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Slade, Kentucky Map

This trail was awesome. was a little populated but the views were totally worth it. I would def recommend checking it out! Daniel Boone is beautiful in general.

Was there during Labor Day so it had a theme park feel with all the people. Disappointed by all the trash. View was awesome and lots of places to rest on the way up.

it was beautiful! nice ascent to the top, good workout, loved the view

Great less-populated trail if you’re looking for a nice hike but don’t need to see spectacular views. We got lost at one point so keep an eye out for the trail marker diamonds. If you don’t see any for awhile, you’re off the trail even if you’re on what looks like a trail.

14 days ago

Not exactly picturesque, but a nice easy trail. Some spots trees falling made it a little easy to lose the path, but nothing alarming.

Quite steep at times but well worth it. The tree growing up through the opening was a great surprise!

easy to walk. you can use a lift to the top of Natural Bridge

Great trails! Get a trail map from the park ranger, it will save you some headache later on. I hiked some of the Sand Gap Trail, but it without the trail map it was poorly marked in stretches and I turned back about an hour or so in. I ended up doing the Hood's Branch Trail, which was awesome! It's almost 4 miles, shaded for pretty much the whole trail, and offers some stunning views from the top. I didn't see anyone on the way up, and on the way down it wasn't until I was nearly done with the trail that I saw 4 other people. You cross several small bridges, and much of the trail you either see or hear a creek nearby. I would definitely recommend this trail! Hoods Branch isn't a Loop by itself, you need to combine it with the Low Gap and Rock Garden Trails to make a loop from the parking lot to the arch. Be forewarned: the Rock Garden is just that, and I can easily see someone twisting an ankle on this "trail". Lots of rocks!

This trail was beautiful. It took us an hour and 50 minutes to complete. We would highly recommend it.

Great rock formations and plants make this an amazingly interesting trail. If you’re in shape it’s not difficult at all, and it’s well marked at all intersections. But be careful to avoid informal hiker-created side trails. There are many high cliffs in the dense undergrowth not far from the trail.

Nice view at the top but you will be ascending quite a bit.

We thought this would be an easy going loop to finish up a nice weekend but the trails are super confusing. There is not that „one loop“ we ended up doing several loops and crossing paths we did before and had to take some trails twice. There are definitely nice views but the trail system seemed like a maze.

I've been backpacking and hiking all over the United States and this trail is easily the worst. Sign said that you can expect 5 hours of hiking time. Was able to finish it in about 2.5 hours. The views and scenery are pretty much non existent on this trail as it's mostly all in dense forest the entire time. Do yourself a favor and take the 1.25 mile rock garden trail to natural bridge.

We enjoyed hiking in Natural Bridge State Park. The Original Trail was a nice hike, easily done after dinner with 4 boys, ages 4-12. the views were amazing. There were very few others around when we took the after dinner hike on a Monday evening, however Tuesday afternoon there were lots of people around. It never fails that there's a few fools trying to become a statistic in front of your kids... That's unfortunate.

On Tuesday we hiked the longer way, crossed the Natural Bridge and on to Lover's Leap, then down Devil's Gulch. It was more great scenery. there was one section where we were walking on the edge for 50 feet, but not bad - just keep kids by the hand.

1 month ago

The hike from the lodge to Natural Bridge using the Original Trail was relatively easy. It is uphill, but it's a short enough trail to enjoy and there are several benches and rest areas along the way. We hiked this after dinner and thought the view was definitely worth it.

There are other trails to the top, if you're looking for more of a challenge. The Original Trail, though, should suit almost everyone who wants to hike it. Our family (ages 4, 6, 10, 12 and parents) had no problems.

Good hike with a cool finish. The bridge is awesome and you can even hike around to see it from afar as well. Lots of side views to explore, and none of it was too difficult.

Nice trail. Mostly shaded, lots of elevation changes, plus nice views.

I enjoy this trail very much. i have hiked there and camped there. great overlooks

Did the original trail this past Saturday. Good trail. Not very long and good elevation gain. Trail was very busy with hikers because of the great weather.

2 months ago

Hiked this past Saturday morning. Great hike. Was able to see more this time. Hiked in January 2016 and the trail was fog covered the entire time.

Beautiful trail. Great views and seldom-seen geological features abound. Hike up is not easy at all, though. Trail is rugged and steep. My wife and two sons joined me on a chamber-of-commerce summer Sunday. Wx was 88-90. Take water.

Way more difficult than Whittleton Arch trail. Fun!

This is one of the most beautiful places in Kentucky!........I heard that from an experienced Ohio hiker as well as a Kentucky native who hikes all over the state. Needless to say, I had to go. Once you arrive at State Park Lodge parking area, there are several hiking trails leading up to the Natural Bridge and all are short (less than a mile) located at the trailheads behind the lodge. We chose to take the "Original Trail" to the Battleship Rock Trail (one bridge out; however, you can easily get around it), up the Devil's Gulch Stairway, a side trek to Lover's Leap (well worth the extra 20 minute round trip), and back onto the trail leading atop the bridge. There is a sign at the end of the bridge showing you the way to under the bridge or another side trek to Balanced Rock. Unfortunately, we did not have time to do this trek due to it getting dark. From there, you can take the main trail back to the trailhead.

I would say most people will be able to hike this trail. Elders & inexperienced hikers should not take the Devil's Gulch Stairway as it is steep and one wrong mis-step would end it all. By staying on the "Original Trail" the entire way, most should be able to maneuver it without any troubles.

For me, this was an easy "5-star" hiking area. There are a lot of things to do in this area and next time I will plan to stay at least 3-4 days.

battleship had a bridge out. not good with kids, which I had 2

took up to Natural bridge. lots of stairs but wide trail. Good for kids wide with railing on one side. Took 1 hr for our large family age 2 to 71.

Excellent hike. Saw lots of lizards and a copperhead. Trail is in good shape.

Difficult for me because we did the 9.4 mile trip that included Rough Trail. The incredible views over the bluffs and Gray’s Arch made it worth it! Stay focused coming out because trails sometimes appear to go left which take you to the edge of a bluff.

Good views from the top. Would definitely consider this an easy-moderate hike

3 months ago

Definitely a difficult but fun trail!

great views. Trail marking is sketchy in places.

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