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Pine Ridge, Kentucky Map

Amazing views of the gorge from the Sky Bridge and surrounding trail! An easy loop for me and my dog - although I did have to carry him up the few metal steps. :) I would do this hike again and bring others!

This trail is relatively quick - we did the loop in an hour. The view of hidden arch is nice although not as impressive as arches like Gray's. There are a few areas with steep, narrow paths and stairs, which made the trail more interesting. We hiked it with our dog without problem. Would hike this trail again!

Pictures of the place are more impressive than the site itself! Very easy in and out. Was very crowded when I was there and very noisy. I would say go see it with your own eyes. Was a pun photo opp for us!

Very easy small hike! Beautiful flora & fauna! Views are amazing and just a fun place to visit! Highly recommend!

This place is beautiful! I will definitely be back! The walk down was very easy! The out a little bit more as all down/ups can be. So worth the hike! It was very crowded being the height of fall foliage. The water was surprisingly not as cold as expected! Oddly, most folks including my electrical devices froze and lost power trying to take pictures of Rock Bridge?!? Can not wait to go back in warm weather! Kids are welcome if you must... I love meeting the fur babies along the way(psst bring the doggies they’ll love it!)

This is an amazing hike! Do not let the easy start fool you! There is stairs, sketchy half spiral boxy? Stairs. Steep footings down, coming back up I definitely felt more secure! I’m 46 in moderate shape I found it mildly challenging. Other hikers brought children, personally I wouldn’t but be the judge of your children’s abilities. But I highly recommend this because the arch is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed!

I did this as part of a larger circuit including Pinch-Em-Tight and a portion of Rough Trail. One of the most tranquil parts of the entire journey, I really loved this stretch of the hike. There is a point where there is a fork in the trail. Sign will lead you left but you can shave off some elevation if you go straight. It will take you right to the Whittleton Arch Trail.

See Chris Seanard’s review. Would recommend close toed shoes for this trail.

I would agree that this trail is hard...hard to stay interested in. It’s an ok walk through the woods, but not very interesting compared to other trails in the area. We lost interest after about 2.5 miles and found another trail with more interesting features.
There was cool lunch spot near the river at about 2.5 miles.

My absolute favorite trail! I didn’t notice any litter on my hike, as others have stated. It’s just the right elevation to get your heart pumping but the waterfall is perfect. My dogs and I enjoyed cooling off. Steps can be slippery when wet but this is one I would do over and over if time allowed.

The best view!! I am Terrified of heights but the bridge is wide enough that I felt safe, even with my dogs by my side. Warning to anyone with dogs- the stairs are open iron grids and my dogs did NOT enjoy it on their paws. Other than that, no complaints! There was an amazing breeze on top of the bridge.

Excellent in all categories, except heavily trafficked. Litter along the trail is inevitable, so carry a trash bag.

There is an easy way and a hard way. To take the easier path, you drive around the loop in the parking area to the back side. There are 2 entrances to this trail and the one in the back was WAY easier for my parents, ages 66 and 68. We brought our 3 kids. Ages 2, 7, and 10 they did great. Waterfall is fantastic. Definitely worth the hike. The water was a bit low, which was awesome because we were able to climb down and walk around in it.

Awesome, good climb.

12 days ago

Hiked this trail yesterday. The wildcat trails is a great trail and less traveled than some of the other well known trails. Mostly woods with some small streams to cross. It had rained several days before and the trail was very muddy in spots. If you plan on completing the loop you have to hike out on the Swift creek trail. The swift creek half is much more challenging. A lot of up and down hill climbs, and scrambling over rocks. The swift camp half is not well marked, and can be confusing at spots. If that is not for you just turn around and hike back up wildcat. I hiked this with my 9yr old son and though challenging he did complete it. This is a great loop for those don’t want to just stroll down a well worn path.

Beautiful any time of year. The formations are beautiful

My Husband and I got married here over this past weekend and it was breath taking!! We got pictures taken throughout the loop and it wasn't all that hard even being in a wedding dress.. Haha! Recommend to check out the view once you get on top of the Sky Bridge.

Great hike to a gorgeous little waterfall. I’d rate it somewhere between easy and moderate. Will definitely go again!

My review is for those with mobility issues. My husband has left hemiparesis and is quite strong on the right side. This trail was wide and even enough for us to hike in about .5 miles before we ran into issues and needed to turn around. The trail became quite narrow for about a 5 foot stretch which meant he did not have a spot to place his foot or his hiking stick. The section we hiked was beautiful and worth the effort. We still enjoyed a nice stroll through the campground, which is where the trailhead is located.

1 month ago

I did this solo as a loop connecting a few other trails (trails listed at bottom of review). This hike was actually a little over 8 miles long. All Trails app locked up on me while hiking (it tends to do that with a bad data connection). The loop doesn't have a tremendous amount of beautiful vista's like other hikes in RRG. But if you like quiet, and solitude, this is a great workout during the weekdays. Saw only one couple the entire time.

Although this was not "technically" challenging per se, it was certainly a tough workout! The Rough Trail/Sheltowee Trace section, along with the entirety of Buck Trail are really up and down, with steep elevation change. Buck Trail feels like it will never stop on your quads! Now I know why the uphill sections are nicknamed "Buck You" lol. Koomer Ridge Trail is quite tame until the very end when you decend into Chimney Top Creek. Keep in mind, I'm 330lbs and 41y/o, so what is challenging for me may not be for you.

Koomer Ridge Trail #220 to Rough Trail #221 to Pinchem Tight Trail #223 to Buck Trail #226 back to Koomer Ridge Trail #220.

Note: Rough Trail #221 & The Sheltowee Trace #100 run together on this hike for a little.

1 month ago

It was easy to get along the wrong trail but once the correct trail was found it was a great hike with great views! We went down the staircase because we missed the first turn. Going up would probably have been much easier. Wear shoes with good traction!

The stream banks about halfway through the loop was a good place to hang out for a bit and relax. There also looked like there were some good camping spots nearby.

It took over 4 hours for me to finish the full loop while carrying a two year-old.

It was enjoyable and remote without being too challenging. It’s a trail that I would come back to do again.

1 month ago

This was a very pretty and diverse trail. So much to look at . However I don’t know who makes the judgement calls on how to label a trail with easy, moderate or hard . I’m a very active person and not new to hiking . Personally I believe this trail should at listed as moderate to hard .
There is a lot of steep hills all along the trail.

Isn't nature incredible? A beautiful, easy walk with Kentucky views for miles. The arch itself makes one feel tiny and appreciative of its sturdiness!

My group of lady friends loved this trail! Beautiful forest views, lovely rock bridge with pool of water. Feels almost like a fairy tale walking through this landscape. Careful towards the end to not go off trail. We did and it got kinda rough and had to turn around. Look for your markers. I would do it again and I highly recommend.

Short, easy, and fun hike. The best view is climbing on top! It was amazing!

Interesting rock structures. It is a really short easy hike. The rock structures at the end are well worth the short amount of time it takes to hike to them.

2 months ago

Great hike, totally recommend. We had difficulty finding it the first couple times we went, and if you ask the park rangers they will not tell you how to get there, but we did get lucky with one ranger who told us exactly, and it was great fun.

We camped at Whittleton Campground so this was our first hike of the weekend. It was REALLY muddy! But nice! We had hiked to the arch from HWY 15 but never in this way. The sign to the Arch was little hidden and we actually hiked past but quickly got back on track. The Arch is gorgeous and a great place to take a break and explore.

This was our last stop after packing up the campsite before heading back home. The thick vegetation and rock formation literally made it feel like we were hiking back in time. Very prehistoric looking. Creation falls was gorgeous. Lots of people we wading in the water. We dd see some snakes down by the water so keep an eye out. The arch was one of the prettiest I've seen. But all and all it was an easy and fun hike! There is a picnic area at the top of the trail head with drills and picnic tables also! You could definitely make a whole day out of this area depending on how long you play around the waterfall and pool at the bottom.

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