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Good brisk walking or running trail next to the water. A few great spots to sit next to the lake and relax. A bit grown up and ticks were pretty bad when I went. I don’t recommend shorts and tennis shoes lol. But overall a nice, easy trail.

Loved it! Went for a field trip in school!

The overlook is very beautiful. Only downfall is where the little cave the trail is COVERED in poison ivy, not a lot of people while hiking either.

Great little hike with our puppy. He loved splashing around in the shallow pool at the base of the falls.

Amazing hike. Like some have said this recording doesn’t take you to where you would climb the cloud splitter trail, you need to veer off for this one. I used the other recording for cloudsplitter shortcut to make sure I was on the right path. The climb was awesome, there was a thin rope of paracord that went halfway down the steep part but I was hesitant to use it to support all my weight. View at the top of cloudsplitter was the best of this hike and maybe even all of the gorge.

Love the staircase.

This was a really great hike! My family loved it, and my 82 year old grandma was even able to make the trek because of how well maintained it is! In parts when the downhill or uphill is steep, stairs are carved out of rocks to make it more accessible to everyone. Definitely recommend!

This trail is awesome! It’s intimidating at first but I essentially walked straight up with no problem. Gorgeous view and worth it!

A MUST see trail when hiking the gorge! We took our dog with us on this easy trail. The trail takes you to this beautiful waterfall and swimming hole and our dog loved every second of it! This is the perfect place to take your kids, just make sure to pack a lunch and some swimsuits because you will want to stay and relax for a while!

One of my favorite short hikes. Great views and a nice hike to test a new backpack before going out for several days. varied terrain will show you any issues it might cause.

One of the best hikes in RRG.

Really enjoyed the first mile as you can see the lake most of the trail. After that we ran into a few problems. The trail is fairly narrow. There was a lot of long grass with "stickers" that hung across the trail and were relatively painful. Of course, that grass also meant ticks - I removed about 20. Along the water, the trail was washed out at 4 places, making it somewhat difficult to cross. If not for these problems, we would have really liked the trail.

Great hike with awesome views. We missed the first turn and added about 2 mikes to our hike, but still worth it.

Best and favorite hike and backpacking place, although there isnt a bad hike in the area.

Amazing trail. Name may be misleading for those who actually want to climb Cloudsplitter and see the slot canyon. The regular map is great...and I forgot to record...but basically, where the map has you go left down to 715 to walk back to the trailhead—don’t do that unless you DONT want to try and see the slot canyon! Instead continue on the white dotted trail past the giant triangular rock on your left. Watch for an unmarked trail on your right, not too far after. It’s a slight open area that has what looks like two washed out creeks.

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Awesome little hike. Waterfall is beautiful and we even caught a fish. Do not recommend going after it has rained, and wear good hiking shoes

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Easy walk the magnolias are beautiful not much of a view.

Stayed at the Blue Heron Campgrounds and then hiked the trail. The trail is marked well except when it came to forks in the trail and as to what direction you are supposed to go. Esp when it overlapped the horseback trail. Overall its a great hike and the inclines are pretty gradual for the most part. Only a couple places when you come out of the valley that you can feel your legs burn.

Beautiful mountain and river scenery.

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Completed the trail without seeing any other person. If you like quiet walks this is for you. The view on the gorge from the overlook is beautiful.

Beautiful view at the top. Easy trail to follow. At the end there is scrambling, not very difficult to do. We brought our dog (35 lbs), so the hardest part was figuring out how to get her up. We had to pass her several times because she couldn’t get a good footing on just the rock face, though there were many places that had tree roots and dirt that she could stand on securely. Basically, if you bring a dog you need two people who are comfortable holding the dog while scrambling.

I would rate the hike as moderate, not hard. It was short and quick. There are trees to set up a hammock at the top, too.

(If you’re interested in an even better view then do Indian Staircase. But don’t bring a dog, the trail is hard to follow and there’s more and harder scrambling)

I've spent a lot of time in the Gorge and this may be my new favorite place. I visited for the first time yesterday. There's no longer a rope for the final ascent to the top but I was able to scale the last section following the split in the rock below the cedar where the rope use to be. I wouldn't recommend attempting it on a wet day, but then again I wouldn't recommend being on top of cloud splitter on a wet day. Here's a link that gives some great perspective of cloud splitter and what makes it unique, the 360 degree views it gives of the gorge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqvCvMHpKIg

Beautiful trail

Climbing the staircase was a challenge but well worth it! The views at the top are amazing!

I was not able to find the hidden trail :(

finally made it to the cloudsplitter, and dang! it was brilliant. Don't let other reviews fool you, the trail and rock scrambling up may be strenuous, but it is definitely achievable and well worth reaching the top. there was a lot of traffic coming out of the cave right below the peak, so we bypassed seeing what was in and on the other side, but our next trip we will be going through it.

Indian staircase provided me with my favorite trail in the gorge so far. This hike was fairly easy-going, yet beautiful. Climbing the "staircase" was challenging and rewarded us with stellar views once we made it to the top of the rock formation. Next we're making it a point to venture to the cloudsplitter.

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