arch was awesome and jumps out at you out of nowhere, its great place for a snack/lunch break. The trail includes a couple of creek crossing, two descents via wooden stairs, and a mild ascent/descent. I would suggest this trail to anybody visiting the area looking a good day hike.

Be aware that if you are starting from Pinch-Em that the Tunnel Bridge Road is closed to cars, you can still walk across the bridge, it just adds about twenty minutes to your hike.

Took the OG trail to the top of the bridge and came back down Needle’s Eye. Beautiful views!

Some beautiful scenery, and for this park it's about as secluded as you can get, but still way too crowded and way too close to the highway. If you like hearing cars go by on the freeway and groups of people in every direction then this may be for you, but it's not for me! Natural Bridge is a sight to see at least once though.

Our family loved this hike! We had our 13, 12 and almost 2 year old. Our toddler loved the hike as well! The steps are the hardest part. Definitely worth the view from the bridge.

1 month ago

A friend and I took our kids on an overnight hike on this trail. We had a 8, 7, 5 year old boys. They did well. The Arch is nice. A lot of people on this trail. There seems to be one area that’s popular for camping. Maybe because there is a stream there for water filtering. We found a baby copperhead 3 feet from our tent. A steep part of the trail has wooden steps. When the kids started complaining I told them it’s an Antique escalator. This kids you have to walk up. I also had them make up hiking/marching songs. All three kids was singing a different song. Good times.

Took the OG trail up and Devil's Gluch back down. Enjoyed every bit of it.

1 month ago

What is so great about this trail is that it is a connector to many others in the area. Once you reach Natural Bridge your hiking options are endless. One drawback is, if you have bad knees this is not so easy but there are lots of places to rest along the trail and all provide a nice environment.

One of our favorite trails ever!!!

Good trail and well maintained. I enjoyed reading about the history of the park and the views are beautiful! However, it's not a trail I would come back to to do it again. It wasn't as natural as I would like (railings, tons of steps, pebbles to outline the trail, etc.).

2 months ago

This is a good option for descending from Natural Bridge. Due to all the steps, I wouldn't recommend coming up this way unless you are looking for some serious conditioning. The newer 'Balanced Rock' is somewhat interesting (near the bottom).

3 months ago

Hiked Grays Arch, Rough trail and Pinch’em Tight over 2 days and one overnight primitive camping in the deep woods.
Excellent adventure

Easy trail with some scenic views, probably nicest in the fall. Definitely can see it getting crowded then as well. Was hard to figure out the optimal route but it's all pretty short and easy with wide, well maintained trails so it didn't really matter.

4 months ago

Hiked to the arch and back (not the loop) Sunday. It was pretty crowded since the weather was nice. Trail is well maintained. To the arch is easy, back to trail head is mostly up hill, lots of steps, lots of incline. Arch is beautiful. Wish I would have done the loop. The other half is rough trail and everyone on the path said don’t do it just go back, but after more review online it sounds like the rough path side is fine and I could have managed it as an intermediate hiker. Will definitely go back to do the full loop.

If this is hard, Indian Staircase should also be hard. But this is a really nice trail that I'd happily do again.

Awesome Trails!! Amazing views and awesome overlooks of the beautiful mountains.

5 months ago

Great arch with nice vistas. I would rate this trail moderate as opposed to hard. There was a lot of human waste near the arch in areas where you could explore - gross.

5 months ago

Popular trail. Ran the trail down to the steps that get you to the arch and then climbed up the back of the arch using the provided rope. It was aweeeesome! Will definitely do it again :)

Beautiful hike.

Nice moderate trail. The skylift is the best way to get to the top of the natural bridge. I walked and due to the one-lane nature of the climb to the top it was a long wait. Was really busy even on a Thursday. If you don't want to ride the lift, I suggest the OG trail to battleship rock trail, then branch off to the laurel ridge trail(by the devils gulch). Will take you up to the top of the natural bridge without having to pass the one lane stairs.

Unless you like climbing UP stairs (and have young knees) take this route coming down from the natural bridge. Lots of cool rock formations and the balancing rock and the cave are both pretty awesome.

Rode the sky lift up and came down the trail. Steep in some areas but nice scenery!

Easy trail...

Great trail.

Went up on Natural Bridge trail, forest well maintained, lots of Hikers on the trail. Came back on Battleship Rock Trail which was not well maintained and forest here was very weedy with lots of poison ivy growing over Trail.

Really awesome scenery! A must when you come to the gorge!

The views from this trail are beautiful. This trail is best in the fall. Children should not be unattended on the trail.

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