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12 hours ago

It was a stunning trail, but I'll never hike it again. Also, if you're not use to hiking, this trail is not for you.

Very nice hike. Muddy today, but not too hard. The arch is worth the walk.

1 day ago

beautiful walk in the fall woods.

This is a beautiful trail following along a creek, super easy to do. It was a bit muddy at times, but it wasn't a big deal.

wow, I thought I had seen all the arches , this is a must see!! the little falls past the arch is so beautiful... don't miss this hike!!!

If you have kids or just a short time in the gorge, you can do Angels Window, Whistling Arch and Sky Bridge and see 3 arches without much time,travel,or effort.

If you have kids or just a short time in the gorge, you can do Angels Window, Whistling Arch and Sky Bridge and see 3 arches without much time,travel,or effort.

If you have kids or just a short time in the gorge, you can do Angels Window, Whistling Arch and Sky Bridge and see 3 arches without much time,travel,or effort.

3 days ago

I didn’t mind the gravel road. It follows a ridge line through the woods and was very pleasant. We combined this hike with Star Arch which made a 6.25 mile hike. It was easy walking with staircases for the few steep sections. Some views of Courthouse Rock and nice views from the arch.

3 days ago

Great arch! Easy to reach the top. A little scary going down to actually see the arch. You have to scramble down a sandstone face to a narrow one foot wide ledge at the edge of a sheer cliff which you follow to the arch. Don’t attempt if you are not sure-footed or if you are afraid of heights.

‘This is NOT a moderate trail!!! If the section between Bison Way and the Adena Arch were any more difficult we’d need respelling gear. Indian Staircase is one of the best spots in the gorge, but skip Adena Arch or do it as a spur and take Sheltowee back to Bison Way. This route is given in the “Indian Staircase “ trail. We hiked this route to allow my dying father to relive his gorge memories through the photos. I don’t think we’ll go this route again. If you do decide to hike it, go clockwise. This puts you going DOWN Indian Staircase, but that is better than going down the cliff from Adena Arch. My Dads directions: At the first side trail off Bison Way, go straight up the steep hill. When it looks like the trail ends, look up. You will see roots and vines in a crack in the rock. Climb them. Then you come to sandstone without a real path that you scramble up. Adena Arch is at the top. After that you just follow the cliff edge on your right... You know what? He hasn’t been there in at least 10 years but that was a perfect description. I guessed I thought he was exaggerating since the trail was rated moderate. Also, make sure you use the app to follow your progress on the trail map. There are a lot of unmarked crisscrossing paths.

3 days ago

This is probably the best route for hiking Indian Staircase as if avoids the VERY tough nearly vertical climb/descent between Bison Way trail and the Adena Arch. It is a fabulous hike with great views, great geology, and great history. The Indian Staircase trail is an unmarked trail that both starts and ends at the Sheltowee Trace Trail. Tips for finding the correct route: Take Bison Way then left on Sheltowee Trace Trail. After the SECOND stream crossing and a U in the trail take the well traveled unmarked trail to the right. At the top of the Staircase stay on the well trod path near the cliff edge in a giant U until you return to the Sheltowee Trace Trail. Take a left and follow it back to Bison Way.

It was definitely difficult this time of year. Most of the hike was muddy and slick with all the fallen leaves, but the views of red river were amazing!! My second time doing this trail and will definitely do it again.

3 days ago

great hiking trail! i want to go back and do the super loop which this is part of.

my favorite trail. I love cloud splitter. it is all up hill and hard to climb through the rock but awesome hike

Gorgeous views from the top.

Easy hike for all ages; great views!

6 days ago

This turned out to be a great little outing! Admittedly there are more impressive arches and trails with better vistas, but the historical Red River (Fitchburg) Furnace at the parking area was worth the trip by itself. To find the spot, put “Fitchburg, KY” in your GPS. You’ll pass a sign saying you’re entering “Fitchburg Historical Site.” Drive a littler farther and you’ll see the parking and furnace on the left. The furnace is quite impressive and in good condition. It offers picnic tables but no bathrooms. Go up the stairs to the left of the furnace and take the trail off to the left. This will bring you behind the lodge of the church camp. Follow the road bearing left at the fork. The trail starts across from the picnic shelter. It crosses a bridge and then splits. Take the right fork straight up the hill. Wear good footwear—it is quite steep. Not my definition of an easy trail at all. Also, there is a rift down the center of the trail narrow but several feet deep. Follow the silver triple hexagon markers up the hill. You will reach a stone outcropping at about 0.2 mi. After you catch your breath, take the right fork following the dark blue hexagons another 0.1 mi. To Windy Cave, which is really more of a window than a cave. The trail continues to the top of the ridge but is overgrown with poison ivy and thorn bushes, so we did not continue. Maybe the cave was further on. We headed back to the rock outcropping and chose to take the other fork which is a much longer route back. It goes past a few small waterfalls that were just trickling and the back side of the cliff with the windy window arch. It makes a “U” along a plateau below the rock cliffs before making a rather steep decent that was made treacherous by mud and wet leaves before crossing the valley floor back to the picnic shelter. We followed the road back through the Asbury RV Park to the main road and back to the car. In all it was a 2mi 1.5 hr hike and well worth the trip. I would definitely not have listed it as “easy” though.

this trail is closex

Tough trail and a good workout, if that’s what you looking for. Would not recommend for a casual hike.

Great for a day hike.

Its a good day hike. Trail is well marked and maintained but not a lot of great views. Cozy little campsite at the next to the river. Didn't see any wildlife when I went.

easy peasy

on Raven Run Red Trail

8 days ago

Great go to trail-does get pretty wet when it rains, but it is easy and well marked- I never feel uncomfortable hiking it alone.

Well maintained trail. Nice creeks to explore.

Scouted it for horses and it's nice hike but not currently really horse friendly, tree down at the apex that's a little low to ride under and hard to get around. Some areas with bad root holes to watch out for if on horseback. Would be great for a trail run.

Not bad for a trail inside the city. There was some traffic noise in the distance during the entire hike, but once you get away from the train trestle, you no longer see any man made structures or roads. Be mindful of the trail conditions. I found people hiking and mountain biking when I arrived, and the gate to the trail was open, but a park ranger left a note on my vehicle stating that I was subject to arrest for being in the park because the city had closed the backcountry trails due to trail conditions.

Loved it. Will be going back.

Beautiful hike as the leaves are changing. Long enough and short enough. Went with a group, took just under 2 hours.

10 days ago

The welcome center has this trail listed as 2.5 miles at most, so I wasn’t sure what to add in to get to the length others experienced. Path was always easy to follow- took the Yost ridge trail to the Coral Ridge Loop, then back to the welcome center. Went in early November, foliage was beautiful and trail wasn’t very muddy yet. Little bit of elevation, but an easy go overall.

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