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13 hours ago

Easy hike, good place to swim in the summer.

2 days ago

Rates more than moderate with the endless stairs, and irregular rock climbs. Watch for low overhang headaches.See it at this time of year because many of the gorge views will be gone once the leaves erupt.

One of the most beautiful places in Kentucky.

Great hike. Beautiful rock formations and an awesome waterfall at the end!! We were able to walk down to the falls and actually walk behind the waterfall. A pretty cool perspective! Will definitely come back to this trail.

Loveee this trail! We rated this in our 3 favorite places we've hiked in Kentucky. The drive back to the trail was a little "are we ever gonna make it there?" But once we got there it was no issue! We took off at the bridge trail (shorter than the other trail head) very awesome hike. The river/ creek is beside you on the right the whole way through which was phenomenal. Once you get closer to the falls you may want to keep pets and children away from the ledge. I took my dog and she enjoyed this hike as much as we did. Once you're at the falls there is so much to see! Make sure you look around every where near the actual falls! the view is amazing all around there. Would recommend this hike 10/10. The hike back is a little more strenuous but still not bad at all! Will be going back again!! Enjoy!! And once you're finished with this hike head down to the falls resort and enjoy the views there as well!

Great hike if your a beginner, but I would go in off of Martin’s Fork. It’s about 6 total miles. The day before we took Koomers Ridge and that was about 16 miles.
For me, as my first hike, my feet were not used to it.

A simple fun hike that takes into the gorge along the creek. Parts of the trail are paved which makes the trail even easier than it already is.

A simple fun hike that takes into the gorge along the creek. Parts of the trail are paved which makes the trail even easier than it already is.

My girlfriend, doggo, and I did this trail yesterday. We started on the Pinch-Em then took connector trail that connected with Gray's Arch about a mile before the actual. The Arch was awesome and jumps out at you out of nowhere, its great place for a snack/lunch break. The trail includes a couple of creek crossing, two descents via wooden stairs, and a mild ascent/descent. I would suggest this trail to anybody visiting the area looking a good day hike.

Be aware that if you are starting from Pinch-Em that the Tunnel Bridge Road is closed to cars, you can still walk across the bridge, it just adds about twenty minutes to your hike.

13 days ago

Nice, easy hike that’s easy for the everyone to do. Even the kiddos can master this one. The creek was closed from the flooding when I went, but when you can access the creek, it’s fun to let the kids and dogs play around.

watch for the last set of stairs, they can be sketchy.

The overlook at the river is beautiful, The rest of the trail is dull and you never get out of earshot of the road noise. It says this is a good spot to see eagles, no luck for us today though.

I love paddling the Dix River.

18 days ago

Brandt - I think you were on the Rock Bridge Trail from the parking lot to Rock Bridge. Very easy. Take the kids. Beautiful sights! The Swift Camp Creek Trail, however, is 5 miles one way (10mi out and back) of up and down along Swift Camp Creek with hiking along the edge of a 100ft cliff, some tight spots, plenty of logs and mud. I do not recommend it for kids. I joined the trail from Wildcat and continued south so I missed the first 2 miles. It was beautiful but I did not plan appropriately and was out much longer than expected. If you headed south on the trail there is a spot where it seems to end in a creek. Keep going downstream to pick up the trail again. Not well marked. If you want to do the whole trail in a day: start early, pack a lunch and snacks, dress in layers and take a lot of water. It is challenging but there are wonderful sights along the way. Plan on taking 4 hours one-way and 8 hours for the round trip.

My friend Justin and I just completed this trek yesterday. A backcountry combination of several pieces of trails through the serene and beautiful deep Red River Gorge. We parked a car at the Sheltowee Suspension Bridge parking area, then drove another to the Martin's Fork trailhead and hiked back to the first car. It took us just over 4 hours to complete the 8 mile excursion. The start of the hike up Martin's Fork is one the nicest places in the Gorge and a pleasant hike. Then you'll quickly ascend to the top of Tunnel Ridge, which will definitely get you warmed up for the rest of the hike! After this you'll descend to a low saddle between Tunnel Ridge and Koomer Ridge before ascending the latter. From there you'll descend the remainder of the hike and follow Chimney Top Creek all the way down to the Red River. Most of the trail sections selected for this hike are very lightly trafficked and the sense of space and seclusion out in the middle of this section of the Gorge is superb. Great day hike. Bring lots of water, some good snacks and chocolate, and give yourself plenty of time!

Beautiful area and a great hike if you don’t mind getting wet because you have to cross the creek to hike the entire trail.

My first trail hike in Kentucky (besides the underground Mamooth Caves visit). I hiked with a friend in March. It was nice, the landscape is beautiful but a bit monotonous. The trail is well maintained and plastic signs are nailed to some trees to keep you on the right path. There is a couple of long hilly ascents that will make you sweat a little bit. If you are interested in tree mushrooms there are plenty, and also lichens. Not particularly good for a picknik as there are virtually no spots where you could confortably sit but I guess the main idea is just to hike. There is a nice stream that was easy to crossed at the moment.

Hiked from the first trail head and it was rough. Looks like this part of the trail has not had maintenance in a while. Lots of blow downs and over growth. If you hike this section be prepared to get your feet wet. Starts off nice, but just gets rough. The second part of the trail from the bridge was great! LOVED the waterfall, made it worth it. Decided to hike back to the second trail head and then walked the road to the first trail head where our car was to avoid the mess we had to hike through.

Nice hike, but couldn’t get close to the river because of thick sticky fresh mud. Trail was a bit muddy in spots. Beautiful views though!

very pretty trail

great trail

20 days ago

Short, flat and moderately trafficked. Good for an afternoon hike. A few nice views by the river, but not especially scenic. A few mud bogs even on a dry day.

22 days ago

the water was flowing really well today. Creek was high, even the BSF was very high. To see another nice falls, when the water is flowing well, don't go up the stairs to the parking lot. Follow the trail to the Sheltowee Trace trail and go around the cliff line (will be on your left). Pass a wooden bridge, look left and there is a nice falls. Once pass the bridge take the trail left and go up the switch backs to the top. This is a short hike and will take you back up to the parking lot.

23 days ago

Nice hike. Water was raging so we didn't get to Lick creek falls. The recent rainfall had the water running over the rock houses which was extremely photo worthy!

24 days ago

We went with our dogs yesterday and it was great! There are a few different trails and we chose the one down to the waterfall and cave. It was very beautiful because we have had a lot of water recently. The path is very narrow, so keep that in mind when bringing dogs or children. It is pretty steep and we were afraid our dogs would pull us down at times. That said, it was a good short hike. We can’t wait to go back!

Love Ravens Run it is a moderate hard trails flowers are beautiful and I’ve saw deer.

26 days ago

The path was overflown when we went so it could not be crossed. A lot of the trail is overgrown and the waterfall is on private property. It is a very muddy trail and I would rank it okay at best. May have been better if the river wasn't overflown.

The falls was running strong as were all the creeks feeding into the falls and river. The upper loop at the top of the falls was too deep to cross without shedding your shoes. We saw at least 6 Red Eft Newts along the trail.

27 days ago

Would have given it a 5 if Eagle Falls had been accessible it wasn’t accessible due to high water levels. Nicely maintained trail and gives you great views of the Cumberland Falls.

Shanty Hollow after several days of heavy rain leaves plenty of mud and two spots where ankle-deep water crossing is required, but there are many rock overhangs to dry out under and the waterfall is much more lively. Definitely take the time to follow some of the side paths for great views and interesting rock formations (some very light climbing is required in a few spots). One of the best short scenic hikes in the area.

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