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2 days ago

Took my sister back for a day of hiking while the guys golfed, we loved it. At the point where the stream crosses a solid rock , the trail goes to the left and a 4 wheeler road goes through the creek bed, go to the right, you can actually see the falls from this side. Just be sure to back track to the trail. The view is amazing.

This was a tough hike not at a easy level. I would rate it moderate level. Beautiful scenery along the lake and mountain laurels.

9 days ago

Regular hike of ours. Plenty of beautiful spots. Although, think twice about bringing small children and pets. The last part of trail over looking the lake is very close to the edge of the cliff. Other than that, would totally suggest.

I love paddling the Dix River.

16 days ago

I would highly recommend this trail early spring or fall, the lack of foliage allows peak visibility of lake views. Better chance of water fall in the spring season. The trail was clearly marked with orange blaze, trees had been recently cut out of the path and we thought it was very well maintained. As novice hikers it was a perfect trail for us!

Shanty Hollow after several days of heavy rain leaves plenty of mud and two spots where ankle-deep water crossing is required, but there are many rock overhangs to dry out under and the waterfall is much more lively. Definitely take the time to follow some of the side paths for great views and interesting rock formations (some very light climbing is required in a few spots). One of the best short scenic hikes in the area.

I agree that Shanty Hollow is a beautiful trail. We've hiked it with the dog and kids. We've rappelled off of the cliffs and photographed most of it. Unfortunately, there are two things that detract from the enjoyment. We've been finding trash left--fishing supplies & related mostly. In pretty weather, the place is wall-to-wall college students. Many of them bring in nylon hammocks and hang out by the waterfall. That noted, the rocks and cliffs are beautiful. In heavy rains and in the winter, the waterfall is really pretty. There is even a small (really small) canyon just before the waterfall. I'll pick a date for the review, but we've been going there since 1987. Kentucky DFWR used to own it. Now, Western Kentucky University owns it. It isn't daily, but the WKU PD and WCSO do sometimes come out to see if everything is o.k.

Parking lot is a little sketchy looking, but I've never had a vehicle messed with. Cool little walk across the spillway to the trail head. Trailhead is marked pretty well. Plenty of signage since it's part of the Sheltowee. Just stay to the right of the road and you cant miss it. Trail is an easy hike with cool rock formations and some cool water scenes. Very child friendly.

2 months ago

I think a moderate rating is too high for this trail. It is relatively flat and well defined. It's a nice walk mostly on the banks of the river with some scenery but I was expecting a lot more from the rating. Worth the effort if you've got an hour or so to spare and your in the area but I wouldn't go out of my way to hike this again. Cadiz is a lovely town however and if you're in the area antiquing or checking out the local shops it would definitely be a welcome respite to get into the woods for some nature therapy

To many trees across the creek, had to get out of canoe to many times because of low water or the trees.

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4 months ago

Nice 2.5 hours

4 months ago

nice trail. it could use some signs

Nice relaxing trip!! Seen so many herons but, couldn’t get any pictures of the beautiful birds. It was a hot day so we climbed up to the waterfalls and cooled off a bit before we continued our trip.

5 months ago

Fun afternoon but stay on the trail!

Nice hike, lots of rock formations and a small waterfall. Need to wear boots and some of the trail is challenging with rocks and trees. overall great experience.

calling this a trail is a stretch, it is a gravel road thru a soybean patch. very secluded but the "trail" had vehicles on it while I was there. I would not recommend this for walking or hiking. Did not feel safe.

trail is not maintained but its still a nice hike.

Awesome River to kayak down I also do a lot of paddle up paddle backs dropping in at Falmouth is a good location

Another hidden swim hole.

Beautiful day on the Levisa while kayaking

7 months ago

We put in in the middle of 64 great trip took out at bridge on 60 awsome ride

Beautiful place where swimming & fishing co-exist. Fishing in the left! Swimming in the right!

8 months ago

Awesome. This was a short hike to see what is there. We will be back!

9 months ago

A rare gem that is completely private and rarely used. That's one of the most appealing aspects because Im not a fan of congested parks. I've hiked various JW trails (I prefer the trail with the overlook) roughly 30 times in the past two years and not once did I encounter another hiker.

Secondly, certain trails need a facelift desperately but for the most part, they're in decent shape. A few authentic trail signs have faded or pealed away so someone marked on arrows with a ink pen. Which is appreciated but seriously how difficult is to find a replacement marker? The trails are very clean - Little to no garbage, however, occasionally I see a Mcdonalds bag tossed on the trail or a beer can. The overlook has been "renovated" and seems to be the most maintained spot on the entire trail.

Speaking of maintenance, It would be nice if someone went around there with a chainsaw removing a few massive trees that block paths. I had to literally get on all fours just to crawl under a tree blocking a path on more recent hike. Kinda aggravating and it would definitely be an issue for older folks.

Overall despite a few minor annoyances this is one of my favorite local trails to hike.

* I've also encountered various snakes and white tail deer while hiking.

The trail was not taken very good care of. Some spots the weeds were above my knees. Bring tick repellent. And I mean the high dollar stuff. We had some on and within 20 minutes we had picked over 10 off from us. I've never had so many on me at one time in my life.

Loved the trail but not appropriate for small children. Took a two year old and had to carry most of the way. Also, were shoes made for mud.

Nice easy hike to a small but beautiful waterfall. Short but sweet. Great place to take children.

The first third of the trail may be easy, but with the lack of maintenance and all the rain we've had the rest of the trail should be rated MODERATE DIFFICULTY.

We love it, though. Hiked it this weekend with my 10, 6, 4, and 2yos. It was priceless seeing how excited they were when we reached the falls - they knew they'd worked hard for a great reward.

Beautiful bluffs all along the trail, then the creek and waterfall. You can also see the lake from most of the trail.

10 months ago

Will this track my location gps so i know if i get lost i can see where im at?

10 months ago

Fun trail with great views of the lake and beautiful falls. Very well marked trail, except for the trailhead sign. It shows an arrow left for the trail leading to the campground and an arrow right for the Lick falls trail and also has a triangle (which I assume is meant as an arrow pointing forward) for the "loop" trail. Follow the triangle forward and you will quickly see the orange trail markers. If you go to the right you will come to the golf course. The trail was well maintained and clean. Overall a very enjoyable trail and the falls are a great place to stop for a break and eat.

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