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Short and easy. Nice view of waterfall after a good rain.

rough neighborhood, not a lot of traffic. today was kinda muddy, and didnt have much time, so didn't go too far. ill be back to check out the lake loop though. I imagine that the summer could be pretty gross down here.

over grown
18 days ago

To be frank, there really is NOT a hiking trail here. I can’t imagine why this is even listed on All Trails. We walked around .4 mile along what the map listed as trail, alongside the river. The river is very pretty but the hiking is no good. The “trail” looks more like a deer path, very grown up and turns into nothing but heavy woods and brush to get through at about .4 in.

I do not recommend this as a hiking trail because well....it isn’t one.

18 days ago

A nice hike to get the blood flowing! I imagine the views of the lake will be really nice when the leaves come in.

The trails are a little scattered and not marked well, so there are some fits an starts, but it does get the mileage up!

Enjoyed the short stroll we took along part of trail. A very pregnant couple taking wedding pictures beside creek. Had a nice chat, told them we would be celebrating our 60th anniversary this year and wished them a long, happy life together.

We have trekked this trail multiple times and still question if we are going the right direction on occasion. It's a beautiful trail otherwise and in am sure we will hike again, being from the area.

the falls were cool but ive heard it can be dried up in seasons were there isnt much rain. the trail itself to get there is pretty normal

this trail is very beautiful and not as much traffic as I expected.

I couldn't find the entrance of this trail. I drove to both ends.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail to hone various biking skills for beginners and experts alike. Trail length totals around 3 miles and has nice flow as well as a few berms and a shallow creek crossing. Recently added (1/19) section adds another .75 miles and weaves through a close knit evergreen forest. Good long climb followed by a brisk downhill through some tight trees. This is my go to trail when I want a quick good ride and easy to make laps to really tally up the miles. Trail is accessible as per the above map or from the town square just across the railroad tracks. Entering this way adds a good climb up a washout as well as additional forest riding. An out and back from the town square is roughly five miles.

Nice trail. Not difficult. If you want to see the waterfall in full force, be sure to go a day or so after a hard rain, otherwise the waterfall will be dry or almost dry. Waterproof shoes recommended.

Challenging at the end coming back up. Trash on shore at the bottom. I think it’s caused by flooding. Sad. It would be a chore to pack it out. Maybe in a boat. Nice hike though.

One of the best hikes you’ll ever take. we did about seven miles one day and 6 miles the next.

Nice trail. During this time of the year the trail can be difficult to follow due to leaves being on the trail. Overall I would say the trail isn’t difficult.

3 months ago

The best part of this trail is the fill ridge that surrounds the dam. This presents a neat view of the lake of water that accumulates here.

The trail is not clearly marked and may sometimes split into other places along the way. My thought is that this probably occurred as a result of varying lake water levels throughout the year. It could also be a little muddy. There is no parking that we could see so we parked at the nearby business.

Overall, this was a solid two mile hike.

one of the most beautiful I've hiked

nice trail. follow creek to falls. trail was covered with leaves and hard to follow at times but just follow creek to falls.

beautiful hike, loved the waterfalls.we did meet a lot of college students along the way but all were very nice and respectable acting just enjoying nature like the rest of us.

This was a nice trail to run while my son was at CAL watching a field hockey game. Parked at Beckley and took Louisville loop about .75 miles to trail head. Counter-clocked the trail and ran back to Beckley (last .5 mile hill back is a little tough) for a total run of about 3 miles or so. Trail was muddy in places a day after a little rain, but nicely maintained and few, if any, real tripping hazards. Nice vistas and varying terrain/features were a big surprise. Only water is at Beckley, unless you bring your own.

Nice trail. Great views.

Super muddy in late spring

Only gave three stars it’s definitely worth a couple more but I never found anywhere to surf ?? And my board was very heavy not easy to hike with .

4 months ago

I wouldn't call this one easy. More of a moderate-strenuous. Lots of ups and downs, very rocky and cliffy. It was very wet due to very large amount of rain Saturday, but that helped to have running falls and cascades. I enjoyed it very much.. I seen deer 50ft away from me, watched a hawk try for a fish and lots of mushrooms and creepy crawlies. Only down fall, foliage blocks the best views of waterfalls, so spring or winter to see the best.

on Lick Falls Trail

4 months ago

Was mosquito heaven, water was stagnant, other areas were dry.

Great beginner trail.

Be prepared for some road waking on this section. Between coming up out of Red River Gorge and old beaver road is mostly blacktop.
The Red River section passes by Indian Arch and Staircase. On the Northern side is Furnace Arch and Clear Creek Furnace. All points of interest.
Plenty of camping spots along the trail.

It’s a nice trail, with a lot of side trails that you can distract yourself with. We had a difficult time finding the path at one point, but as long as you don’t mind meandering for a short while it won’t be an issue.

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